Unsenses aka Gilles is a 23 year old talent from Belgium,  has always loved music since he was born. At at age of 12, he got infected by the most ever-growing addiction known on earth: Hardstyle and since then hasn’t made a day without listening to it, producing it nor playing it at parties. In 2011 he decides to start things seriously with ‘Unsenses’ and dives deeper into music production. Last year he has reached one of the best milestone in the life of a Hardstyle producer as Dirty Workz offered him to sign and work with them.

Music wise, Unsenses is all about the transcription of human emotions through music, and his ability to do so are absolutely mind-blowing. If you are a euphoric lover or looking for something that would help you bring back joy to your life, we strongly recommend to listen to what he does, as his melodies are like piercing arrows that never miss a target and will reach your heart with ease.

And today, we have the pleasure to have him at the Mag, to talk about his vision of Hardstyle, his career so far and his plans for the future.

Captured by http://www.fb.com/fotografielexooo

Captured by http://www.fb.com/fotografielexooo

Hi Gilles, how are you doing today, it’s always great to host a Dirty Workz member in here!
Haha, yeah! I like what you’re doing over here 😉 I’m feeling great by the way. I’ve just released my new solo track ‘Where U Wanna Be’ and the comments are overwhelming. I’m so happy people actually feel the same what I felt while making the track. So, I’m a happy DJ!

Before we start, I would love to know how you got introduced to Hardstyle. We all have a little story with it, and Dirty Workz members are never shy to share !

As you mentioned above, I live in Belgium, in Turnhout to be more specific. You can see it as Belgium’s Harddance Mecca (haha). If you want to go to a Harddance party every weekend, this neighborhood is the place to be! So I’ve always lived, loved and liked the harder styles and so do thousands of others around me. Around 5 or 6 years ago, I decided to put my stamp on the scene.

I never chose the easiest way, but I always did what I loved. Two years ago, I came in touch with Dirty Workz. I’ve always been a die hard Coone fan, so when they asked me if I would like to join the label, my answer was a loud and clear ‘YES’! 😉

And since then, you got totally hooked to this music genre right? What other styles to you also listen to aside from Hardstyle?

I listen to everything that touches my senses. I see music as a language that comes straight from the heart. My Youtube or Spotify is always running at full speed, no matter what genre. I’m always looking for that goose-bump moment! But, no matter what, Hardstyle will always be my first and last love.

You are from Belgium, and as French, I’m first going to bring things up to what you kind find in Belgian plates. So tell me Gilles, what do you suggest for my delicate french palate when I go to Belgium?

Honestly, my favorite dish will always be pizza. But if you want to go the Belgian way.. I think you can’t do anything wrong with a big bunch of fries with beef stew and mayonnaise!

Alright, enough with the food stereotypes, let’s get back to Hardstyle. You are one of the most gifted artist I have met to transcribe human emotions into music. How does a Unsenses creates such things?

I’ve been looking for the answer to this question all my life. But I’m afraid I can’t write down a manual or explanation. When I make a track/videoclip or find something really touching online, I’m always showing it to my parents and friends to ask what they think about it.

Captured by http://www.facebook.com/fotografielexooo
Captured by http://www.facebook.com/fotografielexooo

They always give me the same answer, something like: ‘that’s nicely done’. Well, that’s the moment I realize they don’t feel the same way I do. Some people are just more sensitive than others. Don’t get me wrong, I respect all kind of opinions. To answer your question: I don’t know how I do it, I just feel it. I’m sure lots of people do feel the same way. But in the end, it’s all electronic dance music and we all love to party, don’t we?

Your latest track ‘ Unsenses – Where U Wanna Be ‘ is bringing shiverz at the mag every time we play that tune. And the video clip tells a really emotional yet sad story. What inspired you when you produced this amazing song?

Every song I make describes the way I felt myself while making it. And so does ‘Where U Wanna Be’. The feeling when you lost someone you loved is indescribable. It just breaks your heart. We all have to go through a phase of pain, which is different for every single one of us. But we will always believe that our loved ones are in a better place. We never really know when it’s goodbye. We always assume that we’ll see them later. But we’ll always hope they are right where they wanna be.

I often do this with artists, where I ask them what was their inspiration for this or that track they produced that I have selected. Would you be up for this?

Yeah of course, shoot!

Awesome, so the first track that I have selected for you is ‘Home’. I love this track.. It’s colourful, it reminds me of summer vibes. Absolute masterpiece. What did you have in mind when you made it?

Okay, I’m going to tell something personal for the very first time. I made home last year in June when my girlfriend left me. We had a relationship for over 6 years, so this really broke my heart. During the day I slept, went out to catch some drinks with my friends and talked about what happened. But nothing changed my heartbreak-feeling and I just wanted her back. Beside the fact I lost a dear person in my life, I also lost my home. So, now you know.

Another title I find very interesting the one you made with Denza and Mandy called ‘Code of Destiny’, that I think you played at 10 Years Dirty Workz last year during your b2b2b set. Am I right? Was it your first collab with Dirty Workz members?

That’s right! We got the chance to play at 10 Years DWX together and thought: ‘Why not make a track together?’. And so we did! We caught up at Denza’s studio 3 times to produce the track. We even did some shots for the videoclip afterwards! Good memories. 😉

It wasn’t my first collab with DWX members. I made ‘The Dreamer’ with Heatwavez a few months before. They’re really good friends of mine and we already did 2 collabs a few years before, which we released for free on the world wide web. Keep an eye on those guys, because their production skills are high-level!

You are also capable of rougher tracks like ‘Yallah’, that I really appreciate to be honest. It’s powerful, punchy and I love this spicy arabic vibe in this tune. I that why you named it ‘Yallah’?

Haha, that’s a funny story. I ran into Arab Trap, which is trap music with some arabic influences. I really liked the vibe and that’s why I decided to remix the track ‘YALLAH’ from Jumpa and Reddy Roc. My friends didn’t liked it at first, but I was determined. I played it at every gig last summer and the crowd’s reaction was (and still is) fantastic! ‘Yallah’ actually means ‘let’s go’ which is an awesome shout to kick-off the climax part.

I guess you guessed that I would ask this question somehow during this interview. Can we expect you to play rawer tracks in the future?

I don’t know. Maybe. I’m always making what I love and I can’t ensure that my taste won’t change over the years. At this moment, my answer would be ‘no’. I like a strong vibe, but that super-rough-rawstyle which is so popular nowadays isn’t my cup of tea.

Captured by http://www.facebook.com/fotografielexooo
Captured by http://www.facebook.com/fotografielexooo

Maybe Terror one day ?

Haha, I’ll leave that to the Terror-experts! 😉 Speaking about some higher BPM’s, you got to check out the nightcore version of ‘Home’.

Ahah! Nice one!By the way none of your fans want to miss any of your set this summer. Where can we see you play Gilles?

You can find me at Sunrise Festival, Replay Festival, Intents Festival, Elsom Open Air and many more! There’s one specific huge booking coming up, which I can’t tell yet. But it’s definitely a dream coming true!

It was fun to have you at the Mag man, the whole team wishes you the very best for your career, we all believe in what you do and can’t wait to see your upcoming Unsenses releases! Take care buddy !

Thanks guys. I loved to answer your questions and I hope to see you around!

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