The Italian Rawstyle duo has just released their very first mini-album “Dungeon”. The guys are really up to no good. We had the chance to talk to the Italian Rawsoldiers of tomorrow: Krowdexx! Of course, we talked with them about this mini album Dungeon but also how things are going.

By Himann

Krowdexx – a mysterious duo behind scary masks. Pale skin, big eyes, and a big mouth. Could be a perfect character in the movie the Purge. But not in the rawhardstyle scene. Signed to the label Gearbox, these guys turn the rawhardstyle upside down with their own style. Now where they have released their mini album – it was to for us to meet them.

Hey Guys, how are you? How did you experience the COVID19 times?

Hi all! We’re very good, thanks. At the beginning of this period, it was pretty difficult, honestly. No one had the possibility to meet friends or relatives, and working separately was weird (our first time after years!). Now everything is getting better, despite not being able to go to parties. We’re continuing to work as always and the situation is slowly becoming normal again.

How was the idea for the mini-album born?

Our original idea was to release the track “Dungeon” as single a few months after releasing “PU$H”. However, in January we had some nice opportunities like making remixes for “Cascada – Miracle” & “Andy The Core – Drop Zone” although we had to postpone it. In the meantime, especially during the lockdown, we worked on a lot of new music and we thought that the best idea was to create a collection of them!

Lets talk to Krowdexx: The official mini album.

What can you tell us about the album?

On this mini-album, we combined together many EDM genres to bring forth a breath of fresh air to the Rawstyle scene. During the past few months, we worked hard to improve and develop a new Krowdexx sound to make this project unique and recognizable!

Have you created the artwork?

The artwork was created by our friend Lorenzo Bianco. He started with our videoclips, and is now creating the perfect match for we had in mind!

How would you describe the Krowdexx style?

Hard question! We always make what we personally enjoy, from Hardstyle to Hardcore to Frenchcore. We prefer not to label ourselves, rather allow our audience to do it for us!

Lets talk to Krowdexx: This is them and their masks

What’s next? Will there be a complete album soon?

We’re working on a new solo together with an awesome singer! About an album well… I don’t see why not!

What we always have been wondering, how was the name Krowdexx developed?

The name was inspired by our old names “Kal & D-ex” to build something new that cannot be comparable to other existing names.

Is there a message you would like to send to your fanbase now?

It’s been a long time now but we cannot wait to see you all again! Unfortunately, all of our “Live” performances were taken away this year, but we’re sure that we’ll come back stronger than ever. During this unexpected period, we are forever grateful for your dedication and support! See you all soon!

Thanks for the interview guys, and hope to see you soon on stage again.

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