On February 23rd. the German Event promoter ME-Events invited again to another special Hardstyle night in Hamburg’s most iconic venue the Docks. With D-Block & S-te-Fan and a bunch of sidekicks, and just one week after Ran-D, we again returned to the venue.


Just one week after the performance of Ran-D and Adjuzt at the Docks, the plan of ME Event’s to turn North Germany into the capital of Hardstyle seems to come into shape.

As Diederik “D-Block” Bakker and Stefan “S-te-Fan” den Daas are two of the biggest names in the Hardstyle Scene and we cannot remember their last time in Hamburg, the whole team was pretty hyped for this night. So let’s have a wrap-up.


The Docks is directly located on the Reeperbahn and therefore surrounded by all kinds of nightlife bars and venues. Whether you are looking for a huge rock concert, a techno party or just an Hardstyle event, the Docks is the place to be at the weekend. With its decent main hall accommodating 1400 party people the Docks looks back on a 25 years long memory lane and counts as one of the biggest music clubs in Hamburg as well.

Review: This was D-Block & S-Te-Fan @ Docks – Venue outside

Traveling to the Location is more than easy because you can reach it directly by public transport and it just takes further 5 walking minutes to get there. The wardrobe was going fast and the service team did their best to make you start in the night with a smile of happiness. Happy to see that also the entrance was suitable designed for disabled people so they can join the crazy party nights

With 2 alongside bars on the left and right side, you could also easily refresh your needs for a drink to stay hydrated. From various biers and soft drinks, we saw a nice variation. Unfortunately, a merchandise stall was not offered that night.


Typically the main area – as mostly designed for concerts – is just a long elongated rectangle. The DJ booth installed centrally on the stage at roughly a height of 1.50 meters. Behind the DJ booth a large LED wall in the back with some crazy animations and 4 separate smaller LEDs hanging from the ceiling reflecting the experience from the back with a massive installed sound system this venue is always delivering the best performance in sound for the “Die Hards”. It literally didn’t matter where you stood there was always a perfect spot to see what was going on the stage. When we entered the main hall the area was already packed well and the first beats were already hitting the floor.

Review: This was D-Block & S-Te-Fan @ Docks – Venue inside


The night got kicked off with Mirco B who got supported by MC Cybok . Both showed a dedicated performance and knew how to deliver infecting sounds with Euphoric and Rawstyle Kicks

Followed up by ‘Cold Confusion’ who took over with hits like Awaken or their Remix of Raging Reckless. The definetely increasted the loudness and they put the Speakers to the test. But this was a good choice, cause they heated up the crowd for the main act, for which of the people how now been waiting.

D-Block & S-te-Fan directly unleashed the full hardstyle spirit and showed us what they came here. They played intro of Harder State of Mind and they immediately managed to cast a spell over the party people. With a Lot of Bootlegs and their banging Tunes “Harder Generation”, “Primal Energy” and of course their latest Song “Kamikaze” you really could feel the energy and the burning beats that went all over the place. As a special surprise, they also played their latest song, which didn’t make any compromises just like the title said Live for the Hard, Die for the Hard This is Who We Are and the burning heat in the boiler room atmosphere just even went higher than before

Review: This was D-Block & S-Te-Fan @ Docks – Both Artist at Defqon.1

Of course, due to their experience, DBSFT set the bar pretty high after they left the stage, but we luckily didn’t experience a big drop in intensity. Revolve entered the stage supported by MC Flo and he directly pushed the atmosphere again by playing a lot of bangers like his own Hits “History” or “New Shit” and some unreleased stuff. The Crowd appreciated this and kept dancing all night long and we could see only happy people all over the place.


ME-Events showed us once again, what they were up for it was that they have the expertise to host decent and well-organized events. The sound system was decent and a well-organized entrance managed us to get in quickly and without any bigger hustles.

DBSTF and the side kicks did a great job from their side and managed it to adapt their music to the people which created a nice Hardstyle atmosphere throughout the night.

Thanks for having you Guys let’s see what comes up in the future and looking forward to having you again.

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