A few weeks ago, Scantraxx announced a new label. It`s named Scantraxx CARBON. We from HARDSTYLEMAG had the chance conduct a small little interview with the Label’s manager. Receiving some Infos about the artists, the reason why they created Scantraxx CARBON.

Anna Ströhlein

We all know this big label for a lost list of historic releases. The names are huge and since its foundation in 2002 by DJ The Prophet there were several new sub-labels added. The latest now is Scantraxx Carbon.

How was the idea created to come up with a new label?

SCANTRAXX: Since the launch of our new raw-hardstyle main label ‘Scantraxx BLACK‘ last year June a lot of talented raw-hardstyle producers reached out to Scantraxx for a spot on that label. Until the launch of ‘Scantraxx Carbon‘ we only had ‘X-Raw‘ as talent label for beginning raw-hardstyle artists but no step in between on the way up to our main label Scantraxx BLACK. On the euphoric side of the label we can offer talents the label steps from X-Bone to Scantraxx SILVER to the ‘holy grail‘ Scantraxx main label. So since the launch of Scantraxx BLACK we combined the euphoric and raw talents on Scantraxx Silver.

After a while, we discovered that this combination didn’t feel good for us as a label but also not for the artists. We could not ‘brand‘ the artists like we want to so it was time to create a new label for our promising raw-hardstyle talents.

Scantraxx Carbon: Member Refract

Wich genres are represented on the new label?

SCANTRAXX: On Scantraxx Carbon only raw-hardstyle talents will be represented for now. But because oft he fact that we also release hardcore on Scantraxx BLACK it’s not excluded that also hardcore talents can get a release on this label.

Scantraxx Carbon: Member Imperatorz

Wich DJs are residents there?

SCANTRAXX: For now these raw-hardstyle talents will represent Scantraxx Carbon: Imperatorz, Deluzion, Crossfight, LevelOne, Rogue Zero, Refract, Nightcraft and Revive. But I can already say that we have a lot more talents to come!

Here`re the Djs of SCANTRAXX CARBON

IMPERATORZ: It´s a Hardstyle DJ and Producer duo. Kevin Arps from Germany and Mitchell Hendriks from the Netherlands. They combining the RAW – Sound with euphoric melodies and industrial hardcore sound.

DELUZION: It´s a Duo from the Netherlands. Bart van den Hanenberg and Max Lenssen are part o fit. The Story of „Deluzion“ stared in the year 2015.

Scantraxx Carbon: Member Deluzion

CROSSFIGHT: It´s a Hardstyle/Rawstyle duo. Arthur Verhoeven and Laurens Bezemer are the members of this duo. The story of booth stared when Arthur and Laurens are met on a holiday.

LEVEL ONE: It´s a Hardstyle DJ/Producer. Bas van Herpt is from the Netherlands and started his career in 2012. Rough kicks, demolishing screeches and atmospheric melodies are the style of Level One.

ROGUE ZER: It´s a hardstyle DJ from the Netherlands.

REFRACT: Tom Wieringa is a hardstyle/rawstyle DJ from the Netherlands.

Scantraxx Carbon: Member Level One

NIGHTCRAFT: Roy Stolzenbach ist he man behind this name and a hardstyle DJ from the Netherlands.

REVIVE: Laurens is the man behind this Dj name and is a rawstyle producer from the Netherlands.

Scantraxx Carbon: Member Revive

Who´s behind the label?

SCANTRAXX: Scantraxx, can’t really say more about this question.

What can we expect from the new label?

SCANTRAXX: You can expect a variety of raw-hardstyle artists with there own style of producing. We don’t want to create a sound that they have to hold on to or a sound that’s recognizable fort he label. We believe in supporting the artist we work within there own sound and creativity.

Scantraxx Carbon: Member Crossfight

How is Scantraxx doing in the corona crisis?

SCANTRAXX: Fortunately the label is doing good also in these times that the COVID-19 virus has a lot of impact on the music business. Who does see a small decrease in releases but still we have a lot of work to do and support our artist to develop their artist profile.

New projects and opportunities which give a lot of positive energy are popping up at the moment so expect a lot of new stuff from the label the upcoming time.

Scantraxx Carbon: Member Nightcraft

Thank you for your time guys.

Scantraxx Carbon: Member Rogue Zero

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