An event with 1000 visitors is supposed to take place in Barcelona in October this year thanks to COVID quick tests. Conducted as kind of an official test run for its feasibility it’s clear that authorities as well as the public will watch very closely. If this concept turns out as a success, this could be the beginning for a restart of the event and party scene.

According to the news site “DiArioDeIbiza” the test run will take place at Club Sala Apolo in Carrer Nou de la Rambla in the heart of Barcelona. Special employees of Can Ruti Hospital will be waiting for the guest at the entrance. So-called antigen rapid tests are carried out here for each visitor. The president of the Association of Concert Halls Catalonia – LluĂ­s Torrents – announced that this event can welcome up to 1000 visitors.

How they test

The result is available after only 30 minutes. A new type of rapid test is used for this purpose. Due to its limited availability, it is currently only distributed to doctors, laboratories, and hospitals. The test itself is carried out in the same way as the already known tests. This means taking swabs from the mucous membranes of the nose.

Party without restrictions

If the result is negative, all conditions or restrictions are no longer applicable. In other words: The guest can then move freely in the location without any distance rules and without the obligation to wear a mask and can also consume alcohol. Critics argue, however, that freshly infected guests may have a negative result, but could already infect people.

1000 People Event: Inside the venue

After the first event, the results will be thoroughly analyzed. It also remains to be seen whether the additional costs for the tests are not too great an obstacle for the organizer. Also, many uncertainties remain regarding the how this concept is put in action. For example:

  • How the queue in front of the venue will develop during the testing time and
  • whether the organizer has the necessary personnel for this.

Conclusion – 1000 people event

Nevertheless, this concept stays promising. A successful evening could bring the possibility for large events again a large step closer.

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