Signed at the Gearbox record label, this talent is aiming for the top! Not with producing melodies or performances as a DJ. No, it is all about his voice, timing and style of presentation. Let’s have a chat with Tim Rademaker, better known as MC Invalid!

Hi Invalid, first I want to thank you for having us. For our new readers, can you give us a little introduction?
Hi, my name Tim Rademaker, I am 23 years old, and I am living in the Netherlands. In my personal career, I work 4 days a week as an employee for a fundraising company. In weekends, I just love to party, mostly events in the Harder Styles

How did you come up with the name Invalid?
A lot of people are asking me this specific question. I`m still not sure what the exact reason was that I took this name. Before I started as an MC people were really surprised to see me having the ambition to start making. A lot of people were expecting me to be a huge failure in it. That’s why I took the name Invalid.

2015 was the year of your breakthrough we might say, what was the best thing you’ve witnessed so far in your career?
The biggest highlight I had in my career so far was X-qlusive Frontliner. That was about the craziest experience I`ve had so far. A packed area in the mighty Heineken Music Hall. The ambiance was unreal and I saw only true dedicated party people. But to be honest, I enjoy every moment, every event on any kind of level. I love performing in Scotland, Germany and Belgium, but I love the dutch crowd as well.


In 2015 you did host Gearbox Suppression, it was an awesome event, could you tell us what the fuck happened at this crazy event?
Gearbox Suppression was indeed an insane event, the energy of that event was monstrous. Kick-drummers everywhere and everyone was mentally penetrated with raw style.

Also, I regret myself for having a few beers too much, unfortunate my timing was bad, and I lost my voice halfway true the event. What I learned from that moment was that I shouldn`t be drinking on stages, and since that moment, I am not doing this anymore. Or I just keep it on a couple of beers.

This month you did host NRG, including hardcore DJ’s such as Partyraiser and Peacock. Besides MC’ing at Hardstyle event, do you like to entertain at events with other music genres as well?
I love all kinds of Harder Styles, I love hardstyle and raw hardstyle but I adore hardcore and faster as well. For me, it`s all about timing and I feel like I have that under control. This summer I`ll be hosting for 2 months in an all kinds of EDM club in Marmaris, Turkey. And for your information NRG was shared into 2 rooms, I was hosting the Mainstage ( with Partyraiser ) while MC Benji was doing the Frenchcore area.


Let’s go back to the beginning, when did you decide you wanted to be an MC?
It`s actually a quite funny story. I am a good friend of DJ Rawcore, and I use to go to events with him. One night in Belgium he handed me out the mic and it was this moment I actually saw the interaction with the crowd, what you can do with just using some words, is incredible. That’s when the organisation approached me and was asking me if I could do this once again, this time, paid and with an MC name.

If you want to learn the basics of producing you can find many tutorials spread across the internet, but how did you master the skills of an MC and vocal editing?
For that, I owe MC da mouth of Madness and my good friend DJ Up Syndrome a lot. They learned me the basics, at Up Syndrome his studio we learned how to do editing.

Besides Hardstyle and Hardcore, you listen to other music genres as well? Hip-hop for instance?
To be honest, I can enjoy any kind of music, but I prefer the raw Hardstyle.


Of course, we want to know your favorite tracks, MC, DJ/Producer etc. So let’s go:
Who is your favorite MC?
My favourite MC is MC da Syndrome, his voice is energetic, and his energy is just what is needed at a hardstyle event.

Who is your favorite DJ/Producer?
My favourite DJ`s are Luminite and Unresolved, they both know how to bring something new and unique in a raw hardstyle track. The combine different kinds of styles music into a piece of art.

Who is your favorite musician?
André Hazes. I am a guy from Amsterdam, and I grew up with his music. Also, his songs are special to me.

What is your favorite hardstyle or hardcore track?
Luminite – Be the Baddest, I love the energy in the track, and it`s combined with a style of trap, a style of music I like as well.

What is your favorite non-hardstyle track?
Eminem – When I`m gone, the story it tells, the loss of my grandfather and the way he using his voice. Goosebumps every time I hear the song.


Besides writing lyrics for raw-hardstyle tracks do you also write lyrics for other genres?
For now, I keep it on writing lyrics for music within the harder styles. Also, I am thrilled to tell you I have a few collaborations coming up.;

Rooler ft. MC Invalid – Gotta Prepare (Anthem)
Deimos ft. MC Invalid – TBA
Deimos & Prime Suspects ft MC Invalid – WarriorLike
Thyron ft MC Invalid – TBA
Adventum ft MC Invalid – TBA
Tharoza ft MC Invalid – TBA

You did perform at some events now, which event is still on your list and why?
I think every kind of performer wants to be performing on the highest level of stages, for me this is Decibel/Defqon/Intents festival, but, for now, I am focussing on the collaborations I`ve coming up and the stages I am performing at. My time will come.

Where can we see you the upcoming months?
As you might already now, I am resident at Voltage, Scotland, I ‘ll be performing there in practically any event. Also, I will be featuring most event where gearbox artists are involved too. I will be hosting the Gearbox Label night next Saturday in the Time Out in Gemert. Also, I will be hosting on quite a few smaller festivals in Delft/Hoofddorp and Belgium. I`ve quite a few unannounced bookings as well but I rather keep that private for now. From the 20th of June tot he 20th of August I`ll be hosting in Marmaris. And then I will be back, stronger than I`ve ever been. To stay up-to-date you can of course always check my facebook page:

Do you have any tips for youngsters who are willing to become an MC?
‘Think with your heart, and speak with your mind. Don’t talk, when the vocals play, and never sing-a-long. Take your moments, don’t talk too much.

Did you ever wanted to be a DJ or Producer, or did you always prefer the mic?
Nope, in fact, I hate computers, and I would be too impatient to be the producer. I have zero concentration when it comes to producing.

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