Do you know that feeling: listening to a track and suddenly you know that you heard it before but unfortunately you don’t know the name?

Let me help you with our new series ‘Sampled by’. Please note that I respect the artists and their music. In most cases the artists have the right to use samples or lyrics and therefore doing nothing illegal!

I did the job for you and cut out the samples. On top the original and below that, the sample!

Angelica De No – Music Made the Addict

I guess the title gives it away pretty mutch. ‘Angelica De No’ released her track 2004. A little bit faster and there you have it – a classic D-Block & S-Te-Fan (takes 25 sec. to write this name!) track ‘Music Made Addict”.

Ultravox – Hymn

A classic track from 1982 coverd by D-Block & S-Te-Fan under the name ‘Kingdom’. The same lyrics have been used but a great track to pay tribute to Ultravox!

Love Tribe – Stand Up

The order of the lyrics have been changed and the tempo adjusted. ‘Rockin Ur Mind’ uses vocals from 1996!

Alexia – Number One

The same just with a little bit of reverb. ‘Stand Up’ was also released in 1996 and used in the track ‘Show Me The Way’.


Do you know more samples or covers? Let us know in the comments below!

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