2017 will be a great year! We expect some crazy events, unforgettable moments, unique experiences and memories which will last in our hearts forever. In case you do not live under a rock, you should have noticed the first announcements of events such as Intents Festival, Dreamfields, Emporium or Hard Island. However, in this article we’d love to focus on the biggest hard dance event organizer in the north of the Netherlands: High Energy Events!

Our story with High Energy Events

Let us remember a quick moment. Our very first High Energy Events event was Megabase 2014. The edition took place in the middle of the small city Zwolle. It’s a warm saturday in may, a park located in the centre of Zwolle, the first kicks were pumping through the speakers as we arrived near the location. What the fuck? Something like this was shooting through our brain, when recognizing: High Energy Events just put a fucking huge stage in middle of a park and city and let artist perform from 12.00 – 00.00!Megawatt Megabase 2 Back in the days, the line up of Megabase was top notch! The location was amazing. The stage more than sick. The ticket price? Around 20,- EUR! The event topped our expectations with ease. The organizer had our attention and with huge interest we started to follow them. Our next event was Megawatt Festival, if we remember correctly. It was set pretty late in year 2014. It offered 4 areas, including a Megabase area. Remember the anthem by Warface and Chain Reaction – Execute? Yep, Megawatt Festival was the event it was made for.

In 2015 we were back Megabase. This time Digital Punk took over the event – Megabase presents: Digital Punk Unleashed. The event was a little smaller, but still taking place at the same location. The reduction in its size was caused by complaints by citizens near by. The noise, the fireworks, etc. However, High Energy Events didn’t give a shit and made this edition unforgettable. Digital Punk presents Firestorm was definitely a moment to remember.10504989_904950116234321_819608638147808576_oUntil then we didn’t even realise which formats High Energy Events offered. Besides the bigger events such as Hardshock Festival, Megabase, back in the days Megawatt or Dance4Liberation and Kingdance Zwolle, they are also organizing smaller events in clubs. Definition Hardore for example. Nowadays the concepts of High Energy Events are spread throughout Zwolle.

In 2016 we seriously visited nearly all events by High Energy Events. Somehow we sadly didn’t cover Hardshock Festival once yet. Starting with Megabase, which was moved to a new location, it was the kick off of our High Energy Events summer. Megabase presents: Titan The One Who Knocks, Dance4Liberation and Pinkstereo. Sadly we needed to skip RAWdefinition Outdoor.

Our story with High Energy Events will surely and hopefully continue in 2017 and all upcoming years! We’d love to thank them for their support since the very first event we visited and the great contact!

What makes High Energy Events events worth to go?

Top quality dance events for a payable price! That’s basically it. The stages are sick and offer everything you need. Especially flames in combination with lasers are one of the remarkable aspects. The line ups are diverse and packed with surprises, most of the time there are one or two live acts included, or at least special performances. The sound quality is ALWAYS highly enjoyable. The prices at the festival and the ticket price itself is always below the average ticket price throughout the entire Netherlands. If these reasons will not convince you: You better make sure, you’ll be present at at least one High Energy Events event this year and experience it yourself!13087093_10153628826302023_298779017461548410_o

The history of High Energy Events

To give you a glimpse on what High Energy Events have done so far, we created the perfect graphic for you! Check it out!


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