Let’s kick off the festival season in style! Rebirth Festival is back with the 9th edition. It took place on 8th and 9th of April in a small town called Haaren. Previous editions were defined by an amazing vibe, a great sound, an awesome line up and a small ticket price. We’ve been to Rebirth Festival 2017 and checked if they could keep up with the quality they were delivering throughout the past years! With Rebirth being the first bigger outdoor festival this year, the 2017 summer festival season is officially opened! Spoiler: This was awesome!

We started off Day 2 by enjoying B-Front’s Early Set. While we were literally screaming along to every track, the entire room seemed a bit too young to know what gems they are missing out on. I asked myself how one was able to just casually stand around to a brilliant set like that?! It was a great trip down the discography of B-Front, who spinned one hit after another, ending with Magic!


Speaking of classics, next in line artists Prefix & Density also played some. Pairing them with their own tracks like Search & Destroy, Contrast or an edit of Just A Memory the atmosphere they created was magical and we once again were reminded of how underrated these guys are and how much they were often pushed into a corner that (in my opinion) is a tad too raw for how their tracks actually are. Why putting them at the Indigo stage at Defqon.1 for example? They really deserve to play in the Blue!

We quickly grabbed some food and tokens and then went back to the main stage. Today’s Frequencerz set was more than a make-up for yesterday’s awkwardness. THIS was the Frequencerz set we wanted to hear! It was awesome! Melodic but rough, and with an unbelievable energy the tent was finally feeling it.

Their set perfectly paved the way for B-Front vs Phuture Noize. While we definitely listen to the music of both guys, hearing their tracks in combination was quite satisfying and the set was just overall brilliant. Their track Paradox is still doing it and can possibly be found in this year’s top 10! We heard B-Front’s Dark Moon passing by and his collab with Degos & Re_Done – Endless Path! The atmosphere was awesome, seemed like everyone is still going full force.


With Ran-D and Adaro on stage, two heavy weights, two close friends combined, absolutely wrecked the place from the very first track. While we left the tent in between, we were glad coming back towards the end, as both of them played Ran-D’s Zombie with an absolute stunning atmosphere and actually two new Gunz 4 Hire tracks!

It was the time of the day, everyone was looking forward to. The screens were fading black. The lights gone out. Silence. A deep voice started talking, a face appeared on the LED screens. It was the face we know from B-Front’s album cover. It was the first stage, blue colours lighten up the tent. B-Front premiered his new album, his new outfit and his new path. Screechy melodies and hard pounding kicks defined this amazing set!


The face and the lights turned yellow and orange. The sounds were getting rougher. Another 15 minutes passed by. The atmosphere was crazy. The lights fade to red, the face looked like a demon straight out of hell. B-Front unleashed the last bit of energy upon the crowd. What a god damn set! Hell yeah. The set was great, the tracks are awesome, the show was really cool!

We quickly switched location. It was Kickroll heaven, time for Primefire. We through our Nike’s in the air, did DJ-moves on the dancefloor, combined kickrolling and dabbing (Yes. This is a thing now.), did the Hulk-dance and just generally genuinely enjoyed a set that was nothing but absolute destruction. Being on a (kick-) roll, we decided to continue our craziness at E-Force’s live set. Hearing the new album tracks in such a brilliant set definitely added to the good vibe.

Starting with his remix of FTP he brought people to go crazy throughout the whole tent. Although he was just 5 minutes into his set, Stresstest was passing by, raising the BPM and blowing out the Schranz sound! I think he should safe this one, and put it rather in the end, than in the beginning! With Pleasure and Pain, his collab with Luna and live edit of Seven, this set was diverse, had an insane drive and was almost as good as the Qapital one! Please give us more SCHRANZ and deep Psytrance basslines!


After the half of a brutal and fantastic Crypsis vs. Radical Redemption set it was time to go. The trek back to the car in combination with a crappy Dutch public transport and the other part of the crew having to ride back all the way to Germany on weekends put a way to early end to the party. We would have loved to stay, but we are sure Radical Redemption and Crypsis, as well as the Roughstate crew did a fantastic job, closing down this year’s edition of Rebirth Festival!

Brilliant weather, a family-like atmosphere, fair pricing and the showcase stages of Scantraxx & B-Front made this Rebirth one for the books. The festival season kick-off was a huge success and we can not wait what this year still has in store for us! See you next year!

Medium Sized Events Rating
The diverse line upThe festival groundThe sound The perfect kick-off the festival season
Show in the Rebellion are could have been crazierNo real tap water
99%Overall Score
Line Up100%
Ticket-Price/Performance Ratio100%
BONUS #1/3: The atmosphere and vibe100%
BONUS #2/3: The great line up100%
BONUS #3/3: The low ticket price100%
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