Angerfist Raise & Revolt Event Review
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ONE year ago thousands of true devotees observed the largest hardcore artist event in history. The Deadfaced Dimension was a great success.

This November the merciless law did strike again in The Brabanthallen, Den Bosch. Let’s have a look at the second summit of this artistic violence: Angerfist – Raise & Revolt.

Since 2001 the career of Danny Masseling has changed a lot. By producing many massive tracks, EPs, and several albums, his name gained attention through the whole scene. Before the launch of his new album, Angerfist did place some previews at his social media channels and we can already say it is magic again. Dark tones with the typical Angerfist piano will raise your heart frequency. What a producer, what a DJ.

In this article we will focus on the event. After a ride by train and a 15 minute walk we did arrive at the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. The big march towards the area, it was awesome! Many people were already in a good mood. Lovely to see all these true dedicated Angerfist fans!

After our arrival we did buy a locker for €7,- which is not that expensive. The lockers were a bit small, and with the best of luck 2 jackets and a bag would fit. Large lockers were €10,-, but already sold-out at 23:30. After dumping our jackets we did buy some tokens. 10 tokens did cost €28,50. So that’s €2,85 for a token. A beer did cost 1 token, water and Redbull 2. A bit more expensive compared to other events.

Ready and set to party, let’s have a look at the timetable!

22:00-23:00 Millennium Mayhem
23:00-00:00 Bloodcage
00:00-00:45 Bodyshock
00:45-01:15 Angerfist ‘Raise & Revolt’ Live
01:15-02:00 Angerfist & Mad Dog
02:00-02:45 Angerfist & Neophyte
02:45-03:30 Angerfist & Dyprax
03:30-04:15 Angerfist & Tha Playah
04:15-05:00 Angerfist & Miss K8
05:00-05:45 Angerfist & Destructive Tendencies
05:45-06:15 DR. Peacock
06:15-07:00 Angerfist & Partyraiser & Tieum

Hosted by: MC Nolz & MC Syco


Bloodcage: Industrial

We arrived at 23:30 during the set of Bloodcage. Wow, what a stage. The stage is very original, suiting the theme Raise & Revolt for 100%! At the backside of the stage there were some buildings, which did predict a city. In the front there were lots of silhouettes of ‘angry’ people that were ready to Raise & Revolt!

This is one of the few stages that suit the theme very well. My compliments for the stage. The stage was not spectacular, in the sense of special effects, but it did tell the story of the Angerfist album.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like the set of Bloodcage. I did expect some melodic stuff or tracks like ‘Killswitch’. But it was a lot more Industrial pounding than I thought. Industrial is great, but in my opinion, it is a sub genre that suits better at the end of a night because of its roughness. They set did not create the right atmosphere.


After Bloodcage it was time for Bodyshock. He played a great set with older and new stuff. This brought a great vibe into his set and the audience was hungering for more. Bodyshock played the anthem of Masters of Hardcore 2013; Eternal. What a track! One of the best anthems ever made. MAGICAL! Everyone did know this track, awesome to see people scream along! Can’t wait for Masters of Hardcore 2016!

During both of these sets MC Syco did hit the stage. He did talk way too much, and his sentences and phrases didn’t suit the tracks. His voice is great though!

Angerfist Raise & Revolt LIVE

Ready for the opening, the audience is thrilled. Finally, there is the firework! MC Prozac entered the stage using an elevator mechanism, awesome! RAISE, RAISE, RAISE AND REVOLT! The anthem was pounding through the speakers, hell yeah!

The set was an amazing ride, every track was played for only 2 minutes, which was awesome. So many tracks in only 30 minutes. He played many tracks from his new album but also older ones like; Gas met die zooi and The Deadfaced Dimension.


Angerfist & Mad Dog

The vibe was crazy, the temperature rising. Mad Dog did join the stage.
Mad Dog one of my all-time favourite Italian producers. I love the way he mix the tracks, his productions are also crazy and funny, including great sound design.
Mad Dog played new- and older tracks. Together they played their collabs and also some solo tracks. The crowd went totally nuts while Mad Dog dropped; REWIND! Still an awesome track!

The area was fully packed during this set, which let the temperature rise to an enormous level, the area was a bit cramped and stuffy. I decided to move to the backside of the area, because it was hard to breath normally. The area was fitted with a high ceiling, which made it strange, it was so muggy.

Time to buy some food. At the back of the area stood a few food stands. For 2 tokens you could buy some sandwiches and rolls. The quality was good. The food was healthy like; Salmon with cream cheese, Cheese with ham and salad etc. For the snackers there were chips, hamburgers and hot-dogs. The food stands were well-priced and good of quality.

Angerfist & Neophyte

Let’s get back on the dancefloor, back to the oldschool! Neophyte did hit the stage. Playing his lovely and funny tracks with Dutch lyrics. I wonder if you like this set if you are not from the Netherlands. But for the dutchies it was great for sure!


Angerfist & Dyprax

Dyprax doing well in recent months. He plays on more events, and his tracks are amazing! So I had high expectations off Dyprax, and he did gave his best! His track with Radical Redemption; Snakepit, is one of my favorite tracks of 2015. Amazing how these ramming through the speakers.

Angerfist & Tha Playah

After Dyprax it was time for the closing DJ of Qlimax 2015, time for Tha Playah. The sound design of this producer is amazing. Really one of the best out there. I always like the sets of Tha Playah, but this time the set was a bit boring. Dyprax did speed up the tracks to higher BPM, but Tha Playah did play slower tracks, which did not follow up well. He played a fairly standard Tha Playah set. Compared to his set at Qlimax this one missed some real firepower.

Angerfist & Miss K8

At first I did plan to rest a bit during this set and hit the backstage, but after all I’m happy that I didn’t! This set was truly awesome! By far the best Miss K8 set that I attended. She started as expected with the collab with Radical; SCREAM! After the somewhat disappointing Tha Playah set, this set does include a faster pace. Miss K8 did play rougher than usual, perhaps because of the presence of Angerfist. Please, enter the stage together more often!?


Angerfist & Destructive Tendencies

Destructive Tendencies sets are very diverse. Some sets are amazing the others a lot less. Unfortunately they did not play a good set tonight. They dealed fast tracks like ‘Destiny’ and ‘Drugs and Alcohol Abusal’. Of course ‘Sounds Become One’ also blast through the dome. Unfortunately, something went terribly wrong during the intro, making the music suddenly exchange from the Deck, the intro was completely wiped out by the bass of another track. After about 15 seconds they switched to the intro again, unfortunately, the magical moment was gone. A total disaster for these boys I can understand.

DR Peacock

No time to relax – Peacock will take over for 30 minutes now. Ready for some Frenchcore? For many people this was the set of the evening, I am not a big fan of Frenchcore, but I can tell you this set was great. The melodies are beautiful. At the beginning of the set the bass was not that deep. But later on it did blow you away, holyshit, that was awesome! The audience did go crazy during this 30 minutes. Glad this DJ has been added to the line-up. Made the evening even more diverse.

Angerfist & Partyraiser & Tieum

HOLYSHIT DAMN SHIT, the bass is back! All my energy was floating away, but I did search for the last bits of energy in my body. People are leaving during this set, which I can understand, it was a rough night! This trio played many hard tracks that reminds me from Ground Zero. It was based on a lot of Tieum tracks, or at least it did sound like it. After 40 minutes into this set we went towards the Lockers, we were totally ruined, in a positive way. What a night! We can’t wait for the next Art of Dance event. Looks like they never fail!


Show, Stage and Area

I can say that the stage was very originally as I mentioned before. But the show was not spectacular. The lasers were amazing during some sets, especially the DR Peacock set. The lasers took fantastic shapes that were perfectly matched to the music. I also liked the fact that the food and token area was in the same area as the stage. So even if you did want to rest you could still enjoy the show.

Upon completion, opinions were divided about this event. Here and there I heard they liked The Deadfaced Dimension better, or that the vibe at Radical was not similar to this event. Maybe they should try another place for this event next year. Something like Heineken Music Hall or Ziggo Dome, to bring to the atmosphere to a higher level!

Anyway, in my opinion you should not compare these events. Hardcore is not rawstyle or the other way around. The audience and atmosphere are really different! I also heard a lot of positive feedback. Especially on an organizational level, the event went very smooth, and you didn’t have to wait in rows for very long! All in all I liked the event. It was pure dedication to hardcore music. A perfect night for the true Angerfist fan!

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