Bass Modulators - The Live Performance
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“Do you ever hear amazing live edits at events and wonder how you can get your hands on them?”

It’s finally happening. The very first live edit release by Bass Modulators is out now! A great collection of all the live edits you love.

I think I am perfectly happy with his release so just check out the playlist below and listen to all edits for free.

An amazing way to say “Thank You” to all Bass Modulators fans and hopefully not the only live edit release. This could be a rolemodel for all hardstyle artists with great live edits!

Tracklist of Bass Modulators – The Live Performance:
1. Bass Modulators – I Want Your Love (Live Edit)
2. Bass Modulators & Audiotricz – Feel Good (Live Edit)
3. Bass Modulators – Leave The World (Live Edit)
4. Bass Modulators – Let Me See Ya (Live Edit)
5. Noisecontrollers- Faster ‘N Further (Bass Modulators Remix) (Kris Kros Edit)
6. Bass Modulators – Freaqs by Night (Live Edit)
7. Bass Modulators – R U Ready (Live Tool)
8. Bass Modulators – Requi3m (Bounce & Break Live edit)
9. Bass Modulators – Global Awakening (Live Edit)

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