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Last summer we visited Dedicated Outdoor for the first time. Rewarding it with a spot in our ‘Best Events of 2015’ article, we were curious about the indoor concept, Dedicated Indoor. So, the half of Hardstyle Mag decided to go to Reverze, the other half went to Dedicated Indoor, taking place in Studio A12.

We arrived around 22:30 by car and the parking area was well organized. It’s crazy, that we take a look at these smaller things, but actually, these are those we enjoy most. And to be honest, we already experienced a parking chaos more than once! In a few seconds, we were standing in front of Studio A12 waiting to enter the sold-out Dedicated Indoor. I had never visited Studio A12 before, so I was wondering what it looked like from the inside.

Once inside, we bought a locker for only €2 and 12 coins for €30 – relatively cheap pricing for a locker, and normal prices for coins. From the main hall you can choose if you want to go left or right. The small area on the left was the freestyle area, and on the right, you could enjoy the main area, with, once again, a great line-up for a smaller event!

We did decide to move our feet towards the main area. The line-up looked promising with; Avana, Bass Modulators, Wildstylez, B-Front, Delete and Deetox. A wide range of hardstyle, starting with the euphoric, and ending with the hardest kicks you can imagine!


Bass Modulators

We entered the main hall and Avana just ended his set. Let’s see what Bass Modulators have in store, since they are doing a fucking great job lately. With ‘Solar’ on the number one spot at Freaqshow, their new collab with Noisecontrollers ‘Glitch’ or the recently announced Defqon.1 anthem – Dragonblood! You can surely expect an interview with these guys on our page soon!

Bass Modulators played a very unusual and unique, non-standard set. Of course, they dropped tracks like Rocked Up, Let Me See Ya and Solar. But they also played some funny tracks that you could not call hardstyle at all. They did bring the party mood in the area, they vibe was really amazing. Their set was not what I expected, but in a good way! Thankfully, we can tell you, we always enjoy these guys! MC Da Syndrome had already been in his full energy mode, jumping and bouncing across the stage and let us move our feet as well!


I was also surprised about the awesome sound system of Studio A12. You couldn’t hear any cracking sounds, or echoing subwoofers. At other smaller events, this is quite different sometimes. The stage design was really cool for an event like this. Some bars filled with lasers and LED were spread across the wall in a nice pattern, changing colours now and then. In some way I really had the feeling this area did look like a small ‘Hard Bass’ or something like that! The LED stripes at the top lead to the DJ booth, it really fit the venue and event.


After Bass Modulators, it was time for another dedicated hardstyle DJ. He is one of the most respected DJ’s and producers of all time. Give it up for Wildstylez! Wildstylez was playing a diverse set using tracks like ‘Supersonic’ and ‘Lies or Truth’. At both songs the crowd did scream along and the tracks gave me Goosebumps all over.


For me, ‘Supersonic’ is one of the best tracks in 2015, now Wildstylez dropped it and I fully lost control and went crazy on the dance floor. During the end of the set, Wildstylez did play a few rougher tracks, but still with his own unique touch. Working towards the end of his set, he also made us thinking of the good vibes at outdoor festivals with ‘Year of Summer’. Letting us hunger for the summer festival season once more..!

Speaking about the summer festival season. XSENSE will also bring us a Dedicated Outdoor event again this summer! We highly recommend you to risk a glance at this event. Mark the 9th of July in your agenda and be there!


After visiting X-Qlusive B-Front, Bob set the bar really high for himself. The show and sets were beyond borders, so my expectations were high. Bob never fails to amaze, I really can’t describe it, but you just can’t hate his tracks or even dislike one of his tracks. I absolutely love the atmosphere in his songs, it’s a completely different experience.


He played tracks like ‘Which’, ‘Wolf to Feed’, ‘Dream World’ and ‘Dark Moon’. Besides that, he dropped some older classic tracks like ‘Mysterias’, which always get the vibe going. It is always a pleasure to witness a set of B-Front. You can see after all these years, that he still enjoys the stage so much. Sweating, jumping, clapping and air-drumming at his beats. He is giving all the energy the dedicated audience needs.


The end is near, it’s getting rougher and rougher. Let’s enjoy the deepest kicks and the roughest melodies by Delete! Ryan Biggs is one of the unique producers out there, in my opinion. If you hear a track produced by him for the first time, you can directly label it in your mind and know that it is a Delete track!


He directly started with some rough stuff, destroying the place with his unique kicks. Damn, the sound system withstands this destructive sound really well! By playing his new tracks ‘The World is Yours’, ‘Dismissed Again’ he did really wreck the venue. While playing some older tracks like ‘Fother Mucker’ and ‘The Baddest’ people went total nuts.

Some people however went to the Freestyle area. After 45 minutes into the Delete’s set we did decide to check that area as well!

Zany ft. Vince

The Freestyle area was way smaller than the main area. But the vibe and sound quality was almost the same! I really liked this smaller area. I’m not the biggest freestyle lover out there, but during this closing set they also decided to play some rough hardcore tracks with freestyle edits – the whole place was bouncing to sick beats and fast rhythms!


They played some old classics by Neophyte, Nosferatu and Angerfist which was lots of fun. Besides that, they played lovely freestyle tracks like ‘Gaan met die banaan’ (DJ Ruthless Edit). After 30 minutes I did decide to go to the main area again to witness the final tracks of Delete and enjoy the queen of raw ‘Deetox’!


During the last track by Delete, Deetox hopped on stage to be part of their track ‘Fatal’, one of the best produced raw tracks last year! The dedicated audience was screaming with the melody once again. After Fatal, Deetox continued her set. Playing tracks like ‘Lower Level’, ‘Rock It’ and ‘Godcore’.


Damn, Godcore, didn’t hear that since a long time in a set – it’s still really powerful! She also played ‘Big Dick’ by Bass Chaserz. A track that did pass by 3 times this evening. The track is funny with crazy vocals, and I can assure you that this track sounds incredible live!

Deetox did end her set at a higher tempo and with some more rawness. The final kicks were shattering through the whole area. Unfortunately, this event did come to an end! I think everybody enjoyed this event from beginning till the end!

Once again XSENSE did a great job with their Dedicated concept. After the Outdoor edition, my expectations were higher, but everything was just perfect for an event with that size. If you can organize a small event in a grand way, Dedicated is definitely ready for a new and bigger location! Thankfully, it will be realized – more info’s soon!

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