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C.R.A.F.T Review

The CRAFT Festival took place on the 26th of July in Amsterdam and offered a huge lineup distributed on 7 stages! Especially because of the low price we wanted to have a closer look at the festival.

The weather was nice when we arrived – we were a bit late caused by heavy traffic, so ‘luckily’ we missed the heavy rain. It was also the reason why the festival was paused for a few minutes. On the other hand the sun was shining the rest oft he day and we had a great time.

As mentioned before CRAFT Festival offered a huge lineup – Crystal with euphoric melodies, De Tjidmachine with some oldschool beats, Reckless with raw pounding baselines, Penoze with mixed styles (on the Main Stage), World of hardcore with music above 170 BPM, Fundamental with Freestyle/Oldschool kicks and Future with mixed styles but also more ‘unknown’ artists. Everybody had the chance to hear the music he likes and wants.

The Penoze, De Tjidmachine and Crystal Stage were an outdoor stage which was actually really cool. Every stage had their own design and light show. At the Penoze Stage you also had Fire, FX Laser and C02 canons. The show was good on every stage, nothing to complain about. But we wished a bigger and more powerful Reckless stage. It was a way to small and too many people wanted to dance under the tiny tent. The soundsystem at the Penoze main stage was really good and we enjoyed every second with our friends and new acquaintances. We also had the chance to meet some artist like Outbreak, Alpha², Chain Reaction, Code Black, Rebourne and many more.
Outbreak on CRAFT festival

Outbreak on CRAFT #Bassface

Cheap Drinks on CRAFT Festival

The price for food and drinks were normally – 1 Token = 1 Beer, 1,5 Token = Water. But you always had the opportunity to refill your water at the toilets. You also had the chance to choose between Fries & Burger, Mexican, Asian, Indonesian and local food. Ice Cream and fruits were sold against dehydration.

All in all we just had a blast! It was an amazing Festival and first edition of Craft. We met a lot of new people and danced until moonlight. The mood was incredible and we would like to see a second edition next year!

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