On March 26. a new online concept ‘Hard Factory’ will celebrate its debut. A full eleven hours live video stream with 12 DJs from Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. The organizers promise a huge load of fun and extras and a special festival feeling. Let’s have a look


Especially since the COVID pandemic, live streams have evolved pretty strong. Major events like Defqon.1, Decibel or even Intens Festival switched to online streams. From sophisticated stages to complete Virtual VR events, the event sector tried a lot to serve the people’s needs.


The newly founded Hard Factory starts with a new show this March 26th. – with a special online show and a nice lineup – comprising 12 artists – in a special industry surrounding. The organizers promise a completely designed stage with lights and SFX. All harddance genres from Hardstyle to Rawstyle to Happy Hardcore shall be served.

Hard Factory Livestream: Lineup Artwork


As a special guest, MC Villain will be present and performing next to Artists who are known for their releases on Dirty Workz and Gearbox Euphoria.

To bring the real virtual expierence to the people, the stream will be broadcasted on Twitch with a real live chat. Like similiar shows, listeners can get into real live discussion with the DJs and Organizers and Donate if they want to. In addition special mini games, a wheel of fortune, contests will extend the whole program.

Hard Factory Livestream: The Stage in preparation mode

The complete lineup: MC Villain | Pherato | Alleviate | Biocore | Sunset Project | Resensed | Igniter | Nikky Cream | Reframed | Maro-X | Laco | Critically.


The broadcast will start at 2:00 PM (CET) and continue for complete 11 hours with 12 Artists. The show can be seen on Twitch and hardfactory.de. A registration wont be necessary – so see you there.

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