Dominator Festival always gives you the best of hardcore music. Besides the great event they annually release a Dominator CD including two mix CD, and a bonus CDs. This time the first mix CD is brought to you by no one less than the 2016 anthem creator, Furyan! The second mix CD is even rougher and mixed by the uprising italian DJ F.Noize! If that was not enough already,
The third CD is a bonus CD album sample by Destructive Tendencies! The Slave to the Darkness album will be released soon, but at this third bonus CD you can already witness the new Destructive Tendencies sound! Let’s have a look at this years Dominator 2016 – Methods of Mutilation album


First I want to discuss the design of this masterpiece. As usual Dominator has his own and unique design. The drawn cartoon style of Dominator is funny in one way, but on the other hand they always give it a creepy look. This combination is Dominator in a nutt-shell. At the cover of the album you spot a jeep, that is also used in the clip of the Methods of Mutilation anthem. With the fire in the background you see that it did leave a total havoc. When you open the album you see another crazy character with a body that has been cut in to two pieces, a rotton face, and a deadly looking background. Oh yes, this looks very mutilated. The two mix CD’s have a bit of the same design with this mutilated character. The Bonus Cd by Destructive Tendencies has its own design. Dark and black coloured, suiting the album name Slaves to the Darkness.

CD 1 Mixed by Furyan

Now let’s go in depth on the first mix CD by Furyan! The mix CD directly kicks off rough with the new track by Thorax called Policy of Evil. The first words of this mix are ‘We tear your soul appart’. We can assure you this mix CD does tear your soul appart. I didn’t expect a mix CD by Furyan to be so heavy and cruel. But again he did suprise me, as he did with his outstanding closing at Dominator festival! As 4th track we can enjoy the new track by Bodyshock called the Gangster’s Back. In my opinion this track does tell the story of hardcore.

It seems like hardcore is rougher than ever, but still has the great feels, epic melodies and the devastating bass. Somehow many of the hardcore tracks revealed in 2016 seem to be even more cruel and devastating than before. Bodyshock his new track The Gangster’s back does represent this new uprising sound. We did ask frequently in interviews if the rough Rawstyle uprising has something to do with this development in hardcore music. Ofcourse let us know your opinion on this! The Gangster’s back also has some lovely screeches in the drop assisting the heavy pounding kicks. A very good job by Bodyshock.

After the track by Bodyshock, Furyan perfectly mixes the new track by The Melodyst called Kill Mode. This track is one of the many tracks with rough, screamed lyrics. A thing we often spot in hardcore tracks. This does give it that heavy-metal sound.This track is followed by The New Dawn by Korsakoff and Furyan. This track does sound like an anthem himself. The uplifiting melodie, the dark vocals telling a story it does really sound like a good anthem for Dominator! On track 10 we finally spot the real anthem of Dominator. Which is doing a way better job live or in a mix than listening to it in the extended version. In the middle of the mix we spot Masters of Ceremony – Skullfuck. This is a remastered version which does sound really awesome! From Tha Playah – Get Hard and Miss K8 – Breathless (Furyan remix) we go to the more industrial sounding tracks.

The new track by Synthax – Bring it Hardcore is a real banger which gives you that ultimate hardcore feeling. Again this is a track by a Neophyte Records talent. This track also includes some nice scratch parts and kickrolls.  Another track we would like to highlight is the new track by Catscan & Decipher called Masters. This track has a really unique sound with an uplifting melodie consisting of high-tuned chords. The rythm in this track is very fast, and when you seem to understand the rhythm at once, the next drop is totally different in rhythm. Speaking about rhythms the next track by Unexist and OGM909 – Beat drop is all about rhythms and dope beats. These guys really know how to master and layer their tracks. You spot so many details in this track, high squeezy sounds on top of the rough bass that ratthles along. At the end of this mix CD there are a few fun tracks with dutch lyrics like the big banger of D-Fence Pompen, the new Neophyte & Nosferatu track S.I.C.K. ending the mix with Daar zijn we weer!


CD 2 Mixed by F.Noize

F.Noize is all about ‘The beats fast and the bass down low’. This mix kicks off with N-Vitral his remix of Prednison Attack, followed by Lords of the Unterground in the Eternityz Remix. After that one of my favourite tracks is dropped into the mix. Luxxer – Represent in the Negative A remix. Holyshit, F.Noize does drop it at a way higher BPM and it still sounds amazing! The F.Noize mix a perfect follow up to play directly after the mix CD by Furyan. It starts with rough Industrial sounds followed by more uptempo sounds. It includes a few tracks by N-Vitral, Scarphase and Partyraiser. At track 9 we do spot N-Vitral Bassface, the most played track at Dominator 2016, what a banger! At track 12 we do hear the sounds of Scarphase with their track Phase One. The track will introduce himself, slow will not be tollorated! It really doesn’t, damn the tempo in this track! Is it 220BPM or even more? This track is absolutely sick!

Track number 13 is produced by Andy the Core and Sei2ure from their new EP. The track is called Death on Demand. It is a track consisting of a devastating bass with crazy rhythms topped by a few squeezy sounds. The whole EP does include crazy tunes, so better check it out! At number 15 another Scarphase track called Black Scars, the first release by Scarphase. Scarphase directly kicks off with their unique sound. It is a brilliant mix of the sounds of Partyraiser and F.Noize we can say! After that F.Noize drops the nr.1 Hardcore track of this moment called Middle Fingers Up! by Partyraiser & Cryogenic. The tempo is amazing in this whole mix, from beginning till the end. At the end of the mix we can enoy a new banger by Scarphase called Coming like an Eathquake! This is the roughest track by Scarphase so far. Ending the mix with On the Line, Sicily Loves HKV by The Destroyer and Da Mouth of Madness with F.Noize and Nekrosystem Grinfucked your body must be totally mutilated. What a mix cd by F.Noize! Seriously this Dominator album consists of one of the best Mix CD’s of the last years. The Mix by Furyan and F.Noize are outstanding!


CD 3 Destructive Tendencies – Slaves to the Darkness

The third CD of the Dominator album is the album sampler of Destructive Tendencies – Slaves to the Darkness. On this album Destructive Tendencies have developed their own style, build on their previous successes but partly hit another road. We spot many influences of other music genres, but also genres from the the hard dance scene.

The album does start with the anthem tune of the album Slaves to the Darkness. This is a track which reminds us a bit of their remix of Bloodrush. A track that slams trough the speakers with a rough beat.

The second track on this album is the collab with Warface called Release the Kraken. This track does symbolize the path Destructive Tendencies took. They use the best of mutiple music genres. The track does start with some classic chords, hitting the raw style sounds, beating the drum faster and faster towards the uptempo DTHardcore sound. Then we spot some R&B and Drum and Bass influences as well. A perfectly balanced track that does go many directions.

The third track Inner Demons feat MC. Tha Watcher starts with some dubstep and drum and bass influences, then the slamming and smashing style of DT shows himselve. This track is a little slower than the previous ones. In the middle of the track there are some piano chords after that the tempo does increase a bit untill the track reaches its climax. But before the climax drops there is a little break beat. At the end the track goes rougher and rougher.

Now we skip a few tracks on move on with track number 7. The remix of Ameno by DJ Mad Dog & Unexist. This is really one of the biggest bangers on this album. The orginal Ameno track is hard to top, but I think this remix just did. The bass in this track is beyond borders, underlined with some spooky vocals and topped with the original ameno vocals. In the middle of the track there is the holy sounding choir with a little breakbeat. Then the track works towards its climax. GET UP, GET UP! JEAH! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU SPEAKING TO! Better get this lyrics in your mind to scream it along while it is played live. Damn, what a track!

After this track Destructive Tendencies did team up with MC Jeff for another banger called Bash the world. Jeff really has a unique voice that suits the DTHardcore sound. The track is a bit of a slow starter but when the bass drops it is really going wild. This track also includes many kick rolls. In the interview we did with DT they told us they really love Rawstyle, and we can witness more Rawstyle influences in this track.

At number 10 we spot the Fuck the fame & fortune track together with Partyraiser. This track does sound like the older tracks with DTHardcore style. It is at a way higher BPM than the previous tracks on this album.
The same applies for the last two songs on this album sampler. The collaborations with Meccano Twins & Noize Bangerz are by far the roughest on this album sampler.


The album is very experimental, which is very cool! You can not really hear a clear style, it’s all very different. But that is precisely what DT want to project. Destructive Tendencies has a great broad constituency. People from Rawstyle stages come across to close their event with a DT set but also  the people who love more uptempo will love it. The range is diverse, and so are the tracks on this album. We can’t wait for the official release! This Dominator CD is by far the best we have witnessed so far. If you want to relive Dominator 2016 anytime then we recommend you to buy this album! 

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