Interview Kamikaze DeeJays

Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers? What makes you special?

Well hello!
We are the Australian Hardstyle duo Kamikaze – Lovers/DJs/Producers/Performers/
Promoters of Hardstyle worldwide. The world of Kamikaze is quite unique; we have very, very different music tastes. Jozzi loves everything cheese with a touch of bouncy reverse bass where as Danny loves raw, distorted darkness. Somewhat unconventional, our productions and DJ sets delivers an ever changing (uniquely amazing) flavour incorporating both sides of the Hardstyle spectrum. We think it’s really important for us both to still follow and develop our own sounds and with Kamikaze we have that opportunity to bring everything together and work to produce something beautiful.

Are there any exclusive news, you can provide us with?

We can‘t say too much … well … sort of … actually why not! Psst 😛 So the next few months are pretty busy for us, we will be releasing some brand new – never heard before – super fresh Kamikaze productions as well as a few cheeky bootlegs. We have really been pushing the boundaries trying to make each track completely unique – so expect some very different notable influences within the releases
(prizes for who guesses which of us influenced each track!)

Your name is quite unique. What was the idea behind that name?

Apart from music, we are both really interested in Japanese culture. We both love anime, manga, the cars, the fashion and the pop-culture from Japan so it wasn‘t unexpected to fall in love with a Japanese inspired name. Apart from the fighter pilots Kamikaze also means wild and reckless … which suits us perfectly as we are both pretty crazy.

If you think back to the beginning of your career. Since then, what was your biggest moment/event so far?

Defqon 1 NL ! Definitely one of the most amazing experiences of our lives. The Europe scene is quite different to the Australian scene so it was so crazy not only watching but being a part of it. Our set there was out of control! We lost ourselves in the moment, watching the crowd respond to our new tracks, dancing like crazy and even spontaneously jumping on the micro and MCing to some of our tracks. It was at that moment we both realized why we aren‘t – and never will be MC‘s. Sets like that just remind you that hard work does pay off and keep you motivated to try even harder.

You are one of the few female Djs of the genre. Why do you think so few
females participate in this scene?

The DJ scene is very male dominated which can sometimes be quite intimidating for some females. Being confident in who you are and what you want to do is the most important thing. We just want to be us and achieve our own personal goals so we didn‘t really feel the pressure to compete or become one of the guys. BUT there are more girls getting involved in not only Hardstyle but all electronic music genres with more girls than ever giving producing a go which is so great to see. Girl Power!

Is there something you want to tell your fans or the reader of the mag?

We just want to say thanks to all the Hardstyle lovers out there, it‘s the fans and the supporters that make the scene what it is and help it grow. Without you guys we would still be mixing in our bedrooms trying not to get arrested for noise complaints and disrupting the peace <3

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