He is prepared to be the baddest! Currently signed at the ever growing label Gearbox, DJ and producer Luminite promised his fans and people within the scene to never make a generic track. With songs like Be the Baddest or Alien Technology he had some promising releases. We thought it could be interesting to catch up with him and talk about his passion, music and thoughts on the scene.


Hi Luminite, thanks for having us, first let me ask how are you doing?
No problem, I’m doing great, thanks!

For those who don’t know you yet, can you give us a little introduction?
I am a crazy guy with the name Luminite, producing raw hardstyle professionally since a few years. I am happily signed with Gearbox Digital.

Let’s go way back to the start, were did you come in touch with the Hardstyle sound?
The first time I got in touch with hardstyle was back in the days when I was semi-addicted to tek/jumpstyle. Between all the tracks available online, I came across ‘Headhunterz – Rock Civilization’. I did not know the guy, nor any of his tracks, so I decided to be proactive and I downloaded the track. Listening to this track launched me into a whole new dimension of music. Within hours, I was burning through the entire discography of the three hardstyle gods Headhunterz, Noisecontrollers and Wildstylez.

Did you directly like it rough, or did you like the RAW-er and rougher style later?
I started off with the type of hardstyle that was easy to listen to, such as Headhunterz, Bioweapon, D-Block & S-Te-Fan, etc., but around the time that Ran-D and Adaro started making tracks together (‘Under Attack’, ‘Struggle for Existence’), I started getting in the more aggressive stuff. I quickly switched from the above mentioned names to Zatox, Ran-D & Adaro, Crypsis, E-Force, Frequencerz etc.

Luminite - Alien Technology (2016 Edit)

Who is your all-time legend from back in these days?
Headhunterz, no doubt.

Did you go to events very often? Which events did you like and do you still visit events as a visitor?
My first big hardstyle party (which I think was actually the first hardstyle party ever) was Intents Festival, back in 2011. I felt like I was in paradise. Only people there loving the same music, dancing to it, and singing along. Since then, I have not missed a single edition of Intents Festival.

When did you decide to start producing yourself?
I have always been a musical kid, since my father introduced me to playing the drums when I was only 7 or 8 years old. I also found a dusty and small electric piano in the attic that I played around with for a while. I started wondering if there was a way to combine all these sounds and show it to other people. A while later, my dad introduced me to one of these cheap and easy music maker programs, which allowed me to make the worst jumpstyle/hardstyle ever.

Did you directly learned the basics of DJ’ing as well?
I only started to DJ later when I found out that I can actually do something with the music I made. I always preferred (and still do) producing over DJ’ing, although my last few gigs were so amazing that the preference is changing a bit.

How did you learn to master the software? Did you went to an producing academy, or did discover it all on your own?
The first real producing software that I came in touch with was FL Studio 6. I messed around in the program and quickly found out I didn’t understand shit of what I was doing in there. I started binge-watching tutorials on YouTube and I returned to the software. I repeated this process a bazillion times and now, when I go to sleep, I dream in FL Studio. I can make a kick with my eyes closed, no joke.

Luminite - Macarena Deathmatch

How does your studio look like, which hard- and software do you use?
It’s a pretty simple set-up that I have. The speakers are Genelec 8040 (they are my babies), a 61-key MIDI keyboard and an external audio card. Soon I will also improve the acoustics of my studio with absorbers and bass traps. For software I use FL Studio 12.

Do you have any tips for the starting talented producers out there?
Never give up, keep on trying and improving, and most of all: CREATE WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT. Do not try to copy others, or create something that is very similar to a particular style. Just create what you think sounds cool, and if people like it, more people will eventually, and that’s where you will be respected for. This also makes it easier to create and maintain a unique style.

You recently played at Fatality can you give us a little recap? What was your experience?
When I think about Fatality, I still get goosebumps from my toes to my left ear (so not my right ear). The crowd screaming to every kick I drop is just so freakingly addicting. Some people would say that the screaming to every drop is stupid and unneccesary, but you should know how it feels to have people go mental to something you created in your little studio at home.


You did release a brand new tune, Alien Technology in a 2016 edit, why did you want to edit this track in a 2016 edition?
I created the two beasts of kicks which are now in the track, but I had no clue what to do with it. I always thought Alien Technology was a very unique track, but it didn’t have the ‘lompheid’ (read: clumsiness) that was trending when I made it. I decided to try replacing the old kick with the new ones, and voila, the 2016 edit was born. I improved the mixdown and edited some small sections of the original. I also made vocal a bit darker and more distorted, which added to the raw feeling.

Since you are signed at Gearbox it all goes very fast. We can witness you more often, in October you will play at Suppression hosted by Gearbox. What can we expect?
Most important, you can expect the official anthem of Suppression, produced by me together with MC Focus. Of course, we will be able to dance the Macarena again with the entire crowd, and we can Make It Clap again, maybe blend it a bit with some Alien Technology in 2016.

Where else can we see you in 2016?
I play at many events in the future, but some of the confirmed ones are Penoze in Amsterdam, Fatality NYE in Gemert, This Is Raw in Harderwijk and many more.


Besides these events, where would you love to play sometimes, what is your goal booking wise?
My ultimate goal would be a party of my own, with all the lovely fans and people I have met throughout the last few months, either a kind of birthday bash or an X-Qlusive Luminite. I always thought that the really gigantic stages are cool watch, but boring to play at, since there is almost no interaction with the crowd. I have always liked to be able to make direct contact with the crowd, or even give one of them a high five, whatever.

Final Question: Do you have something left to share, maybe something exclusive or for your fans?
Some great collaborations are coming your way. 😉 Also, my goal for 2017 is to release my first album. BOOYAH!

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