Especially in the Raw Hardstyle scene, Thyron has been known for his powerful but still melodic tracks. His Album ‘My Way’ in 2019 was a strong statement. And whilst Thyron seemed to grow continuously, his announcement of becoming an official member of ‘I AM HARDSTYLE’ was something nobody would have expected. A huge step and for us reason enough to talk to Bas about the story behind it.

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When Thyron put the news online, that he signed with ‘I AM HARDSTYLE’ the news spread rapidly on the socials. From a young guy who didn’t like to perform on stages – to a full member of the biggest Hardstyle brand on earth. Sounds like a dream from Hollywood – but this is real. Hard work pays off – and therefore Hardstyle Mag talked to Thyron.

Hey Bas, thanks for having us. First of all, congratulations on becoming a member of ‘I AM HARDSTYLE’. This is really a huge step. Can you tell us a bit, how it came to this?

Hey guys, it’s a pleasure to talk with you! It surely is an exciting new step for me and it feels great to have some new challenges to focus on in times like these.

It was actually as surprising to me as it probably is to most of you haha. One day I spoke shortly with Brennan Heart on Instagram DM. While talking to him, I was thinking it would be nice to have a proper conversation face to face and hear his thoughts on my new music. I was super nervous to ask him if he wanted to catch up though haha! Luckily he responded really enthusiastically which already felt like a big relief. When we met up a couple of weeks later, he left me speechless when he told me that he’d love to have me as part of the I AM HARDSTYLE family!

Let’s talk to Thyron: Thyron with the official I AM HARDSTYLE merch

Will this have any influence on the Thyron music style?

No, definitely not. Their experience and musical knowledge will surely give me great guidance to get the most out of my music and keep improving the production quality, but this is not something that affects my style. However, I’ve been exploring my melodic and musical side for a while before signing with I AM HARDSTYLE. Especially when all events got canceled due to COVID-19 and I suddenly didn’t have those weekly moments to connect with fans on the dancefloor, I needed to find some new challenges in the studio. For me this meant diving deeper into the side of me that you may already know from songs like ‘Time Of Your Life’.

Of course I still really want to keep the high energy that people know from me and those unexpected kicks and drops that make you go crazy on the dancefloor. It took some time to figure it all out in the studio but I think I’ve really found my own way of taking the best of both worlds! As a result of this, my releases will also be quite diverse; some are a bit more focused on the musicality, some are really high-energy dancefloor bangers.

Haha ok, cool then we are happy. When you take a look back now, to the very first day when you started to produce music. Of how many years are we talking about?

I started producing music when I was 13 give or take! I’m 24 years old now so it has been 11 years already. That sounds crazy long to me when I put it like that!

Let’s talk to Thyron: Where Thyron plays the floor is crowded

That’s quite a long way. What were the reasons for you, to become a Hardstyle producer?

I think the biggest reason was simply passion and love for the music! Funnily I couldn’t have been less creative as a kid so somehow this music sparked something in me. One thing about me is that when I do something, it’s really all or nothing. So it didn’t take longer than half a year after hearing my first Hardstyle song for me to start figuring out how it was made and downloading my first music production software. It took me years to produce anything that didn’t sound awful though haha!

There are a lot of producers out there who want to get to where you are now one day. What advice would you give to them, when they read this interview now.

That’s a tough one! There are so many things that I would love to share with aspiring artists.. But I think this is the most important one: NEVER GIVE UP! When I look back at the past 10 years, there are so many moments where I could’ve given up on my biggest dream in life. And while most people probably would have quit at one point or the other, I’m really glad I stuck it out. Because even the failures or mistakes that I made in those years taught me a lot and turned me into this person to walk this path. So don’t be afraid to go all-in, it’s okay to fail or make a mistake. Just get back up again, talk to the people around you, keep learning, focus on the positives and enjoy the ride (as bumpy as it may get). Best of luck to you all!!

Let’s talk to Thyron: Handshake with Mr. I AM HARDSTYE – Brennen Heart

We are pretty sure, that with being with the I AM HARDSTYLE Team, a lot of work awaits you. What can your fans expect from you now?

It has been quite busy indeed haha! But that’s good, in a time without events to live towards I really missed being this excited and feeling this drive to keep working and just give it my all.

What you can expect is a year full of new music! These releases will showcase my sound on a new level and will give you a good idea of what to expect from me going forward. Also now that this news is finally out, I feel like I can connect with my fans again in full transparency. That’s something I really missed and I want to take it to a new level too. I would love to have more in-depth talks with fans about music or personal things that interest us and just feel more connected in a time where we can’t meet in person.

Lastly, I hope of course that we can party together again soon and I’ll be ready to wreck those dancefloors with lots of new music!

Anything you could already share with us now? 😉

I’m working on two remixes for huge artists that I have been a fan of for over ten years, which is a big honor! Besides that I’m also fine-tuning a couple of solo tracks for something special. I can’t reveal too much yet but I really can’t wait to tell more about it!

Let’s talk to Thyron: Full focus on the future

If you could pick 3 Artists from any genre for a collab – who would it be and why?

I think my top 3 would be Eminem, NF and Bring Me The Horizon, but there’s so many others that I would love to work with! In these 3 cases I’m just a really big fan of their songs and they can bring so much raw emotion and power with their voice. Something about it just really touches me and to bring this magic to one of my songs would be incredible.

HaMa: Haha nice Eminiem. Honestly this would a collab for the books.

Ok, let’s maybe talk to Bas as the private person. What hobby’s does a Thyron have in his spare time?

Spare time, what’s that? Haha. The music is a big part of my life of course since it originally started as a very passionate hobby. But it’s definitely great to have a life outside of that as well (took me a while to learn that). One of the things I miss the most is traveling, I just love being abroad, exploring cities. I’ve never been to before filled with people that don’t speak the same language as me. I get to see so many beautiful things and experience cultures that are new to me and I really love that.

I’m also still a big fan of basketball even though I stopped playing after matches in the weekends started clashing with my bookings. Besides that I mostly enjoy the small things! Meeting up with friends, taking a walk, cooking, watching Netflix. I’m also looking forward to get back in the gym once they open up again. Especially after being in lockdown for so long!

Let’s talk to Thyron: His EP got released last September

How does a normal week in Bas’s life usually look like?

Hmm it’s hard to describe since every week is so different! In a normal situation without corona, the weekends would be all about bookings of course. I’d often start traveling on Friday, play at the events, connect with people backstage and in the crowd, and eventually be back home on Sunday evening to get some well-needed rest.

Then on Monday I would usually watch any video footage that I have from the weekend, see if anything is good enough to use on my socials and work on some other ideas for social media. I always check my mail to see if there’s anything I missed while traveling and have a call with my management to tell them about the weekend.

After that, it really depends on the things I want to do that week. If there’s a new release coming up I would spend a lot of time working on that. This can be quite diverse from coming up with marketing ideas to photoshopping, video editing, finishing the track itself or anything else that would help the release become successful. On the other hand, if there’s an important event coming up I’d be spending most of my time working on new tracks, tools and edits to get the most out of my performance.

If there’s nothing in particular I need to spend a lot of time on, I would probably be writing some new music. Just do a little bit of everything and then on Thursday or Friday I’d start preparing for my bookings in the weekend!

If you would describe yourself as an animal, what would you be? And why?

Well this is a question I never thought I’d have to answer haha! It made me curious though so I had to read up on a few spirit animals and there’s actually several in which I could recognize myself. If I consider the big changes that I’ve gone through in my life I’d think of the butterfly, but for me the winner is definitely the turtle! Determination and persistence, slow and steady wins the race! 😉

Nowadays an Artist needs to be a good producer but even more a professional in applying social media. Next to Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat – Twitch and TikTok seems to become also more relevant. What do you think about it? Is it a curse or a blessing?

It’s a little bit of both I think! To be honest I’ve hated doing social media for many, many years. I felt like I was just not made for it. Being “that funny guy” or being very eccentric just isn’t me and so I had no idea how to connect with followers online. It wasn’t until my album ‘My Way’ that I started to realize that all I needed to do, was just to be myself. I started talking openly. In addition I started sharing personal experiences and insecurities and basically just showed people a bit of who I am as a person. 

After getting really positive feedback on that it made me realize that social media can be great. It gives an easy way to connect with people and share the music you’ve put hundreds of hours into. It’s also nice to be overwhelmed with positive feedback on new projects or releases in times like these.

But at the same time it can be very toxic. There’s a lot of hate and negativity on the internet and it has become really easy to bully or bash on people without thinking twice – or without even knowing someone’s full story. It’s also risky for an artist’s mental health and creative ‘fuel’ to put too much value on the validation from followers on social media. Besides that it also makes it easy to compare yourself to other artists all the time. However most people only show their highlights online and so it can be very toxic for you mentally to hold yourself to these standards.

Let’s talk to Thyron: The future looks bright

In general, I think it’s just really important to realize that social media is not the real world. And I think it would be a great improvement if people would be more positive and transparent online. In my opinion, it should be okay to not only show the highs but also the lows. It would make the internet a much better place if we would try to understand someone else’s story or perspective or simply choose NOT to respond instead of pointlessly spreading hate and negativity. Let’s hope we can keep spreading the positivity and transparency because that has really made me enjoy social media a lot more!

Is there a message you would like to send to your fanbase now?

Yes of course!! I want to send you all a massive thanks for all the support and motivation you have given me over the years already. Therefore, I hope you all want to join me in this exciting new chapter of my career. And hopefully you’ll enjoy all the new music that’s coming up.

I can’t wait to meet you all again on the dancefloor and let’s stay connected until then! Thank you all and stay safe!!

HaMa: We hope so too, its already been too long. Thank you for your time, and for you – all the best. Hope to see you soon

Conclusion – Let’s talk to Thyron

Honestly, we have spoken to a man full of will and also a big potential of passion. We are more than confident, that the future on Thyron looks bright.

His first release ‘When Angels Cry‘ is now available on all portals.

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