Amy Melissa Farina

Inurfase and Bootshaus present the new brand for lovers of the early hardcore genre in Germany. With Hakke 360 ​​they unite the gabber subculture and origins of hardcore music with new-modern club culture – and what better place to revive the passion for electronic music than the Bootshaus in Cologne?

Hakke360 symbolizes the origin of hardcore music, will take the visitors on a journey through time ála Thunderdome and saves all early hardcore fans the journey to the Netherlands, as they are bringing hardcore legends like Paul Elstak, Promo, or Darkraver to Cologne instead.

The vision of the organizers is to unite their visitors through the dance style of the Hakken and thus offer all gabbers a space in Germany in which they can revive their passion together. Therefore, in addition to the top-class line-up and the unique location, as the name already suggests, the common hook will be the focus of the event.

With the established hardcore brand Inurfase and the successful Bootshaus team, two strong partners have found each other, who are bringing Germany’s new gabber party to life with Hakke360 and starting the first edition on February 10, 2023, together with all early hardcore fans.


Buzz Fuzz



Lady Dana

Marc Acardipane


Paul Elstak




Host: MC Ruffian

Event Info

Date: 10.02.2023
Location: Bootshaus Köln

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