Los Angeles native and resident Sergio Garcia, DEATH CODE, makes his debut EP on THERACORD LABS September 29th 2023. The combined U.S. – metal sounds with European-style hard dance kicks and melodies showcases that DEATH CODE can produce at a quality that even European producers and fans can recognize to their standards of talent. The four track EP has a track list of Love Stolen, Runaway, Echoes, and Fading. When asked about his thoughts about the EP, he said:

“BEYOND CIPHER is a high-octane experience that pushes boundaries, ignites emotions and defies genres, leaving you exhilarated and craving for the adrenaline infused journey once more.”


DEATH CODE is no stranger to the production and DJ-performing world. His previous alias, SKELLISM, brought him many years of success in the bass-music realm, with his most notable song IN THE PIT that was a collaboration with LIL JON, and Terror Bass. He has performed at Defqon.1 Australia, Tomorrowland, and even Bootshaus during that alias period. In 2022 he began the DEATH CODE project and since then he has been honing is hardstyle-metal production sound, and has had performances at BASSCON’s Wasteland in 2023, ACADEMY LA with The Prophet’s farewell tour, EXCHANGE with Radical Redemption, and SPACE Club in Hong Kong. Since beginning the DEATH CODE project, he has released on GEARBOX Digital, Scantraxx, and BASSCON RECORDS. 2023 is looking rapidly promising for him, with the debut of his EP along with collaborations with some of Europe’s hardest acts to be released in the coming months.

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DEATH CODE at Exchange LA
DEATH CODE at Exchange LA
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