Globally celebrated Dutch duo Showtek returns with 360 Yellow, a victory lap of an album that compiles all their excellent singles over the last year while adding some great new tracks and surprises along the way.

In their ongoing efforts to promote mental and physical well-being, Showtek recently joined popular Peloton Instructor Jess King for a special Peloton 30-minute Power Walk in New York City, premiering a few choice cuts from their new album in the class, including ‘Lovers On The Sun’ (ft. Sam Martin), ‘Let Me Think About It Again’, (ft.Ida Corr) and ‘Dream’ (ft. Timmy Trumpet).

Check the footage:

Endlessly energetic and inventive, their new album ‘360 Yellow’ is the first in a series of albums to explore the iconic duo’s varied musical facets. Yellow is one of the primary colors (along with blue and red) from which all other colors can be derived, and it is meant to express Showtek’s broad musical palette and ambitions.

Kicking off with a thought-provoking intro featuring the voice of electronic music pioneer Bob Moog, 360 Yellow swings from the uplifting house-inflected new single ‘Shine’ to the tongue-in-cheek hardstyle of ‘Holland’ to the spacey and reflective ‘Simulation’ to the arena-sized anthem ‘Feeling,’ and much more. Featuring collaborations with Steve Aoki, Timmy Trumpet, Ookay, and Bassjackers, 360 Yellow has something for everyone, and yet it is unmistakably Showtek.

Written in Bali during a difficult time in their lives, ‘Shine’ is a very personal track created to raise awareness around the mental and physical health issues of DJs and producers.

Sjoerd relates:

“Back in 2015. I ended up in The hospital in Singapore after I got really sick and I got diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. It’s a facial paralysis where you lose total control of one side of your face, and the entire muscle function in your face stops working (the same as what Justin Bieber had). It was really scary, and there was no guarantee it would even recover. I was so addicted to work I even tried to perform two weeks later, but I could barely speak, and I had to hide one side of my face on stage. My wife told me to stop and take care of myself. I was exposed to too much stress, and I took a 3-month break from touring and music production, which was hard because I never sat still or took a break. This was a huge turning point in my life. To this day I am still struggling with it, even though I try to take care of myself very well.

We are always touring the world or spending lots of time in the studio, but we make sure we eat healthy, work out, and stay in mental and physical shape to live a balanced life as much as possible. ‘Shine’ was created as the main focus track of the album. It’s our first proper non-hardstyle album (house, bigroom, techno, etc), and the song tells a big part of our story of how we got here today.”

The album ‘360 Yellow’ stands for everything that people know Showtek for. They wanted to go back to the roots, the core, to a place that makes their hearts beat. The Showtek you remember, just with more depth and layers. This is exactly what they wanted to create and execute, having fun as brothers and making the music they love without any boundaries. They embrace the past, the present, and the future, and it’s a great moment to break the silence and create some rumble.

360 Yellow album tracklist

  1. Showtek – Introde with Bob Moog
  2. Showtek – Shine (feat. Sonny Wilson)
  3. Showtek, Future Class – Electric Slide (feat. Gracious K)
  4. Showtek – Someone Like Me (feat. Lxandra)
  5. Showtek, SMACK, Sam Gray – Take My Heart Away
  6. Showtek – Simulation
  7. Showtek, VÉRITÉ – Pour It Down
  8. Showtek x Ida Corr – Let Me Think About It Again
  9. Showtek – Everybody (feat. Eday)
  10. Showtek, Bassjackers – Friends
  11. Showtek & Ookay – BT1
  12. Showtek – Holland (feat. Earl St. Clair)
  13. Showtek, sonofsteve – One Life (Festival Edit)
  14. Timmy Trumpet x Showtek – Burn
  15. Showtek – Feeling (feat. Sonny Wilson)
  16. Showtek, DJ Tom-X – Snow
  17. Showtek – Happy
  18. Steve Aoki, Showtek & Jem Cooke – Mirror Mirror
  19. Showtek, ANG, .EXA – Lose Your Mind
  20. Showtek, Justin Prime – Cannonball (Will Sparks Remix)
  21. Showtek & Timmy Trumpet – Dream

Showtek – 360 Yellow
Showtek’s new album ‘360 Yellow’

About Showtek

Showtek is the globally celebrated Dutch production duo of brothers Wouter Janssen and Sjoerd Janssen. They are dance music pioneers from Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and have conquered the international music industry with memorable anthems and high-energy performances. Initially, Showtek launched their career in electronic music as Hardstyle DJs/producers with undeniable success and are renowned for producing the world’s number 1 Hardstyle anthem to date, FTS.

Today, Showtek is recognized as an undisputed leader within the electronic dance music industry, boasting platinum-selling, chart-topping singles heard worldwide. Over the past years, Showtek has become more than an act. They’re a movement brought together by the producer duo and their fans. United by a love for music, excitement, artistic freedom, and adventures.

Showtek’s signature records ‘Booyah,’ ‘Cannonball’, and ‘We Like To Party’ shaped the sound of what electronic music is today and is supported by the biggest names in the industry. ‘Bad’ in collaboration with David Guetta, ‘Believer ‘with Major Lazer, ‘Rave’ with Steve Aoki, and their many collaborations with Tiesto, Moby, and Wyclef Jean have resulted in a multi-genre recognition by fans, music producers, DJs, and media all over the world.

Wouter and Sjoerd’s passion for music transcends through their unique style and one-of-a-kind performances. Their personal love for various music genres has allowed them to fuse this into their craft of productions, encompassing what Showtek represents. With many hits under their belt and with a new album scheduled for release in 2023, the duo is ready to take over the industry once again and start a new promising chapter in their career.


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