Radical Redemption - The Funfair of Madness
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Only 2 days left, until you can step in the world of funfairs, thrilling rides, scary clowns or even good ones, candy floss and everything what makes little children happy.

This year’s Intents festival will be transformed into a funfair of madness!

So, today is the release of its official anthem, made by no one else than Radical Redemption. He is not only responsible for the anthem, but also host of his own area!
The anthem is definitely well produced. It creates this crazy atmosphere of a funfair, although I think he could have made more with the topic. I just have to think of ‘Nightmare Factory’ by Outbreak. The intro and the main part is dominated by a heavy kick, underlined with a great combination of a bright, screechy lead and a variety of different sounds. I really like the dubstep part after the vocals, people can dance with it, which is an important part of an anthem I think.

After an amazing anthem in 2014, Radical Redemption did not disappoint me. He didn’t use the full potential of the topic but anyway it’s a crazy anthem. We can’t wait!

Radical Redemption - The Funfair of Madness


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