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As summer is moving closer, our craving is getting stronger. We can’t wait for a full WKND of RAVING in the LOUDEST CITY with 30 stages and more than 300 acts. You might have heard ACT OF RAGE play the official Decibel outdoor 2023 anthem at Supersized Kingsday Festival and other events, but the wait is finally over. ACT OF RAGE & ATILAX – ‘Raging City’ is out now on all streaming platforms! 

ACT OF RAGE has taken the scene by storm since 2014 with hits like ‘Road Rage’, ‘Can’t Take This’ and ‘Let The Games Begin” together with last year’s anthem creator D-Sturb. You know you’re in for some heavy DISTORTED KICKS and catchy melodies when he is behind the decks. For this track he teamed up with vocalist ATILAX who’s becoming a well-known and appreciated voice in The Loudest City, including last year’s anthem. 

ACT OF RAGE & ATILAX about the creation of the track and the video clip

Can you tell us more about the theme of the track?

“The Raging City kind of says it all. The theme I got was creating a Harder Styles ‘city’ in which the visitors are central and always on the move. We make the rules in this city, where we are guided by the Harder Styles. Celebrating the summerduring the daytime in the sun, but when the sun sets it becomes rougher during the Dark Hours. As this is the 20th edition, we also got inspiration from the older anthems and signature Decibel sounds.”

What is the ultimate Decibel outdoor feeling for you and how does that come back in the track?

“My ultimate Decibel outdoor feeling is going all out with my friends on the dance floor with a stone-cold beer in my left hand! The view on the massive mainstage right next to the lake and walking the road from north to south and back again to soak in the whole festival. Besides that, I also link melody and sociability to Decibel. I think the anthem contains all these elements. Both the older vibe and the new sound we have nowadays with catchy vocals combined with a party melody. 

What is your favorite part of the track and why?

ACT OF RAGE: “If I must pick, I choose the melody. In my opinion it captures the real Decibel feeling very well and sticks with you for the whole summer!”

ATILAX: “My favorite part of the track is before the last drop where I do the pre-chorus. It just came about as we went along into production, and it was really fun to do something different than usual!”

How did the collaboration with ATILAX go?

“Very fluid. I didn’t know him personally before B2S introduced him to me, but I did know a lot of his work in Hardstyle. When we met in the studio it was a matter of a couple of takes and we were done. It went very smoothly and it was a good match on the creative part!

What was the collaboration with ACT OF RAGE like for you ATILAX?

“The collab with ACT OF RAGE went smooth and was really fun. We both had drafts of our craft and were easily able to merge our ideas. We’ve met for the first time then and I remember being shocked by how huge he was haha. He could play for the NBA!”

Can you tell us more about the filming of the video clip?

“The videoclip was mainly recorded in Rotterdam. One of the biggest, loudest cities in the Netherlands combining an industrial look, epic vibe and skyline. Besides that, we also took some shots at the studio to create a more up close and visual setting. We had a lot of luck with the weather in the evening, so the footage looks awesome! It was a day filled with laughter and passion for the same music with the whole crew.”

Finally, what can people expect from your ‘Entourage’ live act at the Decibel outdoor mainstage on Saturday?

“Mashups, mashups, and even more mashups. New music, but also older tracks where the drops have been switched and a complete change of vocals at the same time. In addition, of course, matching visuals, video clips and it will be the kick-off of the Dark Hours. Which means a massive spectacle. We’ll show you what it really means to LIVE LOUD! 

We can’t wait to hear ‘Raging City’ blasting LOUD through the speakers of the Mainstage! Make sure you’re there to witness this highlight for yourself. Tickets are available at

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