So it happened – it finally happened. INURFASE shaked the very foundation of the legendary party location in cologne ‘Bootshaus’. We attended the event and want to give you a small recap of what just ha


Our Night started with the arrival at the location at approximately around 21:45. While the entry began at 2230, the time until entry was not wasted, for some attendees already started their own warm-up party with hardcore classics and uptempo tracks in the parking lot via their sound systems. While we socialized with some attendees from all over Germany, we watched the busy crew building up the fences, covid-test station and a small guiding system towards the entry.


The entry process applied a very good 3-Step system. It began at the gate where the security took your own drinks and pre-checked luggage, we went a little further for Covid (3G) , Ticket-Check and ID check it all went very smoothly and fast, you can say the crew is very well trained and experienced. We entered the location and checked in our luggage for 2€.

Review Inurfase Chapter Zero: D-Fence and Miss K8

Since it was our first time at Bootshaus, Cologne and we had some time to spare we went a little exploring before the event started. We looked at the other 2 floors, we sadly didn’t visit when DJs were performing because we stayed mostly at the main area, but from what we have heard from other attendees HYSTA, Dimitri K , Angernoizer and the dark horror in BlackBox area made sure they didn’t stay dry for long 😉


The same goes for area 2 ‘dreherei’ with brainstorm, hickz and namara, we witnessed some fanboys shouting ‘NAMARA , die geile sau legt jetzt auf,geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeil – platz da!’ (eg: Namara, that awesome b*tch is about to begin – out of the way1’. , while we went outside to get us some beers – it was around ~ 0320 am.


The main event started on time with an awesome hardcore set performed by D-CEPTOR who really put some special momentum into the crowd, with songs like ‘symphony of lockdown’ and ‘warrior elite’ , 2 of my current favorite tracks. From therefore everything went just as wild as expected.

Review Inurfase Chapter Zero: Caption on stiage

Dither transitioned well between the warm-up into the rest of the night, right before Evil Activities performed a great mixed set out of their classics like ‘evil Inside’ as well as more modern tracks.

MissK8 and D-Fence went completely nuts with their performance, you really could feel, how the area went more and more crowded and the known and beloved ‘sauna climate ’ began to take place, and even then when you could hardly move, the people still looked out for each other, not that somebody got an elbow into his face.


We already experienced N-Vitral (& friends) last weekend at Reverze totally wrecking the lotto arena and hoped for something similar – we are so glad he didn’t disappoint. The vibes that the crowd spread while going nuts to ‘Disorder’ were really really cool and yes @n-vitral ‘DER BASS MUSS FICKEN!’ thank you for that.

Review Inurfase Chapter Zero: N-Vitral in action

After this of this world experience we went outside to catch some fresh air and grab a couple of beers (again) and when we wanted to go back inside we realized we made the error of leaving the main area, because the time Spitnoise performed there was no way you can again go in because the sheer masses went into that area, of course, it was loud enough to hear it from outside but here ends our live experience.


While Spitnoise closed the event and main area we sat on a bench at the outside bar, drank our beers, and enjoyed the end of our experience that loud, surprisingly mild night.

Did you think that was it? Ha, wrong. We weren’t we if we wouldn’t have gotten into a word with the organizers. We talked a little bit with the CEO and he gave us some answers.


2015 we had the opportunity to host an event at the Bootshaus in Cologne. Soon we noticed that we needed our own brand for that. After brainstorming for a quick while, we found the name. It really burned itself into our brains, so we stuck to it. The fundamental idea behind INURFASE was to create an event series, which is specialized on the hard sound. Because it was and is not only a genre to us, but also our passion and we wanted to share that with people. People enjoying and loving what we love and enjoy ourselves is just amazing to see.

Review Inurfase Chapter Zero: Crowd reaction


Currently, we can look back on more than 30 „Inurfase“ Events. Everything started with a Bootshaus event, that was sold out 14 days prior to the show. Through the immense popularity it soon became clear to us, that the series had a lot of potential, which soon resulted in events in the Halle45 and Batschkapp. It was wild to see everything grow, and it was the best decision to bring it into being.


It was a crazy time for us. At first, we were shocked. To be honest, we were broken. We had to cancel shows and digest what was going on. After a while, we gathered and reorganized ourselves. We used the time to be productive and analyze our brand, as well as working on exciting new projects. The Arena Now Shows at the Lanxess Arena were a nice distraction as well. We were able to host a SEFA Show (in cooperation with our friends from Musical Madness) and Angerfist Show. It was an indescribable feeling to be able to dive back into our world, at least for a few hours at a time.


100 % Harder Style Events at the highest level. After our first successful Bootshaus show in September, we have tasted blood and are excited for the coming months. Currently, we are planning events at locations such as the Warsteiner Music Hall (Dortmund), Kesselhaus (Augsburg), Batschkapp (Frankfurt), Proton (Stuttgart) and of course in our beloved Bootshaus (Cologne). As far as events in 2022 we can’t really tell you guys much yet, because the planning security still is a bit limited, despite all the positive changes and new regulations that were put in place. We definitely have many great concepts for our fans, and to be honest, we ourselves can’t wait to announce the upcoming events! 

The next event announcement will follow on Friday October 1st so stay tuned.

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