On Friday, May 13th, the event organizer Inurfase invited to its very first hardcore party in Hamburg. With a bold lineup Hamburg was challenged to bring down the famous Dock’s club.


When there is one venue in Hamburg city that stands for Hard Dance Music events, then it’s clearly the Dock’s. The location is directly on St. Pauli in the heart of Hamburg and looks back on a long history of events – which mostly were Hardstyle events. Legends like Brennan Heart, Da Tweekaz or even Radical Redemption played there.

But on May 13th the time had come for Inurfase and Hardcore. For this purpose Inurfase invited Mad Dog | D-Fence | DRS | Mr. Bassmeister | Yoshiko and contest winner DJ Maniac. The complete night got hosted by hardcore mc legend Tha Watcher.

This was Inurfase – Unleashed: DRS in action


We had to pass one security check via a single queue at the entrance. The security was friendly but checked us pretty thoroughly. A second person scanned our ticket and we headed further to the wardrobe. Quick, lean nice – thats how we like it.


The contest winner DJ Maniac opened the night on time at 11:00 PM and delivered classical hardcore beats to heat up the people. The floor filled slowly. This pretty quickly changed when Yoshiko appeared on the stage. The DJane with relatives from Japan and Brazil was a pure energy plast. With higher speed and powerful hardcore bootlegs the whole crowd caught fire. THis is energetic hardcore as we like it.


Already at 1:00 am it was time for the hardcore legend Mad Dog – and he took the crowd by storm. On a nice but puristic looking stage the moving heads and lasers dominated now the scenery. He played this years Masters of Hardcore anthem ‘Magnus Opus’ and more classic tunes reaching from Millenium Hardcore, to Down but also to uptempo parts. And here MC Tha Watcher reached full temperature. Nearly every track got pushed forward by him and their long hardcore history was more than obvious to feel and see.

This was Inurfase – Unleashed: View from behind

D-Fence premiers new track

Then Mr. high-speed hardcore D-Fence took over. He directly drove up the intensity and kicks. Edits of Wall of Base and N-Vitral track ‘Nuclear’ brought the full dancefloor to the next level. Kick by kick and a laser warfare did their rest. The atmosphere was at its peak now – the complete crowd moved and danced as one. At the very end, D-Fence grabbed the microphone to announce his brand new collab with GPF. And where GPF is written on, there is GPF in. The track turned into a wild Kick, Bass and Beep-Kick 250 BPM chaos. But the crowd appreciated this by continuously raised fists.


The final chapter got govered by Uptempo and Frenchcore. DRS jumped around the stage like a bouncy ball, cheering the crowd to step on the gas even more whilst more than 250 BPM roared from the speakers. The sound system was already riching its limit but DRS showed no mercy. After a wrecked crowd the rising frenchcore star Mr. Bassmeister appeared on stage.

This was Inurfase – Unleashed: Frenchcore doesnt know age – Mr. Bassmeister

With his on MC he brought the crowd back with his ‘German Sex Tourist’ and ‘Fuck Corona’. His pumping beats combined with melodies and vocals that were just making fun, he managed it that the whole crowd made it till the very last beat dropped.


Actually – it was a surprise to see how strong Hardcore is present in Hamburg city. Right from the very beginning, the crowd was there, lurking for beats and kicks. The Artists seemed to feel this, and one by one delivered a great show. In total, we are more than certain that this wasnt the last Inurfase in Hamburg. For all those, who want more – this Friday in Wiesbaden Inurfase calls to a new edition ‘INCARNATION‘. Dr. Peacock | Miss K8 | Partyraiser | The Dark Horror vs Dimitri K | Angernoizer vs MBK | Never Surrender | Brainstorm | Host: Da Mouth of Madness

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