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This was the first 2-day edition of the indoor festival Rebellion. The Rebirth organization had set high goals for this special edition. Actually, giant tents should have provided a mixture of indoor and outdoor festival atmosphere. Did it work out in the end?


Rebellion Festival took place in Haaren and can be described as an outdoor festival that disguises itself to be just like an indoor festival. This unique atmosphere is due to the large, fully enclosed tents interconnected to each other, reducing the cold by a lot and actually making it feel like the event is happening within an enormous indoor venue.

The organization of the festival is Rebirth Festival, renowned for being the yearly season’s first outdoor festival. Since 2009, the year in which the first edition of Rebirth Festival was held, it has been attracting large crowds from all over Europe with many sold-out editions. With its insane light shows and incredible atmosphere, it is an event that’s on many people’s watchlists. Following the big success of earlier years, Rebellion Festival added a second day to their event this year as visitors had the opportunity between either a Saturday, a Sunday or a Weekend ticket.


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Review | Rebellion Festival 2023 – Stage Design

After conquering the bumpy road towards the car park, we eagerly made our way to the festival. Even though we came by car, we were surprised to see that we had to take a shuttle bus to get to the actual festival area itself. Despite our initial surprise, the transit was arranged perfectly and we were transported to the festival in a heated bus, which was a big win as it was very cold outside already.

After passing through the ticket scanning and security, the party could truly begin! Beyond the lockers we walked into the main hall, the central hub of the festival that connects all other tents, which was filled with colourful carnival attractions and enough seating places for people to sit while enjoying some of the delicious food options.

At the back of the main hall, the restrooms were located in a separate enclosed space, which kept away any unpleasant doors. The tents from the main hall to the various stages were well-heated, making it almost unnoticeable that we were in a tent.


The festival hosted three different stages: the Rebellion stage, the Reborn RAW stage, and the boiler room. The first two were connected directly to the main hall, while the Boiler Room had its entrance at the lockers. Right from the beginning, it was clear to us, that we had to follow our own timetable and therefore would definitely attend all stages during that event.


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Review | Rebellion Festival : welcome to the show

The Rebellion Stage was the festival’s main stage. I’ve attended many festivals, but this stage always stands out as one of my favorites. The abundance of lights, lasers, air cannons, fire, and fireworks truly enhanced the experience. The fact that this stage was also housed within a large tent adds to its uniqueness. Paired together with the big names performing on this stage, it was a perfect recipe for an amazing event.


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This was the second stage. Although slightly smaller, the quality of the show and acts presented on this stage were just as impressive, making it a strong companion to the main Rebellion stage.


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Review | Rebellion Festival: No mercy for the raw heads

The Boilerroom stage was truly unique. The ability to walk around the DJ as well as the big contrast in stage design compared to the two other stages created an incredible atmosphere. Combined with performances of amazing upcoming artists, there never was a dull moment inside. At times, it was so crowded that entry was restricted! We’ve heard many positive comments about this stage in both the main hall as well as in the crowds, so definitely a stage that we recommend to give a shot next year!


What we all noticed right from the beginning was, that all Artists seemed to be motivated to the max. One of the highlights was ‘THE PURGE’ wo started his set with ‘Beyond Trippin’ and obviously a new song, we never heard before. The new collab with Kenai was one track, where were dont know the title but this track is huge.

Rocketeer Adjuzt took off with ‘Watch What You Say’ from ‘Rebelion’ in a juicy ‘Aduzt’ edit. and followed his bangers ‘Loosing my mind’ and ‘In My Zone’. ‘D-Sturb’ presented his ‘Playground 06: Limitless’ act and demolished the main stage with ‘Legacy’ and ‘Open your Heart’ and ‘Flow’. That was huge.

Despite its called the ultimate Raw festival, the Lineup offered slightly softer raw sounds in the shape of Mr. B-Front. He kicked off his set with ‘Angels in the Sky’ and ‘Letting Go’ and ‘Illusion’ which gave us all the right mental raw-hardstyle influence after all this rough raw hard beats.


We thoroughly enjoyed the entire festival. The ambiance, shows, stages, and acts were once again phenomenal this year and definitely lived up to our expectations. The good organization and the lovely designed stages, including the boiler room concept and especially the hyped artists, let an overall great impression. We would recommend this festival to anyone and we definitely plan to return next year. Will we see you there as well?

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