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THE insubordinate prodigy rose four years ago, and now we are here. Radical Redemption has advanced and his fan base did grow to an enormous level. Reaching this high level, he was there to fulfil his destiny in the Heineken Music Hall just one week ago. He was there to give the best he can. In a new body armor, he did present his new masterpiece. His legacy was there to be presented. Radical Redemption his new album, with 45 tracks, Holy shit! It’s a ‘big boy’!

Are you with me? It’s time to write a tribute about this prodigy. Let’s have a look at Radical Redemption – The One Man Army!

There is so much to write about. And there are so many ways to write this tribute. Well, I will give it a try, and write about the, in my opinion, most brilliant tracks of the album

The postman lets my letter-box rattle considerably. There was something rebellious in it. When I glanced at the package I thought I was getting many albums. The Album was huge. You know, just like Joey (Radical Redemption) himself, haha! After opening my package, I was smiling from ear to ear, staring at the fantastic front cover.

The beautiful design on the inner side, the great dark atmosphere that comes with it. I did not check all previews, on purpose, so I was surprised and did cast a glance at the track list for the first time. But where do I start, 45 tracks!?

Radical Redemption The One Man Army

Radical Redemption – The One Man Army. These are the first words from the album you hear while listening to the intro. Let’s start with the first track, also the first track of the name giving event, The One Man Army!

A lovely track with a big ‘shout along’ part, ‘They forget I’m the ONE MEN ARMY!’. There is a structure in the first three albums that leads from raw to hardcore on every album. The BPM is gradually raised.

It was an impossible task to create a top 10. There are 34 raw tracks, combined with 11 hardcore tracks on this album that are all amazing! Some tracks, but yet, exceed the high production level and I want to highlight them.

Radical Redemption & MC Nolz - The One Man Army

Mad Man (CD 02, Track 003, Mad Man (Ft. Mc Nolz)

Let’s go to CD 2, track number 3! Mad Man (Ft. MC Nolz) Danger! Danger! The Mad Man is here! The intro is fabulous, it’s a bit dreamy and you can already hear some strong words coming their way. Music getting rougher, the intro reaching his climax, wow, where are we going?! The sound hits from left to right, searching his way to the kick.

The bass kicks in, BOOM! A nice track with some original parts. I like the sound before the drop. It feels like it has to find his way around obstacles and then finally can rise into a deep bass.

Radical Redemption & MC Nolz - Mad Man

Cross of Blood (CD 02, Track 001)

‘Spread the message of holy redemption!’ I am talking about track 001, Cross of Blood! The intro is not that spectacular, but I like the fact that an army is screaming ‘Redemption!’. After that, the next ‘intro’ will strike. This part includes one of the best melodies on this album. The true Radical-sound will find his way and reach your ears. What a ‘holy’ track! This one surely does well at a live set. Dreamy and magical are the right words for this track!

Radical Redemption - Cross of Blood

United from the Start (CD 03, Track 007, United From The Start (& Hard Driver)

You can scream along while this one strikes a dome during a Radical or Hard Driver set. ‘You’re ready for redemption, driven by the hard… Witness the attack!’ We all know that part I suppose. I still f#cking love this track. The intro is so big, it makes me feel untouchable. Like we are a real army out there. Nobody can stop us! We are united from the start!

Radical Redemption & Hard Driver - United From the Start

Masters of the Great Conspiracy (CD 01, Track 015)

You were wondering when I was going to talk about tracks from CD 01 right? Well, let’s check out some hardcore from CD 01! This track starts with a normal hardcore intro. Then the lyrics will introduce themselves. ‘ENSLAVE’, ‘CONSPIRACY’, hearing these lyrics you know what’s going to happen. It’s time for some musical violence! The kick strikes and I am waiting for the piano. And there it is. It’s that Angerfist melody that hits you to the bone.

Together with the dark voice in the background, this track gets unforgettable. Your legs start kicking, you’re ready for that delicious drop, and yes, there it is! WORLD DOMINATION! The first drop is assisted by a melody, the second by a hard and rough one, and the third drop is a drop with a massive bass that lets your ear drums vibrate. The kick rolls of Radical are nicely assisted by the melody of Angerfist, perfect combination!

Radical Redemption & Angerfist - Master of the great Conspiracy

Killswitch (CD 02, Track 013)

This track is one of the most original and roughest tracks on the album. It does remind me of the Angerfist track called ‘Deathmask’. There is a deafening cracking sound amongst the bass.

Radical Redemption & Bloodcage - Killswitch

You With Me (CD 02, Track 005)

YOU WITH ME?! The part after these words is amazing. The bass kicks in and the dramatic sounds will guide you through the melodious intro. When the melody drops after the three words, you know there is a massive moment coming in this track. In the background, you hear some screeches and scratches that sound like some flying ‘dizzying’ crows.

The kick rolls during the drop are amazing. Drum along these kick rolls, this is the perfect track for it! The only negative of this track is the fact that the intro is a bit too long. And there is actually only one fantastic drop, which we play on repeat.

Radical Redemption & Outbreak - You With me

Piece of Shit (CD 01, Track 007)

One of my all-time favorite Radical tracks, Piece of Shit! I love the lyrics and I think this track is well balanced. A nice melody assisted by some ‘angel’ sounds. For me, this is the sound of the new Radical. The next track I want to mention was another masterpiece during his early period. Unleashed for the first time at Hard Bass 2015, I’m talking about; Suicide Bassline.

Radical Redemption - Piece of Shit

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Suicide Bassline (CD 01, Track 010)

The melody of this song is so great that it is almost impossible to describe it. It shoots from left to your right speaker and back around. All the adrenaline is pumping through your body until it reaches a peak. There’s so much energy in this track that you just want to ‘WRECK THE MOTHERF #CKING DOME!’.

The melody that follows is unprecedented and is in line with tracks like Piece of Shit, Wash Way and Hard Bass Tribute. Great kicks and sawing screeches, a staggering violence and a great reminder to Hard Bass 2015.

Radical Redemption - Suicide Bassline

Brutal 5.0 (CD 01, Track 009)

Hello, Brutal Motherfucker! Are you ready for some more brutal, cause this is it, Brutal number 5.0! This is Brutal! This is one of the most bizarre tracks to attend. A simple song to shout along during a performance of Radical. Just scream ‘THIS IS BRUTAL’! When he fades away the volume. This is the best brutal thus far launched under the flagship of Radical Redemption.

Great rhythms during the kick rolls assisted by a fine-sounding melody, whipped up by a big step-up melody that emerged as a true climax. The voice is a funny combination that gives the dark undertone a surprising turn. We will meet a voice like this once more during the best hardcore track of this album!

Radical Redemption - Brutal 5.0

Wash Away (CD 02, Track 007)

In my eyes the best-constructed song on this album. The song emerges all grades. The quality of the deafening bass. The hallmark of Radical, the dreamy, battle calling, melody. The emergence of a hard climax puts everything together. A storm has come. Well, this storm is blowing away all previous ones.

Bye, bye Gunz For Hire! This track has the deepest bass you can find on the album and in my opinion, one of the better melodies out there. This track you need to hear!

Radical Redemption - Wash Away

Snakepit (CD 03, Track 012)

This song is one of the fastest on the album. Radical teamed up with his buddy Dyprax, also from Denekamp. The high squeaky tone of Radical is beautifully incorporated in the speed Dyprax normal uses during his tracks. The track will pass by in no time, despite this track is still 4 minutes. A good track. The second-best hardcore song on this album! This collaboration is again awesome, like all other forms of cooperation with artists from the hardcore scene.

Bring Us Some (CD 03, Track 014)

Ah, there’s that lovely voice again. A younger voice than used at Brutal 5.0 but in the same line. But, oh sh#t! This track is so hard. What the hell! Do you want some hardcore? This track will give what you want. Destructive Tendencies kicks hitting deep, blowing up your speakers. Better test the volume of your speakers before you blast this track because it might blow up the building :D! The track has some nice little details.

I like the sweeping sound before the second drop where the sounds go from the left to the right. During the first half, the track has the kick rolls of Radical but switches to Destructive Tendencies kick!

Later on during this song, the kick will speed up and a true Destructive Tendencies sound will rise! Also a nice combination.

Radical Redemption & Destructive Tendencies - Bring us some

Rhytmic Structure

Are the cones of your speakers not torn, did they not yet fall apart and is your house still standing? Put all the things around you on the side, because we are ready to roll. Drokz well-known for his ‘Terrorcore’ sound will speed up the Radical kick rolls. Musical violence as these you will not witness at a daily base.

The kicks are so hard and rough, I don’t know how I can describe it. Well, do I need to? Just listen to this track! Make sure your arms and legs are tightened properly before they fall off. It rams to the end. A rhythmic force from the first kick.

Battle of the Tributes

Radical did produce three tributes on this album. The Hard Bass Tribute, Q-Base Tribute and the Decibel Tribute. My winner is the Hard Bass Tribute. This one has an awesome high squeezed sound on top of the kicks which I love. You really have to check this Tribute song!

Radical Redemption - Hard Bass Tribute

The musical violence has come to an end. But only for a short period. Because this album will be on repeat for a while. What a great album. Do not forget he is the one man army! Grab your copy now, at the Minus is More store!

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