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I know this might be a little exaggerated, but as a German this struggle is real, at least most of the time. Being in love with the harder styles and being from another country, not the Netherlands or Belgium, is like hell on earth. Somehow you feel you can touch the artists, by browsing all social media channels, watching aftermovies, videos and follow your favorite artists. But when it comes to events, you just want to start crying, because you need to travel 5h or more to be part of an event, with your favorite artists.

When I say, as a German, the struggle is real, I mean we travel a lot, just to be part of one of those magical nights. And yes I know, some people are even more fucked. Basically you have two choices – travel to the Netherlands to all the amazing events we love or stay at home and pray an event organizer sets up at least one huge event in your country. Or you just wait until smaller event organizer will take over and try to bring all your favorite artists to your country. I’m actually pretty thankful, because more and more smaller events are taking place in Germany, specifically. Why should we travel 500km to see Radical Redemption? Let Radical Redemption travel 500km to witness and experience us!

I think these exactly thoughts sickened Rene and Sina from Hamburg. The decision was easy – we will bring Radical Redemption to Hamburg, Germany! Both, a couple since years and in love with the harder styles, founded Massive Dynamic – a brand new event organizer for the harder styles.


Credits to Public-Visions Events http://www.public-visions.com

Just Tell me Massive Dynamic, were these really your thoughts? What had been your motives to found Massive Dynamic and to bring hardstyle to Germany? How long did you think about it and how exactly did you start – finding a location, personal, creating a line up, etc.?
We wanted to bring hardstyle into the beautiful north of Germany – Hamburg! We just noticed that so many people and friends are traveling to the netherlands or Belgium, just to see their favorite artists. We asked ourself – why not bringing them to germany? So, we started in fabruary last year, everything evolved really fast, we checked possible locations, gathered our friends to help us, contacted the different labels and managements and created a Line-Up. 

While visiting the event, I had the chance to catch up with Sina, because this event is and was different. Not by the Line up or the music, but by its organization. Both, Sina and Rene, work in a fulltime job, Massive Dynamic, the event organization, is not their main business and counts more as a hobby! I was pretty amazed about it. Their decision to bring Radical Redemption to Hamburg is based on their love for the harder styles and the happiness of their guests. I think this is an important point to mention!

So, what are your future plans after this – and I want to spoil here – massive first event? Will you continue with events, if yes, what’s coming up next, can you already tell us something? Will you also concentrate on different styles?
We just thought about three to four events per year. The second event will be held on 5th of March – the Line-Up is pretty stunning we think: Delete, Unresolved, Tha Playah and Outblast, just to name a few. We will try our best, to improve the event as much as possible. We had a lot of feedback by different people and we hope to create an event, on the same level as the previous one. As long as we write ‘black numbers’ we’re more than happy! We love to see, when the people ar satisfied. So with another succesfull events we can tease, that the next event will be on the 18th of June! 

Let’s go to business and check out what the night was all about and if Massive Dynamic can be on a same level as Musical Madness events and the Insane, taking place in Kiel!

The Location

Although I’m from Hamburg I really did not know this location. Pretty central, they turned an event location, more like a bigger hall, but with a few bars and seats into the location of the night. My impression was really good, it is a nice and fitting location. You can reach it easily, it offers a lot of space, especially because you have a main hall and a huge second area, which they used as a smoking area this time. Furthermore you could have find bars at every sides, enough possibilities to sit down in the back, with a good view at the stage and pretty sober toilets.

Do you think, as an event organizer, it is more important to sell as many tickets as possible, even if the location will be very crowded or do you think a good service and event also means enough space to dance and move within the location? Which aspects did you had in mind while searching for an location?
We think that selling to much tickets will hurt the business. In our opinion enough space to dance and go crazy is one of the keys, towards a perfect event! If we wanted to make profit, we would have done alot of things different!
As far, we tried to sell less tickets, then the location offers space for. We did choose the location, because it offers the perfect dance floor, surrounded by its bars and enough space to take a seat. Furthermore we can realize a fitting stage and effects. We’re really happy with the location and will definitely continue to use it for more events! 

The Event

We arrived around midnight, which was a perfect timing. The place was already packed and many people enjoyed the first, raw beats my Shoko and Xperior. They did drop a good mix of more common and uncommon raw tracks. Tracks like ‘Restart The Party’ by Digital Mindz & Riiho brought you into mood and gave you a feeling of what’s coming later. Hard drops like the one from ‘Funky Shit’ by Sub Zero Project were mixed with more uplifting tracks and melodies like ‘Getting Off’ by Titan and Frequencerz. All in all a good opening.

By talking about the first main act of the night, we need to talk about Brain Confusion. A massive and pretty popular track by the first Minus Is More member of the night. A real psycho and good friend of Radical Redemption – Hamburg just welcomed Act of Rage!
A really cool set, packed with his tracks together with Radical Redemption, his remix of ‘I Spit On You’, Digital Mindz Cybertron and of course Brain Confusion.
Yet, still not my favorite one by Act of Rage, but when talking about ‘Rage’ it’s definitely time to go crazy. How I love the second anti climax drop – his literally felt like rage hits the roof!


Credits to Public-Visions Events http://www.public-visions.com

Let’s continue with the main motherfucker himself – Crypsis.
I don’t know what about others, but when it comes to Crypsis I really can’t listen to his tracks via headphones or at home, but when he’s playing and the sound system has the perfect equalisation his tracks are so powerful and highly enjoyable – I really can’t describe it. His set was awesome, he did play all his latest tracks, but thankfully also older ones – and we all know and love the old Crypsis style! Furthermore he’s such a talented DJ, which makes the set even better.
One of the most significant moments that night was definitely Crpysis ending, by pitching E-Force’s Seven to 180 or more BPM (damn, hehe I really had better things to do than counting the BPM that moment), underlined with a great sit down, seriously, everyone was part of!

The great master of conspiracy, the white beast (yeah Titan is the black one, right?), the epitome of Minus is More, the one man army and the one we’ve been waiting for the whole night. Radical Redemption claimed the stage and brought us a massive show, like we’re used to. He almost did play his whole album, I just heard one non-Radical track, Sub Zero Projects bootleg of The Wave. With all the big, phat tracks we love like Suicide Bassline, Die Bitch, Brutal 5.0, The One Man Army, Funfair of Madness, Piece Of Shit, Chopping Bodys, East Side Connection, Judge Me, Wash Away, and many more. He ended up with hardcore and teared down the whole place. As always highly enjoyable and it’s just awesome to watch him during his set. HE really enjoyed it as much as the crowd did!


Credits to Public-Visions Events http://www.public-visions.com


To give you a last overview about the night I just want to summarize certain aspects. What I did not like was the fact that they did give out beer bottles. In my opinion a no go, because it’s way too dangerous. But I think they noticed this themselves and will learn from it – remember it was their first event ever. Second, the entrance could have been better organized. It was not really clear where to go if you already have your ticket or to go when you want to buy one that night. Two signs would have been enough to make this clear, right? But these are just smaller things, relevant, but not a killing argument to miss an event by Massive Dynamic.

I want to positively underline the space you had during the event, on the dancefloor but also on the sides. Furthermore they really tried to create a great night, by offering meet and greets, selling bracelets – I’m sure the first 100 ticket got one for free and deliver a great show. I don’t know why, but this all just stuck in my mind. The prices for drinks were relatively normal – nothing to add here. The Sound and especially the show was by far better than expected! We had a few lasers, lights and spots, delivering a great atmosphere. Besides that, in between we had some confetti, although I would have placed it somewhere different, than on the side, next to a bar. I think a few people didn’t even realised it. But Massive Dynamic just told me, they will do it different during their next event.

So all in all we had a great first event and if they improve the mentioned points I would definitely recommend the next event, good job!

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