This was HAKKE360 pres. 30 Years Rotterdam Terror Corps
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Once again, INURFASE and Bootshaus transformed the club into a temple of relentless kicks for another edition of HAKKE360, this time presenting Rotterdam Terror Corps with their unrivaled stage show. Gabbers from all over Germany, the Netherlands and even the US didn’t hesitate to answer their call, flocking to Cologne for an outstanding night full of hardcore classics.

Simon Roth


Bootshaus (boat house) is an old industrial building complex on the right side of the Rhine in Cologne that was turned into an appealing, well-known event location. HAKKE360 took place in the main hall which is comparable to a big club including a large outdoor area. Safe to say that there’s everything you need to have a great party!

Want to get some more drinks?
The proficient crew at the multiple bars inside and outside are happy to pour you some (with no big waiting lines)!

Got hungry after partying to the max for hours?
Grab some currywurst with fries from the food truck!

Can’t see the show?
Level up to the elevated areas of the club or the podium placed on the opposite side of the stage and have a great view!

Lots of the hardcore lovers came early to not miss anything, which unfortunately caused an extra long waiting line at the entrance during the first hour. The progress of getting the people inside was steady but I didn’t make it to Newstyler’s set time anymore.

Although the second edition of HAKKE360 was also sold out just like the first one, it never felt packed and there was enough space for everyone to hakk!

HAKKE360 Bootshaus crowd
The crowd is on fire!


Contrary to other Bootshaus events, the DJ booth was purely dedicated to the audiovisual crew this time. All the DJ and show magic happened on the stage right next to it, equipped with a gigantic LED wall playing various animations in the back as well as vertical light bars on the sides. Four lasers mounted above the stage let the club shine in different colors and added to the atmosphere.

Except during Rotterdam Terror Corps’ sets, passionate gabbers who collected a wristband at the merchandise stand got the chance to show off their hakke skills on stage. What a nice idea!
To give all of them a fair chance for their turn, the dancers were swapped out every few minutes. A suggestion for improvement at this point is that they were not lit most of the time, therefore creating a bit of a shadow-play feeling.

HAKKE360 Bootshaus dancer
Hakke dancers on stage



He promised to rock the decks millennium-style in advance and he absolutely delivered! By pushing out classic tracks like the “The Playah & Evil Activities Remix” of “The Hustle” and “Nothing Else Matters” by DJ Mad Dog & The Stunned Guys, Headbanger fired up the crowd for the rest of the night.

HAKKE360 Bootshaus Headbanger
Headbanger rocking the decks


Revival vibes incoming… I waited for it and, yes, he played it: His and King Matthew’s remix of “Like A Dream”! He kept on mixing banger after banger, relentlessly keeping the bpm high. What a master of the old school!

Rotterdam Terror Corps (early set)

The first part of the Rotterdam Terror Corps double feature and they also brought legendary MC Raw for this one! Featuring hits like “Schizophrenic” and “There’s Only One Terror”, they presented an adrenaline-fueled live show of pounding rhythms and pure energy. It’s now more than ten years since I saw them first on stage and I really have to say that they’re still on fire like back then!


The honor of the set time between the two Rotterdam Terror Corps sets was up to Dione who pulled out an hour of the best of millennium hardcore with “Braincracking”, “Outside World” as well as his classic “Pain Till I Die”. Ah, the good old memories!

Rotterdam Terror Corps (millennium set)

Following, the Rotterdam Terror Crew was back for another 30-minute live act, with a stunning fire show this time and hardcore classics from the 2000s like “Time To Kill Another One (feat. The Hitmen” and “We’re Gonna Blow Your Mind”. Thank you for the last 30 years, looking forward to many more to come!

HAKKE360 @ Bootshaus – Rotterdam Terror Corps millennium set
Rotterdam Terror Corps and their fire show

Distortion & MC

Time for some more hardcore tunes from past eras presented by the one and only DJ of Rotterdam Terror Corps himself!


He has not been on the original line-up but was a worthy replacement for Nosferatu who unfortunately couldn’t play for us this time due to personal reasons. With one last hour of early hardcore, Catscan was eager to get the last bits of energy out of the crowd before he closed down this throwback to those good old hardcore times.

HAKKE360 Bootshaus lasers
Bootshaus shining in colorful laser light


What an unforgettable night of early and millennium hardcore kicks, including two explosive Rotterdam Terror Corps performances! Despite initial delays at the entrance I am happy having been part of this event and can fully recommend the HAKKE360 series to everyone. Can’t wait to hakk with all of you again soon!

In case you missed this event, there’s no need to worry – the next edition of HAKKE360 has already been announced. Check the line-up and get your tickets for the unique day and night experience “HAKKE360 – Outdoor / Indoor”, taking place on August 26th at Dortmund!

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