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Ravers Wild took place on March 26th at Electric Lady in Wynwood as part of Miami Music Week. The event was organized by a new entertainment company Wildcard Presents in collaboration with Audiophiles Events, Synchro, and SoundsSoSweet.

Amy Melissa Farina

Getting There

As this event took place at the same time as Ultra on Sunday, as soon Ultra ended we sprinted out of the festival and headed to Wynwood. Getting to the venue was a bit hectic as it was the last day of Ultra, but we made it! Despite the wild week we had everyone was more than ready to close out the weekend with some hard dance.


Electric Lady Wynwood is a partially outdoor night club and concert venue with multiple rooms and bars. Ravers Wild was held in the main room which was great because after having a very sweaty weekend at Ultra and Miami Music Week in steamy clubs it was nice to have an after party that was outdoors.

In the second area of the venue was a reggaeton party. The bathroom was shared between the two parties which was funny to see the juxtaposition between the two styles of music especially as the night progressed.

Between the palm trees in the club and bottle service dancers I felt very Miami on my final night.

Stage Design, Visuals & Sound System

The stage was ornately decorated with large playing cards seeming fitting as the event was organized by Wildcard Presents. Moreover, the stage was equipped with two large sparklers that exploded in sync with the music.

Behind the DJ booth was a large screen projecting the name of the DJ with accompanying trippy visuals. When we talk about visuals in the context of this event, the performances of the dancers added to the aesthetics as well. There was even one performer who through spinning poi created projected visuals.



Dritto threw down an opening set with some of his own tracks such as Evolution and Digital Freedom. Two of most notable tracks SAXY and Let’s Go were fan favorites and featured on Tomorrowland Radio and Beatport MainStage Top 100 (#4 spot) respectively.

Despite it being early in the day the crowd went hard and rushed to greet Dritto following the set.

Bass of Spades

Bass of Spades, fan American DJ and head of Wildcard Presents, played his unique flavor of hard dance, which mixes all styles of hard dance along with almost every other genre of music.  He played several new, unreleased tracks including “40 OZ”, which is an homage to a song by the ska/punk band Sublime, his remix of DAMN by J. Slai, as well as several of his crowd favorites including his hard dance remixes of Moksi’s bass house song, “Belter”, Subtronics’ “Scream Saver” and even Hall and Oates’ classic rock song Rich Girl.  


One of my favorite moments during K?D’s set was when he dropped the remix of “All I Need is your Love Tonight”. One of the performers spinning poi was perfectly in tune with each of the drops and it was the perfect way to kick of the evening portion of the program. He also threw down some classics like Fine Day and Light.


Next up was Dutch freestyle superstar LNY TNZ, it’s been a few years now since I caught a LNY TNZ set and oh how I missed it! With remixes of popular Spanish tracks such as Ra Ta Ta and Gasolina interspersed with nostalgic bangers like Cotton Eye Joe and Freed from Desire it was the crème de la crème set for Miami.  He also played two of my personal favorite LNY TNZ classics Fired Up and Last Night Ever. He even had us do a sit down during Fired Up which brought me back to the good ole days of 2016.


To close out the night (and the weekend) was Spanish Frenchcore sensation Levenkhan. From the moment he took the stage it was pure madness. The crowd was ready to take it to the next level demonstrating that America can and continues to go hard.  

Hitting us with heavy beats like LESGOOO! and KANYE it was the perfect end to Ultra and Miami Music Week.  

General Impressions

I very much appreciated the attention to the small details like the costumes of the dancers matching to the theme. There were also fire poi performances which I’m always impressed by (and a little scared of!).

I’ve got my eye on Wildcard Presents and am looking forward to more events from them in the future!

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