Santa Claus hopped into foreign chimneys to bring little children presents, chocolate and happiness. It’s the time when our landscape is, hopefully, covered in white, glancing snow and dew in the morning. But it’s also the time for Freaqshow, a worthy ending to the year.

Again Q-Dance will play the top 10 tracks of 2015 right before the clock hits 12. And because everyone is posting their top 10, we do either – isn’t that great?

Of course the decision was hard, at least sometimes. We had dozens of awesome tracks this year. Be aware, this list is an objective top list by us and just based on .. well, I guess feelings – eeeewwwww ! Nevertheless, comment with your top 10 picks, we are curious 🙂

Mitchell’s Top 10:

10. Regain – Broken

Regain, one of the fastest growing artists of 2015. He surely deserves a spot in my top 10. He delivered some good tracks this year. This brutal force from Poland gave us ‘For the Streets’ (Remix) and this track ‘ Broken’!

Why Broken? This track has a lovely intro with some great vocals. After that the ‘grunting’ part drops in and the influences of metal are used well in that part.

I love the fact that the screaming sounds are pounding from left to right and there are many breaks between kicks, which makes the song unpredictable. Before the last two drops hit there is a nice build up in the kick that brings you to the deeper level. The screeches are really one of the best I’ve ever witnessed.

Regain - Broken

9. Digital Mindz & Riiho – Destroy

These two finish producers deserve to be in the spotlights. They both produce really great tracks. Check ‘Resonant Part 2’ for instance by Digital Mindz, and Riiho – Beastmode.

This track ‘Destroy’ reminds me of Frontliner & Radical Redemption collab. Switching from Digital Mindz, the more euphoric parts to Riiho, the destroying parts. This collab has a really good structure. There are a few rounds in this track, starting with round one, two and ending with the final round.

The final round is my favourite. That’s the real DESTROYING part. The kicks are brutal and especially live this track is awesome. The track has a good vibe. Keep up the good work Digital Mindz and Riiho!

8. Bass Modulators – Oxygen

These two gentlemen have been supplying good tracks since the start. While the main focus this year is probably Solar, together with Noisecontrollers, I would like to mention Oxygen instead, which is in my opinion the better release!

This track is in my opinion a typical euphoric hardstyle track! Female vocals which touch you to the bone. An uplifting melody that begins with lower tones and ends high. The climax you can feel from afar and the melody you can hum along after a few seconds. Great track!

7. Bass Chaserz & Hard Society – Time 2 Die

Bass Chaserz is doing good this year . They did deliver some cool tracks this year, including Time to Die!

I love the vocals of this track . This song really gives you a sense of power. Especially the second part of the track is uplifting . You can feel the rising melody , it starts softly but the thrill and the melody are getting louder . And then it comes ; TIME TO DIE!

Wow, which screeches , which kicks uplifting , feel that energy ! It’s time to charge!
The strange thing is that this track is not even overwhelmingly rough. But by his own energy it is still a very powerful song.

6. Warface & The Geminizers – Path to Extinction

This best Warface in my opinion. The track never bores me. Perhaps it is because this track is not purely composed of kicks. I have long doubted whether I would put in my top 10 or H8M3 this track. Eventually, the concluding part of this track was decisive. What a great track!

The track begins right rough after his initial drop. Interim there are melodious soothing pieces in this issue. Piano music we not too often encounter when tracks of Warface. Of course, the credits go out to The Geminizers, which always guarantee brutal tracks!

The final drop is surely one to be framed, path tooooo .. EXTINCTION ! WHAM WHAM !

Warface & The Geminizers - Path To Extinction

5. Demi Kanon – Supersonic

This talent did not produce many great tracks so far. But this one is in my opinion one of the best euphoric tracks out there. Tracks like these made me fall in love with hardstyle. Turn the music up in my head! The song has a good balance and is supported by beautiful vocals. One of the better vocals this year. With this track you really gonna feel ‘ Supersonic ‘.

The melody has beautiful peaks to the highs, it sticks in your brain. The first time I heard this track I was immediately in love . And wanted to know more about Demi Kanon, we did interview him directly after this release!

4. B-Front – Blackness

Bob has been producing good tracks ever since I know off him. With his own sound , he already conquered my hardstyle-heart for a long time. Again, this is a typical B -Front track.
The hard deep kicks will again be supported by a beautiful dark yet euphoric melody !
Live, this track already gave me goose bumps several times . Perfect timing of kick -rolls and a great melody . Step into the dark with this masterpiece.

3. Atmozfears ft. David Spekter – Release

The euphoric track of 2015 ; RELEASE ! This track brings me back at Qlimax 2014 .

“I can see a light on the horizon, release my heart tonight”, goddamn I love this track. The melody gives me chills everywhere while writing this article, of course I have it playing in the background. Atmozfears you have delivered a wonderful track. Perfectly balanced, good vocals (credits to David Spekter!), wonderful dreamy melody, great sound design, it’s all I can say.

Atmozfears - Release

2. Delete & Deetox – Fatal

Talking about game changers. Delete to me is one of the few artists RAW with its own style. There really is no style that is similar to his. Contemporary I spot some new producers that are close seem to come out of his sound, which I do not think a good point, because he has to stay unique.

This track has everything to get a raw track compelling from beginning to end. It is not mindlessly pounding. There is a real thought behind this track , you always find this in Delete tracks. This beautiful collaboration with ‘The Queen of Raw’ has resulted in a track that is in my head. Where I ‘m bored of many RAW tracks after a few weeks, Fatal is always in my playlist.

The vocals, the darkness, the kicks, the unpredictable rhythms that makes this song exciting!

1. Radical Redemption – Piece of Shit

My number one and all-time favourite Radical track, PIECE OF SHIT! Damn, I love this song.

I heard this track for the first time during Hard Bass in 2015, I was going crazy, what a melody. Of course there are on his new album more of these fantastic melodies. Think of ” Wash Away ‘ ‘ You With Me ‘& ‘ Suicide Bassline ” but ” Piece of Shit ‘is the first of all the tracks that entered my eardrums.

I also think the vocals and the significance of this great track . This track earned nothing but praise, like the whole album, the event and everything surrounding Radical happened the last four years.

Radical Redemption - Piece of Shit


Thilo’s Top 10:

Okay, let’s take a look at my top 10 – Mitchell please don’t be rude! 😉
Since Mitchell did order his top 10, my list will be in a random order, because I love all of them and all of them kind of emotionally affected me or stuck in my head this year.

Hard Driver feat. Szen – Echoes

Okay, here we go, my favourite and in my opinion the best track in 2015! OMG, I fucking love this tune! I first heard it in Coone’s Global Dedication Podcast and it just blew me away with its powerful and bright main lead, the energy the track releases and the atmosphere it creates. But most of all I think these are the BEST vocals we had in 2015!

WOW, Szen you did a fucking amazing job, I love the slightly whispering and gently vocals underlined with this specific echo effect in the background, they fit the track perfectly and turns it into a real masterpiece. Not a single track I did play that often like Echoes during this year and guess what, I can still listen to it and it gets me everytime, pure beauty – damn feelings!

Hard Driver feat. Szen - Echoes


Fuck me, I’m a Warface fanboy, I love his music, his style, his performances and his live act and he’s my number one favorite raw producer. So, it’s not a secret that I did choose a few tracks for my top 10 in 2015. First Warface – H8M3 – lovely tune, which stuck in my head since the very first second.

The heavy kick and the stuttering screeches are insane and highly enjoyable. It’s a really powerful track and that’s why it is in my top 10!

Did you ever heard a collab with Luna, which sucked? No, right? So was the first collab between Warface & Luna – The Revival. Crazy track with so many kick rolls, that it feels like an own melody. I love the style they did choose and the topic, fitting perfectly Warface’s name. Their success continues with Warzone.

Holy damn shit, drop that track during a festival and on a massive soundsystem and the kick will blow you away. Pitch the track to 160 BPM and you feel like your entered a battlefield. The combination of this heavy kick and the siren is just massive!

Warface – Mutilate & Destroy! My absolute favorite raw track in 2015! I always highly appreciate if producers step outside their common sounds and think out of the box. So, I was heavily surprised and positively overwhelmed by Catalyst from his album Art Of War. The gated kick sounded massive and the track is just different and crazy at the same time.

Warface - Mutilate and Destroy

But what if you combine elements from Catalyst, like the kick and sounds, with his other style elements, like screeches and the kick from Total War or Leviathan, underlined with a crazy storyline in the track and a dense atmosphere, feeling like you’re part of Saw? Right – Mutilate & Destroy!

Each climax part is divided in two parts, the one similar to Catalyst and the other similar to Total War or Leviathan, which is so awesome. This track is driving me insane and my favorite raw track in 2015!

Adaro feat. Danny Scandal – For The Streets (Regain Remix)

Like Mitchell already mentioned Regain had a great year so far. When talking about his music I can just say keep it up man! His remix of For The Streets is in my opinion better than the original itself. It is technically well produced and has an awesome drive. It kind of stick out of all raw releases, not only because he really did nail it and managed to catch the atmosphere with this remix, but also quality wise!

B-Front & Degos & Re-Done – Endless Path

Awww, I just love this collaboration between B-Front and Degos & Re-Done. The awesome combination of great screeches and a nice melody, we are used too. The dark atmosphere and chords in the background, together with the vocals still give me Goosebumps every time I listen to this track. Although B-Front had some really nice releases this year like Witch or Blackness, I prefer this release.

Code Black feat. Chris Madin – New World

Damn, I was seriously listening to this track for weeks! The awesome vocals, the highly emotional melody and video just gave me shivers all over. This is a hell of a beautiful song and gained a spot in my top 10 since the first time I heard it. It’s not only this track, Code Black itself is one of my favorite producers. He always manages to create awesome melodies, great atmospheres and musical masterpieces. It’s not a track you go crazy to, it’s a track which will deeply, emotionally affect you.

Code Black feat. Chris Madin - New World

Delete & Deetox – Fatal

I think Mitchell already mentioned everything that should be said about this track! See above.

Frontliner & John Harris – Loud

Frontliners best release this year with the lovely vocals by John Harris. Last year I did choose Halos (2014 edit) as one of my favorite euphoric tracks of all time and he did manage again to create a wonderful summer track! Heard and saw the preview video and instantly fell in love with this tune. The melody, the vocals, everything is just amazing in this track.

Radical Redemption – Brutal 5.0

This is BRUUUUUUTAL! Radical Redemption strikes again with a massive album , also including Brutal 5.0. Brutal 1.0 is just a crazy tune, he did drop for the first time at The One Man Army, Brutal 2.0 is a real masterpiece , as well as Brutal 3.0 and loved by everyone. Brutal 4.0 did slightly disappoint me and others. But now Brutal 5.0 is here and it has an insane drive!

It really makes me go crazy and god damn these female vocals screaming this is brutal are way too sick to handle! They have something brutal, something dirty and crazy and I love that. Somehow I always have the picture of Harley Quinn in my mind, when I listen to Brutal 5.0 – can anyone relate, I guess not ..

Radical Redemption - Brutal 5.0

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