LAST years ferocious happening installed the merciless law of the fist. Thousands of true devotees observed the largest hardcore artist event in history. This November he returns. Bigger, louder, unrestrained. The worlds greatest hardcore collective will gather for the second summit of artistic violence: Angerfist – Raise & Revolt.

Danny Masseling began his career in 2001. After DJ Buzz Fuzz contracted him, and Danny released his first EP under his alias Menace II Society it all went quickly. He quickly managed to command respect because of his aggressive music, the music the scene needed. His style was dark, but accessible. After several album releases and ‘The Deadfaced Dimension’ release combined with an event last year, it is time to ‘Raise & Revolt’ this Saturday in the Brabant Hallen in Den Bosch, NL.

In 2006 the album; Pissin ‘Razorbladez was released, then in 2008; Mutilate and in 2011; Retaliate. The biggest bang, he surely did with The Deadfaced Dimension which appeared in 2014. The album was released with a grand event. Now it is time for the sequel; Raise & Revolt. The expectations are high, so what can we expect!

Meanwhile, he released some previews at his social media channels. And it is pure hardcore-enjoyment again. Prepare for the new tracks; ATTACK!

The track list is also already published. So we know that the album consists of two CDs. 15 new tracks will pound through your speakers. On CD 2, 39 classics will revive the old times. Let’s look at some tracks already previewed!

Angerfist – The Game
THE GAME IS MINE’ – and yes the game is his. What a typical Angerfist track! The track shows the typical Angerfist feeling. The lyrics are great, the piano melody that builds up to the great climax are stunning and strike trough your nerves. These are aspects that make Angerfist so unique as producer.

Angerfist – Conspiracy (Thorax Remix)
After producing ‘Dark Angel’, a track that is used by Angerfist during many sets, Thorax got the opportunity to remix ‘Angerfist – Conspiracy’. The lead towards the climax is brilliant. It reminds me of the Dark Angel sound. Thorax and Angerfist truly set the place on fire. I wonder why Thorax is not there at the ‘Raise & Revolt’ event.

Angerfist 'Raise & Revolt'

Angerfist & Dyprax – Afraid of me
The track starts with some dark vocals. Then a typical Angerfist piano-melodie drops in, followed by a harder intro with some synths on it. The build up towards the climax will put you into charge mode; ATTACK! This track is awesome. Dyprax is also doing a great job lately with his new tracks. A deserved spot at the event!

Angerfist & Crossfiyah – Blast at you
The track directly starts rough. BOOM!, blasting your senses from the start. Lets f#cking go! You can clearly hear some dubstep influences in this track, including some break beats. The lyrics consist of a nice rap part. From far away you hear the melody pumping towards its climax. This track will blast through your speakers just like we want an Angerfist track to be.

Angerfist & Neophyte ft. MC Alee & MC Diesel – Fight with Anger
Wow! What a kick, this one is truly awesome. I love the vocals on this track. Lets ‘Fight with Anger!’. The vocals remind me of ‘Voice of Mayhem’. It’s a bit the same style. The sound squeezing trough your speakers, its amazing. When you listen this track through headphones you even witness it better! The melodies, great, but not that special, it is like I’ve heard it before. The kick and vocals make this a great track.

On the CD are many collabs. Like tracks with; Radical Redemption, Thorax, Miss K8, N-Vitral, MC Tha Watcher, Crossfiyah, DR. Peacock, Dyprax, MC Nolz, Neophyte, MC Alee & MC Diesel, The Outside Agency and Negative A.

So is there any space for solo tracks? Well, there are only three. That’s a pity in my opinion. Collabs and remixes are great, but I would love to hear some more solo productions. The second CD consists of tracks that are already released a long time ago. Not that special, but cool to have.

The tracks are redesigned, speaking of sound designing. Judging from the aforementioned tracks, I expect that the tracks continue on the path Angerfist has chosen with The Deadfaced Dimension. I think that’s great, the album will not disappoint me. However, it is a pity that there were not any experimental tracks. It’s more of the same, which is not bad for the fans.

Raise & Revolt event
So, let’s talk about the event. Last year the Deadfaced Dimension event was a great one! Art of Dance is well-known for their great events. For me they are of the best organizations within the event-industry. They know how to make use of large LED screens. Radical Redemption ‘s event was a huge success. Raise & Revolt thus, have great expectations. The brabanthallen is a fantastic location, which has always a good atmosphere.

Let’s have a look at the line-up:
22:00-23:00 Millennium Mayhem
23:00-00:00 Bloodcage
00:00-00:45 Bodyshock
00:45-01:15 Angerfist ‘Raise & Revolt’ Live
01:15-02:00 Angerfist & Mad Dog
02:00-02:45 Angerfist & Neophyte
02:45-03:30 Angerfist & Dyprax
03:30-04:15 Angerfist & Tha Playah
04:15-05:00 Angerfist & Miss K8
05:00-05:45 Angerfist & Destructive Tendencies
05:45-06:15 DR. Peacock
06:15-07:00 Angerfist & Partyraiser & Tieum

Hosted by: MC Nolz & MC Syco

Hell yeah, that is a hardcore line up! Millennium Mayhem will take us back to the old school.
Bloodcage will give us the Angerfist vibe, probably there will be some classics pound trough the speakers during this set! Bodyshock will get us into  the mood of the next set. Angerfist ‘Raise & Revolt’ Live! Hell yeah, this will be a incredible set, I can assure you!
Mad Dog will bring us the hardcore Italia sound, while Neophyte takes us back to the Dutch hardcore roots. Dyprax is releasing great tracks lately, he will give u the best Hardcore tracks of the last months!

Tha Playah and Miss K8 will bring us some more commercial hardcore. Then it is time for Destructive Tendencies, together with Angerfist they will totally wreck the dome!Dr. Peacock, Mr Frenchcore, will bring us some swing beats while Tieum will bring us his underground hardcore, together with Partyraiser and Angerfist. All acts will be assisted by the voices of Nolz and Syco, I love the voice of Nolz. Its rough and dark! I can’t wait for this event!

So if you like it loud and rough, If you love the Angerfist sound, or want to witness his sounds for the first time; buy your ticket now at and pre-order ‘Raise & Revolt’ album at! Raise your fist!

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