The United Nations Of Defqon.1 – Raise Your Flags!

Sweden represent! The Wasted Penguinz Shirt makes the swedish support 100% complete!La bella Defqon.1 - all the way from Italy!QSA represent!Japan's Hardstyle scene is growing and so is the number of Japanese ravers at Defqon.1!This fella is raising a regional flag: He's from Chicago!Regional pride all the way rom Lyon!These friends made a statement! An EU flag for unity!Australians are no strangers to Defqon.1!Hardstyle? Oui! The Frech can't be missed!Where are these ravers from? If you guesses Arizona, USA you're right!Raisin' flags with the lads: England!Hola from Spain!A more exotic flag! This fella is all the way from Singapore!This guy is raising an Albanian flag!Not just country flags were raised! This happy fella is showing some love for Q-dance!Norway all the way!This lady is came all the way from Finland!Viva Mexico! We can just guess how many air miles this flag collected!

Nowhere else in the Hardstyle scene do so many nations come together as on Defqon.1. Japan, France, USA, the Netherlands, Germany, it doesn’t matter where you are from – Hardstyle united us all in one place that day. We took the chance are took some pictures from flags and ravers around the world! Enjoy!

Pictures by Sara Ghafouri

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