It was an amazing year for Marco and Jos, better known as Bass Chaserz! They did release many stunning tracks this year. Think about tracks like; Time 2 Die, Reach up in ya mouth and Extreme Aggression. Their development wasn’t unnoticed. Certainly not after Deetox played their new big banger at Qlimax 2015; In Control. We thought it was time to get acquainted with these two men. Let’s have a chat with Bass Chaserz!

Hi Jos and Marco, as I mentioned, 2015 was a fantastic year for you musically. How are you guys doing after all these crazy things happened?
Yes, 2015 was awesome for us! We had some great performance and we made a lot of progress with making our music so it can’t be better for now!

For our new readers, can you give us a little introduction about you guys?
Haha, Of Course! We are Marco and Jos, together we are Bass Chaserz. We are Hardstyle Dj’s/Producers from the Netherlands.

Let’s go back to the start – How did you guys meet?
We met in a rather unusual way!! We know each other from our work. Jos is a carpenter and Marco is a plumber. During the breaks, we started talking about music and after quite some weeks we sat together, producing music.


So, when the dance floor is destroyed, we can call Jos to repair ;)!
Haha, if he isn’t destroyed by our own music!! 😉

How did you both come up with Hardstyle?
We are both from an early age, so we went to parties and from there the love for hardstyle arise.

Both of you are really passionate with the harder styles, do you guys like to listen to other music genres sometimes?
Marco: I listen to the radio sometimes, but for 98 % I listen to hardstyle. Everywhere! Hardstyle is what I love the most so. And I think as a DJ you have to know the tracks you play so that takes a lot of time.
Jos: Johny Cash, Muse, Bob Marley and Frans Duits!!! hehe

When did you guys start DJing, and producing?
We did play together for the first time in 2011 for a local DJ contest where we made it to the final and that’s where it all started. In the meantime, we did start producing as well!

Bass Chaserz - Reach up in ya mouth

How did you guys learn to DJ and produce? Has anyone helped you, or did you master it all yourself?
We have learned to play like most of the artists do, at home in our loft. In the beginning, we didn’t understand the programs, so we went to a school where we learned a lot. Experimenting is the key to success! But we also learned and still learn very much from Endymion and High Voltage. We are signed at Nightbreed and if we ask something they always give some great tips.


It is always great to have someone helping you and giving you tips of course! Talking about that, do you have any tips for talents who are now in their lofts, dreaming about a career like you guys?
Well, let us be honest with you. Our career is just starting right now. You know, there is still so much to reach for us!! We are only looking forward from to place we stand now, We only got that far by working extremely hard! The first three years we only sat there and try to do it right. But at one point you will get it.

When we started with DJing we practiced a lot. In the beginning, we did use to put Headhunterz – Dragonborn under our own tracks. We did get that tip from Jelle (Endymion), because that was one of the best-produced tracks at that moment.

So we listen carefully and try to make sounds and try to let it sound that way. It took a lot of time to get this far, but it was great! Now we can work on our sound by using this kind of things we have learned.

What makes you, as a duo, different from the rest?
Well, that’s difficult to say, You can really recognize our style! It’s raw of course, but always with a good and energetic melody in it. And Jos is also MC when we play so that’s a little different.

You guys did participate for a local DJ contest, after that it all went incredibly fast, how have you dealt with all this attention?
We have to rectify that question. We did send our music to Endymion and since we joined Loudness Records, Headliner Music and the Nightbreed family it is going incredibly fast! And the attention is coming more and more now, But that is cool!

The attention is well deserved for sure! If we look at what you have achieved so far, what are you most proud of?
Haha, that are a lot of things!! But the #1 position on with our track ‘In Control’ and playing in a fully packed Loudness stage on Decibel were highlights for sure!!

In Control, Goddamn we really love that track too! Can we expect more madness coming our way?
Yes! Amazing to see In Control was #1 in the charts! Of course, you can expect more madness :D, for instance, check our new track ‘Big Dick’!. We always try to think like we are in the audience and think what we would like to hear when we are in the crowd, and as you can see, it works!

Bass Chaserz - Big Dick

You guys played at Defqon, Ground Zero and on New Year’s night you played on Freaqshow, we hope main stage next year. What is next on your list?
Yes, we had a lot of wonderful bookings this year, and of course for every artist Decibel and Defqon are the main goals, especially if you can play during prime time.
We try to make good music and hope we will get awesome bookings in 2016!

BassChaserz2What was the greatest event so far?
For both of us, that was Decibel. We had the honour to open the Loudness stage, and after 45 minutes the place was really packed. The vibe was awesome that moment!

We can easily imagine that. It must be a great feeling opening the Loudness stage. Talking about feelings, vibes and fans. What is the craziest thing a fan has done for you?
Haha, no one did something crazy, but it is really cool to see that there are a handful of guy’s that are following us everywhere we go!! Really great!

Who are your favourite DJs?
Marco: B-Front
Jos: Ran – D

Great choices, why do you guys choose these two great producers?
B-front is a man with the energy that gives you goosebumps, amazing to see!
Ran-D is in our opinion, one of the best producers at the moment! His tracks are sounding so fresh! It’s like you have the track, and the KICK! We hope to get it like that one day.

We send you both to an uninhabited island, you are allowed to listen to one track only, which would it be?
Jos: ‘Johny Cash – Hurt’
Marco: ‘Haha, that’s Endymion and Nosferatu – Drunk with a Gun’

Where did you meet Degos & Re-Done? Can we expect a collab soon?
We met ‘Thijs’ for the first time at ADE. We immediately had a nice feeling. So we made an appointment to produce a track together with Thijs, Krijn and Peter. They are just happy and crazy persons, just like us. I think you can imagine how it goes when we are working in the studio. 😛

Final question: Do you guys have anything to share with us, maybe something unique or something to say to your fans?
It is amazing to see that a lot of people are coming to almost every set we play at major events. We really want to thank them for their support and we hope we can also inspire other people with our music and energy on stage.

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