If you are a fan of delicate melodies that slithers deep down your soul, or atmospheres that make you wonder far away from earth and where time and space is altered by enchanting sounds, well Sylence is definitively the one artist that you’ve been looking for. Signed at the number one label in Hardstyle Dirty Workz, his tracks have always transcended above the scene with overflowing emotions and staggering melodies.

For those who don’t know it yet, Jason aka Sylence, is an american producer from New York who started producing Hardstyle quite a few years ago when he was in South Dakota. He then moved to Los Angles in order to spread Hardstyle faster, and to develope his own specific sound.

Today we have the chance to ask him a few questions to know more about this mysterious artist and to unveil his secrets to create such inspiring and unprecedented tracks.IMG-20170128-WA0001Jason, it’s so great to have you here at the Mag! How are you doing?
I’m doing great at this one in the afternoon! Woke up a little bit late after spending too much time in the studio last night… haven’t had anything to drink or eat yet. Will probably light up a nice one after this!

You come from the United States and as we all know, american hardstyle artists have a very different vision of Hardstyle. I would say that they have an un-dutch vision of things, and that they are more looking to explore new boundaries, rather than locking themselves up like dutch artists that ‘obey’ to specific rules to be considered as Hardstyle. Do you agree on this?
I do agree, the Dutch way of doing things is different from what I do. My music is unorthodox compared to the standard in the Netherlands, as it’s less hard and more focused on melodic and storytelling aspects. This one applies to a lot of my colleagues in the states as well. We have our own blank canvas out here to paint!

You moved to Los Angeles, one of the most famous city in the US for its breath-taking bridge, to spread Hardstyle and to further develop your music production. Can you tell us a little more in detail what pushed you to do so?
LA is the center of the hardstyle community in the states. It’s easier for me to do what I need to do when I’m in the middle of everything instead of being in South Dakota, where flying from a small airport is a very expensive and annoying one.IMG-20170128-WA0002Now Jason, you are one of the most talented & creative producers in the scene and every time that you release a new track you blow off the mind of everybody with your melodies. I mean, it’s not even melodies any more at this point, it’s pure magic. How do you do that?
Thank you! How do I even answer a question like that… the only thing that i can say is that every time that I’m working on a track or a specific melody, I stay focused until I achieve a perfect one that I’ve never heard before. It’s all about focus and determination.

When you produce music, what inspires you the most? Maybe you have a particular atmosphere or universe that really stirs your creativity?
What inspires me the most… well, just about everything. There’s never one thing that inspires me, it always comes from different things.  I’ve recently started living on my own with no car, so I do a lot of walkin’ and tokin’.. 😉 Always nice to go on a walk with a big one in the neighborhood! Smoking weed fills me with a certain energy. When I smoke, things get easier to do. It’s great to be in a place that is so accepting of it. It was just legalized on a recreational level in California, and you can buy it in the store now!

Among all the tracks you have produced so far, I have selected a few of my favorites and It would be great to have your insight on the emotions you wanted to share when making these. Deal?
Okay, let’s do it!

The City of Dreams (Official Outland 2016 Anthem) – When I listen to this track, If I close my eyes I can picture myself flying above the clouds, gazing upon a blue horizon, where in the distance I can distinguish a majestuous city, shining, like a diamond in the middle of the sky, and as the music continues, I’m swirling closer to this City of Dreams.

Sylence: Well.. couldn’t have said it better myself mate! Next one!

Sylence - City of Dreams (Outlands 2016 Anthem)

Wind – Sylence: This track is definitely my favorite. I can feel this, wind blowing in my back, as if I was on a top of a mountain in the desert with a setting sun, and only listening to the enchanting mutterings of the wind.

Sylence: I like to think of this track as being a very open one. It has a certain amount of breath to it that really lights up the dance floor whenever I play it. The title was coined when I was working on it late one night, and it was extremely windy in good old South Dakota. Upon bouncing the track, I was forced to write a name for it and the name on top of my head was Wind.

Sylence - Wind

Ode – Sylence: A window on the wonders of space. It’s as if you are jumping in space for the first time and you see all these beams and colors for the very first time.

Sylence: Ode definitely has a very colorful melody, one of my proudest tracks for sure. I like to think the vocal has a lot to say about this one. “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams”, meaning we can do whatever we wish in this life as long as we follow it in a path of love!

Sylence - Ode

Each Other – Sylence & Cyber: One of your most famous tunes with Cyber. I don’t really know the words to describe the emotions flowing in it. It’s one of the most beautiful songs you can find in nowadays Hardstyle.

Sylence: This one happened pretty quickly, with both Cyber and I over Skype. We used to Skype a lot to talk about music and to share ideas. We had a nice one on Skype one day, he sent me a melody with some chords, I changed the progression of it, and some of the melody notes and bam, we had a hit melody that i couldn’t stop humming to myself for weeks. It’s still one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever produced and still makes crowds go insane.

Sylence & Cyber - Each Other

We Will Dream – Sylence & Cyber: Again, this track beams you right back in space, and the melody is like a massive gravity pull.. Once you’re starting listening, you’re instantly awed by it’s enchanting notes. A very very addictive song aha!

Sylence: Bit of an older one now and I don’t think I play it that much, but maybe that needs to change… I played it for the first time at the Sound of Q-dance Part 2 in 2014. It was one of the highlights of my career as a musician for sure!

Sylence & Cyber - We Will Dream

I noticed that you have made quite a few collabs with Cyber, and the result is everytime breath-taking. Both of your style fits perfectly together. How did you guys came to produce together
When both of us started producing, it wasn’t too long before we noticed “each other” 😉 and started talking on Facebook. Both of our styles were very similar at the time and we knew we could do a big one. We became friends and started working on Skype a lot.13615288_1221659311177727_4635080214835863769_nFor this year 2017, do you have any goals you have set for yourself?
I definitely want to up my quality this year while every track that’s released acts as a milestone for myself. I am setting the bar higher for myself.

I know it’s maybe a question you’re asked pretty often but can we expect you to release one day a rougher tune where you combine both uplifting melodies and dark emotions together?
Definitely, its coming!

Maybe can you tease us a little bit more with some of your upcoming collabs or tracks?
I think it’s safe to say that are ideas in the works with artists like, Refuzion, Noiseshock, Imperium, and Arcada!

I cannot wait for these to be on our favorite download portals ! 🙂 Thank you so much for your time Jason, the whole Hardstyle Mag crew wishes you the very best for 2017 and your career!
Thanks for your time and nice words man, couldn’t have been a better one! See you out there.

Yesterday Dirty Workz released Sylence brand new tune ‘All You Need’. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Sylence - All You Need

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