Most of you know his tracks ‘HUH’ or you dare to remember his EPs. Something with air and fire or was it earth? Signed at Dirty Workz and supported by many artists and podcast. Yeah, better you read this small interview and learn more about this young fella!

1. Short and sweet: who is Sephyx?
Sephyx is an alter-ego who loves to produce hardstyle. He’s 18 years old, from The Netherlands and fully dedicated to give whatever it takes to create quality hardstyle.

2. What’s the meaning behind your artist name?
There is no specific meaning behind it. I have played a lot of games since I was little. This name is a result of all that game time!

3. What games did you play? Maybe we could start a gaming session with your fans?
Haha, that would be fun! I’ve played a lot of CoD 4 Modern Warfare 2. Together with Wolvenstein: Enemy Territory and an MMORPG game called Tibia. As of this day I mainly play Counterstrike Global Offensive and some random games with my friends like Minecraft and Left 4 Dead 2.

4. Before you started with hardstyle you played in a band. Can you tell us more about your origin and the decision to completely change your music genre.
Indeed, I started off by playing the guitar. This got me into music and also made me curious about how music is made. Since then I’ve played in several bands, it was certainly a lot of fun! But it was never really what I wanted to do for my future. Then I discovered hardstyle and the sound was so energetic and fresh, that I had to find out how it was made!

5. How would you describe your own music? 
Hmm, this is a difficult but good question! I’m still in the process of learning and improving my quality. My main focus is euphoric hardstyle, but now and then I produce tracks that are a little harder as well. I see my music as an image of what I like about hardstyle. I am trying to create music that goes into the soul of the listener.

6. ‘HUH’ is one of your best tracks. It is following the new big room hardstyle trend. What do you think of this musical change in the genre?
Thank you ;). Hardstyle is, and will always be expanding. People are always trying to push boundaries and experiment with them. Artists don’t like to be pushed into one corner. Now and then we like to change and if we are all limited to a certain style, nothing new would be produced and hardstyle wouldn’t even be here now!

7. Tell me more about your four EPs “Creation of Air, Water, Earth and Fire”. Why did you choose the four elements and how did each topic effect your productions?
When I first created ‘Creation of Air’ I was very inspired by it’s ‘airy’ sound and decided that I would like to make tracks that suit all of the elements. Each element gave me a certain feel which I incorporated in my tracks. Creation of Earth, Water and Air all have a more euphoric feel. However, Creation of Fire is slightly rougher.


8. If you could choose one upcoming event in 2015: where would you like to play a gig?
I would like to play everywhere and share my music with everyone. Unfortunately this is kind of impossible. But my dreams are to play at Qlimax once. This is a little unrealistic for me at the moment and I’m really hoping to be able to play at Defqon soon though! These events are certainly the dreams of every producer.

9. What are your goals for 2015?
My goals are to play at a lot events! I’m also aiming to release many new tracks and to become an inspiration for the audience.

10. What’s coming in the next months?
I have a lot of finished tracks in my ‘to be released’ folder. Which is something to look out for! I’ve planned a collab as well but I won’t say too much about that.Find him on Facebook!

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