Hard Driver Ft. Szen - Echoes
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Hard Driver Ft. Szen – Echoes is a release to remember. His new tune combines an incredibly awesome vocal by Szen, with a powerful melody and strong kick.

This man is one of the pioneers when it comes to combining two styles, massive raw tunes with Radical Redemption and Frequencerz or uplifting euphoric beats. No matter what, it’s always worth a shot. With his album ‘Point Break’ he showed what the core of hardstyle should be; diversity, while sticking to his personal style!

And he strikes again. I had goosebumps all over when I first heard the soft, whispering vocals by Szen. It’s just amazing, because it creates this tense feeling, which is driving you crazy while listening. The vocals are underlined with chords and violin-similar sounds. The main melody in the background is slowly coming up and when it kicks in, the story continues and you will instantly start raising your hands. This track is just a beauty! A bright main part, the balance between the melody, kick and vocals is truly epic.

Hard Driver Ft. Szen – Echoes, go and check it out now!

Hard Driver - Ft. Szen - Echoes (Preview)

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