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It’s a label it’s a lifestyle it’s everything you’ll ever need – Dirty Workz!

We from Hardstyle Mag are insanely proud to present you our latest project called “Dirty Tuesday”. In collaboration with Dirty Workz we present you this special weekly column, to bring you the world of Dirty Workz and its artists a bit closer. Every Tuesday we will inform you about their latest news and stories. This includes the releases of the last week, new signed artists, interviews with the artists, projects or event the latest additions to their merchandise.

So we deliver you a complete and special Dirty Workz dose – every week, called Dirty Tuesday.

The Dirty Tuesday

This project means so much for me, my dedication to this Label and of course my dedication for DJ Coone himself – this is why I brought this project to live. Each member of this label is continuously working on music and other things to make the Hardstyle scene so special as we all know it.

About Dirty Workz

It is the well-known Belgian harddance music label which was founded by DJ Coone back in 2006. At first, it also operated a sub-label Bounce. But very soon, they decided to focus on the broad Hardstyle market and formed a second label called “Anarchy” to appreciate the growth of the subgenre Rawhardstyle but still to brand Dirty Workz itself as a pure Hardstyle label. And since then, it has become a major player in the scene. The label unites artists from all over the world and comprises artists like Coone, Hard Driver, Zatox, Wasted Penguinz, Da Tweekaz, Psyko Punkz, Mark with a K, Primeshock, Sub Sonik, Sephyx, JNXD, Mandy and many more.

Founder of Dirty Workz – DJ Coone

DWX Update

Beside presenting those big names like the work with young talents is also an important sector at Dirty Workz. Newcomers and talents get well promoted by being presented on the special DWX Update, which is actually a nice pool of upcoming Hardstyle producers. Here they have the freedom to find their own personal style to make it to the main label.

But ever since, this label and the managers never stood still. Since the year 2016 Dirty Workz is also running the label “Wolf Clan”, which comprises a high diversity within the Hard-EDM scene, and consequently has influences from the EDM scene. 

A very special sector got taken over by Da-Tweekaz. With their label “Electric Fox” they pushed their successful “Tweekacore” forward by focusing on this special genre called – Happy Hard.

DWX is connected to its fanbase

Luckily the Label and of course all the artists are using the power of social media well, to get into contact with their fans and to deliver more. Therefore there is a special YouTube Channel, with several Playlists, copyright-free Hardstyle, specials like the new series Game on Game Hard here where the DWX Team plays games against each other (e.g. Mario Kart) and while they fight each other, they speak about anything that comes on their mind.

Since last Sunday Dirty Workz also brought back their “Week in Preview” where they present all recent releases from the main and the sublabels.  

Connect via

More than just a label – Dirty Workz

But the brand “Dirty Workz“ has become more than just music, it also represents a broad selection of Merchandise. The merchandise store does not only offer label related things – but also merchandise of its artists. and from artists like D-Block and S-Te-Fan. The combination of the Label’s projects, its dedicated artists and the connection to their fans, were the elements which made this Label to one of the biggest and most successful on the harddance market, and its not possible to imagine the hardstyle market without this brand.

Team Dirty Workz at Dediqated 2020

We also had the honor to meet DWX for a Interview:

1. What are you most looking for in an artist?

Nowadays, access to good computing power, tutorials online, sample packs and a little bit of creativity – people are delivering quite high quality demos. So, for a label it’s both easier and harder to pick out the music they wish to represent.

What we think is important is that an artist can create a very unique atmosphere and also deliver that multiple times in their new tracks, so that eventually, they’re creating a unique identity and brand for themselves which is very important to stand out from the mass.

2. What aspects are important to sign a new artist?

Well, for a label music comes first. That’s the basic level. If the music is good, then basically it’s almost done and dusted.

However, sometimes, when you need to make choices, you do take note of their social media presence and reach (not exactly the amount of followers on their socials, but also the engagement rate).

Furthermore, a huge plus point is an artist that not only can create music, but is also handy with their own artwork, videos and content creation. That’s asking quite a lot – but if an artist has a clear vision of what they want to represent, we feel it’s a good sign that the artist knows what they want and where they want to go.

Being a DJ (ie: having bookings) is definitely not a requirement. It’s a very nice extra, but definitely not something that we really look at when signing a talent.

3. What is the main idea behind Dirty Workz?

Good question. We’ve always been a label that has that kind of family / friend feeling. Not only with the artists, we sign, but also with the fans. We think it’s important to embrace fans, engage in discussions and generally listen to what they want as well.

We’re all Hard Dance lovers, so it’s not ‘just’ about ‘business’ but it’s about sharing our passion with the artists and fans. We’re always really excited with pretty much all of our releases. We’re very proud of what is released and the achievements of our artists.

4. What makes the label unique/separates it from other labels?

Difficult question. Because we’re so busy with all the ins and outs of our label, we rarely spend time looking at the other labels. We love what everyone does in their own ‘segment’ and we believe the respect goes both way there as well. What makes us unique… probably the biggest stand-out we think would be that we’re not afraid to release tracks that may seem weird or risky, or tracks that are borderline on any other genre.

5. How many artists are currently signed to DWX and from which countries are they?

We lost count at 10 haha… We have artists from all over the world. Not just from all over Europe, but a strong representation in Australia as well, south America, Israel, America, … it’s really nice to see that the sound is spreading to countries that you normally wouldn’t connect with Hard Dance. And we see that in the number of demos we get as well.

We also recently launched our DWX Copyright Free platform and there we’ve had many releases already from a lot of countries, even India.

Manager of Dirty Workz – Ryan

6. Is there a big DWX Collab in the making like the Elite?

Oh… there may be SOMETHING coming up.

But other than that – artists are busy with their solo projects and generally let us know about new music once they’ve completed the release package. So, for us it’s sometimes a big surprise as well, when we receive new music 🙂

7. Are you planning a big DWX event sometime?

Short answer: no.

We’re working on hostings and things like that. But, at the moment – we’re not really thinking about a big event just yet. It’s also important to work with the right event partner.

So – Dirty Tuesday

We hope that this overview gave you good impression about this label and what is about to come with the Dirty Tuesday. We are looking forward to keeping you updated about this Label.

The Dirty Tuesday
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