Josh & Wesz - Retrospect
4.8Overall Score
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What a massive tune! We expect that this is going to be the first high rated track of 2015.

Josh & Wesz are mostly known for their old school sound and performance. With releases like “Acquittal” or “Autumn Green” they bring us their very own interpretation and vision of hardstyle. Now they are back with “Retrospect” and the people love it!

This track takes us back to the years 2007-2010. Starting with a simple intro, with a reverse bass baseline and an electronic, guitar similar lead, which strongly reminds me of some old masterpieces like “A Complexe Situation” by Wildstylez.

And I wonder, why no one else is using these hardstyle basics anymore, because they are still working. And even if the intro is nothing more than a reverse bass and a lead, it totally brings me into the mood.

A long main part, with a choir, these specific oldschool patterns and a deep voice, which gives us goosebumps all over. Yes, take us back to the underground! Especially when the lead kicks in with this awesome melody. You can’t describe what you feel, but you want to go back to the years 2007-2010 and relive all the events, you’ve went with your friends. It makes us think about the good old time.

Josz & Wesz did it, taking us back to the underground with “Retrospect”. Travel back in time and feel the old school vibe going through your veins.

We definitely need more of this, we want more of this, because this is HARDSTYLE!

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