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Time flies, the end of 2014 is near and it was an amazing year so far! We saw many great albums from many great artists. Next up is Zatox with his “New World Order”. Due the fact that we already heard all the other albums, we are very curious if Zatox can stand out from the others.

“New world Order” includes two CDs with 23 tracks. The design and cover art is very cool. Zatox himself is standing in his penthouse, his back to the windows, looking into the camera. In the back you can see a destroyed, chaotic city, burning flames, dense smoke and helicopters. It’s just fits perfectly to his album topic – great work!

Before even hearing any of his tracks you get that strange feeling caused by the album name “New World Order” and the design. The title implements the idea of a change. Maybe something in the world of hardstyle? Coone’s “Global Dedication” or Noisecontrollers “All Around” also dealt with this kind of topic. But let’s take a look into the album!

Disc 1

Disc 1 includes 12 tracks. A few singles, collabs with Hard Driver, Brennan Heart, Kronos and Raxtor, which are also signed at his label and a remix of “Satana” by Activator & Kronos.

The name giving track “New World Order”, made with Dave Revan, starts just with an impact, so it’s not an original. Sadly the other 11 tracks are also just radio edits, therefore all passionate DJs have to wait for the single releases.A short build up, followed by vocals reminding me of a rock band, a deep voice shouting “This is a new world order”. Yes, the intro is fresh and firm, so you get into the mood. Both, the timing of the heavy screeches and the hard kick are awesome.

“Be as one” is the next track made with Katt Niall, she’s one of those singers we all know. You might know her from some Frontliner tracks. Her voice is just amazing and one of the highlights in this┬átypical euphoric, melodic┬átrack. I can’t wait to see them performing together on stage!

With “Fight The Resistance” Zatox and Brennan Heart have already proven that their musical sights combined into one track can be absolutely massive. “Back in the Days” is the next bomb they dropped. But we really want to know how Brennan Heart was involved in this track, because it’s clearly not his style – a heavy kick and a anticlimax. Still a track with awesome vocals, which animates you to put your hands up high, clap and sing along with the vocals. It creates this old school flow, getting me since the very first second.

Hard Driver is known for his outstanding bright leads and his skill to combine raw and euphoric elements. The collaborations between him and Zatox offers exactly this. “Stand my Ground” is an atmospheric track with with a nice lead and Hard Driver’s kick.

Furthermore, we have “Fuck That”, “Extreme”, “Red Alert” and “Santana” as very great raw tracks. All of them have hard kicks, especially “Extreme” and “Satana’s” are sounding like hardcore kicks. They are pounding through the speakers and heavy screeches will luft you up into another dimension.

I definitely want to mention “Red Alert”, which is one of my favorites on his album, because of it’s ambiance combined with a crazy kick and bright, screechy lead.

Zatox created a good mix between euphoric and raw. The tracks are different, but still fitting the topic, while their style is unmistakable.

Disc 2

Disc 2 contains 11 tracks and starts with this year’s anthem of Emporium “Victorious and Glorious” – what a great anthem! Cool vocals and a great lead, animating me to feel with it, to go with it! Zatox and Activator are 2 Italien rawstyle heroes, so both combined results in a massive club banger.

The anticlimax, effects and they even used different kicks and leads. It’s surprising and shows us perfectly what a great producer Zatox is. He brings in his feelings while producing, the flow of his songs are so unique and that’s why you can feel the energy in his productions.

“Never More” and “Faster Than Time” are two great euphorical additions. Latter reminds me of Wildstylez. “Never More” is more like his old productions – “Unite” or “It Must Be”.

“Illuminate” is one of my favorites on disc two, for showing me that Zatox is such a versatile producer in either raw or euphoric. It’s creating a deep atmosphere and let’s you dive in it.

The last two tracks are hardcore tracks. Yes, hardcore tracks! He made them together with Mad Dog and Art of Fighters. Of course they represent the hard ending of his album with heavy kicks and screeches. I really like the combination of hardstyle and hardcore – pure Italien destruction.

To sum it up I want to mention that “New World Order” belongs to the best albums of this year. It offers a great range of styles and elements combined in it’s tracks. From euphoric to raw, experimental stuff and hardcore. He has chosen an interesting topic, but sadly only half of the tracks matching it.

Disc two is not bad but I have that feeling the tracks are more random. Of course you can argue that there is no obligation to fit the topic, but for me an album carries out unity. Just a small negative aspect for such a great Christmas gift for hardstyle fans.

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