Headhunterz: The Return Of A Legend

If you listen to Hardstyle at all, whether you just started or you have been a die hard since day one, you undoubtedly know the name Headhunterz. He is arguably the greatest Hard Dance artist of all time. He’s made almost every anthem you could think of in the Hardstyle world. Qlimax, three Defqon 1 anthems, not to mention the rest of his unparalelled discography. While Willem Rebergen had done it all in the Hardstyle world, a few years ago he decided to branch out and try other genres of music.

To some this came as a surprise, to others who had been following his side project  “Shilo” which he then released electro house under, it was more understandable. Regardless of which side you were on, we all felt a sadness when the announcement came that he would be leaving the Hardstyle world. But, is the OFFICIAL return of Headhunterz finally upon us? All the signs we have been seeing lately would say so. Today we dive into what is sure to be the only topic on everyone’s minds. Is Headhunterz finally back to the roots for good?18922088_10154492705637019_5793435587099062613_nExactly one year ago Headhunterz brought tears to our eyes, and joy to our hearts as he graced the Defqon 1 mainstage alongside Technoboy & The Prophet. A stage he had not graced in many years. He was welcomed home like he had never left. With lots of love, and endless applauds, and screams from the crowd. He was where he belonged, and the smile on his face said it all.

At the end of the legends set, with tears in his eyes he thanked all his followers across the world saying “I Miss you all so much”, and in a post on his facebook he added “Thank you all for an unforgettable experience, we shall meet again soon”.

Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2016 | Defqon.1 Legends

Little did we know this would be the beginning of a path leading the king of Hardstyle straight back to his roots. A week or so following that performance Heady released a photo of all of his hair cut off, and a razor in his sink.

Only a few months after this, Q-Dance teased the Qlimax line up with the words “Fantasy Or Reality”. Once this was reposted by both Headhunterz & Wildstylez the question arose. Could it be? Surely enough, when the Qlimax line up was released we were all shaken to the core again, and filled with nostalgic glee to see that Project One was on the line up. PROJECT ONE! Eight years since their last performance Willem, and Joram took to the stage. Debuting new music, such as the amazing track “Luminosity”, which just so happened to be the melody we heard at the beginning of the well known “Vlogs From Within”.

Qlimax 2016 | Project One

Had the man been planning his return to Hardstyle since even before Defqon 2016? All the evidence seemed to suggest so. In the months following this performance, many fans were posting that at all his events, he had thrown away his electro sounds, and gone back to performing full on Hardstyle sets. While this was all happening, we all still awaited an official event, release, or statement from Heady as to his return to the genre. Then, just two days ago we finally got the confirmation we were waiting for, Q-Dance published this photo. 19402739_1733239840075335_29830004_oHeadhunterz also changed his cover photo and profile pictures on his artist page to a flatline of a heartbeat. A very distinct ode to his track from within which feature the lyrics “If these were the last beats of my heart, I would dance to them”.

We all insantly knew, the man in the photo was the one and only Headhunterz. With the date reading “30.9.17” or September 30th 2017, and the Q-Dance snapchat teasing it being at the Ziggo Dome we finally have the unquestioned return of the man we call Headhunterz among us. How appropriate it is too, that this event will be almost exactly 5 years since Headhunterz first played at the Ziggo Dome debuting his Hard With Style event. After all this news, I think we can safely say what everyone is thinking. We are ready for the return of the music that comes from within!19416022_1733253840073935_713621734_n

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