Mr. Sandstorm, the Headbanger, a MF Psycho a.k.a. WE R’s Raw superstar Sub Sonik came out with his first album ‘Strike One’. Check the interview we did with him about his album here! This man has come across great successes so his album was highly anticipated within the scene. After offering his most dedicated fans the opportunity to witness his album release at an intimate album showcase it is now Hardstyle Mag’s turn to review ‘Strike One’. The album consists of 2 CDs: one with all exclusive ‘Strike One’ tracks and a mix CD of previously released Sub Sonik smashers.WERCD006_Sub Sonik - Strike One _cover 3000xTracklist CD1 Sub Sonik – Strike One:

  1. Intro
  2. I Am the One (with Villain)
  3. Raw Is My Legacy (with Zatox)
  4. Double Dare (with Brennan Heart)
  5. Murder You
  6. Ready For This (with Sub Zero Project)
  7. My Way (with Deetox)
  8. Born To Kill
  9. No Fear
  10. Hear You Scream (with Outbreak)
  11. Push It Back (with Atmozfears)
  12. R.I.P (Digital Punk)
  13. Tear Your Soul
  14. Nightmare
  15. Sub Sonik – Look At Me Now (Delete remix)
  16. Take What’s Mine
  17. Go Fuck Yourself (Tha Playah remix)
  18. Go! (Destructive Tendencies remix)
  19. Dione – Give Me Pain Till I Die (Sub Sonik remix)


  1. Free Your Mind (with MC Nolz)
  2. Outta My Way (Sub Sonik remix)
  3. Headbanger (with Sub Zero Project)
  4. Bassface (Sub Sonik Remix)
  5. Say You’re Scared (with Alpha2)
  6. Look At Me Now
  7. Raise Your Fist (with Sub Zero Project)
  8. Bring It To ‘Em RAW (with Digital Punk)
  9. Go Fuck Yourself
  10. Go! (Welcome To My World)
  11. Game Over (with Regain)
  12. King Kong (with Crypsis)
  13. M.F. Psycho
  14. Fuck Y’All If You Doubt Me
  15. To Hell
  16. To Hell (Mrotek & Deimos remix)
  17. Wazzup (with D-Fence)

Sub Sonik has a definite recognizable sound. The first kick is enough to know it is one of his tracks. ‘Strike One’ is flooded with this Sub Sonik sound. The album has lots of variety: from euphoric melodies to hard bangers. Next to solo tracks and collabs, the album also contains some remixes by knowledgeable names in the scene.

I Am The One (with Villain)

The opening track is something different than what we’re used to coming from Sub Sonik. Guided by mystical female vocals and the voice of the most successful MC of the harder styles, Sub Sonik brings you: I Am The One. This euphoric track with a touch of raw is surely a striking way to open the album. Definitely a track we would love to hear during the festival season. Summer, sun and Sub Sonik.

Double Dare (with Brennan Heart)

It is safe to say that Sub Sonik is the showpiece of WE R’s sublabel WE R Raw. Together with the great WE R headmaster Brennan Heart, Sub Sonik presents Double Dare. This track was previously featured on Brennan Heart’s album I Am Hardstyle. This underrated piece has the perfect build-up: from screaming the air out of your lungs to kicking the air out of your Nikes.

Murder You

A more mysterious melody with a darker undertone is Murder You. Accompanied by the sound of a loading rifle and firing shots, this track is a true raw soldier anthem. The lyrics don’t lie, this track makes us believe that if you hurt Sub Sonik, he’ll murder you.

Ready For This (with Sub Zero Project)

Sub Sonik & Sub Zero Project = fireworks, always! Everyone knows that tracks produced by these three gentlemen end up as great successes. Ready For This is no exception to this rule. A collab between these men could not be omitted on ‘Strike One’. Preceded by Headbanger and Raise Your Fist, this track is responsible for their third strike! This is one of our favorites of ‘Strike One.

Push It Back (with Atmozfears)

Interesting combination! Atmozfears is not new to making raw sounds but a combination with Sub Sonik is something unexpected. What was not unexpected is the high quality of this track. Damn… Sub Sonik kicks and Atmozfears screeches lead to one hell of a track! Both artists can clearly be defined, a good 50/50 division.

Go Fuck Yourself (Tha Playah remix)

What happens if you get one of your most successful tracks remixed by a true hardcore legend? Yes, MAGIC! What was once a characteristic Sub Sonik sound, has now become a hard-hitting Tha Playah pearl. By keeping the vocals in touch and respecting the original melody, Tha Playah has revived the track to the best thinkable hardcore remix of Go Fuck Yourself.

Overall the album is pretty cool. A nice mix of melodies, rough kicks and crazy screeches. If you like Sub Sonik anyway, this is a must have! If you’re not into his sounds that much until now, it’s maybe a good opportunity to check out Sub Sonik. The album features some great releases and is definitely worth to check out!WERCD006_Sub Sonik - Strike One_order now

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