A complete new album called HDNA will be released in 2022 and shall officially be seen as the sequel of Chemistry – which got released in 2021. After a lot of projects in 2020 and 2021 this man seems never to rest – let’s have a quick check.


In 2020 he releases each month one track and he also started a mini-series on YouTube. And now, on January 6th. Hard Driver announced his fifth album for 2022.

Whilst his first Album ‘Point Break‘ goes back to 2014, Album No. 2 and 3 ‘#NOSLEEP‘ and ‘Live Experience’ got released back in 2017 – ‘Chemistry‘ found its way to the stores only after 4 years in 2021.

Hard Driver announces new Album: Offical Trailer


After releasing his album Chemistry last year, where he kept the connection strong with his fans through music, Hard Driver presents the sequel for 2022: HDNA – The Album. His fourth solo album will contain multiple refreshing collabs and the absolute best Hard Driver solos so far. ‘’Although we’ve been separated for far too long, we’ve always been genetically connected. Although the road ahead still seems long, this year it’s time to respond to what is deeply engraved into our HDNA. Party together as one and experience the music in a physical way again, reverberating through our very core. Are you ready to Embrace The Physical?’’

Hard Driver announces new Album: Hard Driver in caption


All who have missed his latest album ‘Chemistry’ need to check the full album here. A full journey through the world of modern Hardstyle in one album. We are pretty sure, that Hard Driver will once again deliver a strong masterpiece and we can’t wait for the announced collaborations. Who can it be? We keep you posted.

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