Social media is a perfect place to spot new talented producers.  This week we did spot a young and talented dj/producer which just released two amazing bangers on his social-media account, but is teasing us with much more to come! We want to know more about the forthcoming EP, The first secret, we are talking about and with the dj/producer which will reveal as ‘Secrecy’!

Hi Secrecy, we did spot some amazing tracks at your social-media accounts, first, let me ask how are you doing?
I am doing fine, thanks! Also, thank you for this interview.

For those who don’t know you yet, can you give us a little introduction about yourself?
I am Secrecy, If you want to find more about me, like my new name, check out my socials, haha! I’m 18 years old living in Oldenzaal, the Netherlands. I have been producing for over four years now and the time has come to show the world what I have to offer music-wise.

Secrecy presents: The First Secret

We see three tracks in the teaser for ‘the first secret’, can you tell us something about this forthcoming EP?
The First Secret is my first “EP” which will be released for free later on. It’s called the FIRST secret for a reason. More secrets are coming. Don’t miss out on any releases by following me on my social media.

You did already publish two previews, when can we expect a preview of the third track Kickin’ the drum?
I promised to release the preview when my Facebook page had 300 likes, but the last few weeks were busy (holiday, start of the new semester at school etc.) Kickin’ the drum will be online as soon as possible. Especially now I see people tag other people on my music. This gives me a very good feeling.

Let’s go way back in time, when did you come in touch with Hardstyle? What was the first track you ever heard? Can you remember that moment?
The first time I ever heard hardstyle music was at the computer from my brother a few years ago. It was Confucius of Noisecontrollers. Nowadays I still think it is one of the best Hardstyle records existing.

Did you directly fell in love with the RAW sound?
Actually, I did not. My first thought was: What an f***** noise. Later on, when I started to listen to some real raw tracks, I began to like it more and more. From that moment I started building my own raw tracks.

Who is your all-time favorite producer or DJ?
I have two favorites now: Noisecontrollers and Phuture Noize. The atmosphere of their tracks is amazing. It gives me chills every time.

Who or what did give you the inspiration to start your own career as DJ/producer?
Most of my inspiration came from the shows Tiësto did, in the Gelredome and other big arenas. I bought all DVD’s and played it at my house. After that, I had the feeling it was time to get started and I bought my first DJ set. Seeing so many people enjoy your own made music really hypes me up.

Secrecy - Your Soul

How did you come up with the name Secrecy?
The atmosphere in my tracks is often mysterious and dark. That’s why I came up with Secrecy ( the state or condition of being secret, hidden, or concealed).

How did you learn to master the programs? Did you had any help or learned everything by yourself?
I’ve learned the basics myself. Sometimes I watch tutorials on Youtube, but often I lose patience too fast because the videos are too long and I just try to figure things out myself. For the real technical part of producing, I went to Dancefair twice. I’ve learned also a lot from feedback from artists. Because producing becomes a daily activity I learn every day. Especially by doing.

Speaking of the software and the hardware, how does your studio look like?
At the moment I work with FL Studio 11 and a lot of plugins. The hardware I use: A Strong PC, 2x KRK Rokit RP5G2, a MIDI keyboard and my best friend in my studio: Virus TI Snow.

How would you describe your own style and sound?
Dark, mysterious and raw.

Speaking of the RAW sound, there are so many discussions going on about RAW. Some people say its Hardstyle, some call it Hardcore others say it’s a completely different genre. What is your vision?
For me, it’s just Hardstyle. We shouldn’t worry too much about what is what. Listen to what you like and enjoy.

Talking about the producing process, how do you like to start the process?
For me, every time I start it is different. Most crucial for me is to keep the mix down on point from the beginning. This saves me a lot of time in comparison with doing it at the last moment.

You seem to have lots of talent and potential. Do you have any tips for other talented producers?
Haha! Thanks for the compliment. My tip is to try to distinguish your music. Work with your own style, try to use it in every track you create. And build your social media platform. It’s free/cheap and it’s the quickest way to reach new fans. But don’t over exaggerate. Let the music sell itself.

Secrecy - Who

You have to choose; DJ-ing or Producing?
That is a hard one! I can’t decide. Creating your own music out of nothing is fun, but feeling the crowd go loco on your own music also gives me great vibes. It’s a tie for me!

Anywhere you would like to play sometime?
If I have to choose: the GelreDome, the Brabanthallen, and the Heineken Music Hall. Greatest locations for a good set of music in the Netherlands.

Where can we see you in the upcoming months?
More info is coming soon, just check my page!

What can we expect from Secrecy in the upcoming weeks?
A lot of new music for sure. Also, I am making a collab with Psyched from Theracords. Next to that I am almost done with seven solo tracks of which only two have been released and there have been conversations with a big label. So enough to do in the upcoming weeks. Follow me to stay up to date!


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