The music industry, more than any other is one that evolves as rapidly as a current to a river. One wave of sound today, a new one tomorrow. Let’s take a journey into the evolution of sound within the Hardstyle world, and dig deep into the question: Are we as accepting of this change as we should be?

Think of any musical event you’ve ever been to. Qlimax, Defqon 1, Hard Bass or any other. What is the first thing you notice when you walk in? The crowd! The crowd at any event has the power of setting off the vibe you feel when you enter. If the crowd is just standing around, will you want to dance? Probably not, but if the crowd is going crazy from front to back, you are drawn to see what the hype is about. You are drawn to the music.  The crowd are pioneers of music just as the artists are.0004_Michel_3400For it is the crowds reactions that can either move an artist to bring forth a new sound, and a new trend within it. Or to stay constant with what the crowd loves. I have wondered lately though, is the crowd currently affecting the Hardstyle community in a positive light or a negative one? While it is hard to admit, the later of the two seems to be the reality we are in. I think a lot of the European Hardstyle crowd, and community, as well as most of it in many parts of the world have shut themselves off to the endless possibilities of what Hardstyle & Hard Dance can sound like.

SO many beautiful, and wonderfully crafted tracks can go unnoticed because they dared to go beyond the limits of imagination. Bringing something new to the Hardstyle sound. Now, this isn’t always the case, there are definitely “new”, and “fresh” tracks made that many enjoy, and appreciate. Simultaneously though, there are more that do not meet the public eye in the light they should. All this because of a simple dubstep breakdown, or a Psystyle track being released.

Toneshifterz - Psystyle ft. MC D

It seems as if we as a community have trapped ourselves within the confined thoughts that “_______ is true Hardstyle”. Insert whatever style you like there, but this thinking can truly take away from our community more than it gives. Take the track “Infinity” by Noisecontrollers for example. A musical journey that evolves in such a way that it takes the listener to many different planes of existence throughout it. Or “Hookshot” by Kutski & Audiofreq Ft Ragga Twins.  While these new and experimental tracks may not hit the bullseye 10/10 times, if we reject every one of them we can’t catch the diamonds that are in the rough.

The Prophet - Reverse Bass

Reverse Bass, one of the most beloved Hardstyle sounds in the  genres history was once non existent. It took a few brave souls to think outside the box, and create something new. Years later, we all still desire that amazing sound. So, I guess it’s time to ask ourselves “what is holding us back from accepting change once again, and how much further will our community go when we do accept it”? The possibilities of which are endless. We just have to be open to them. After all, the one thing in life that never changes, is change itself.

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