Can’t Remember A Fucking Thing

2014 organizer Lose Your Mind successfully introduced CRAFT Festival with its first edition. Taking place in Amsterdam, it offered a hell of a line up, 7 Stages, a wide range of styles and a cheap ticket price.

Craft Festival 2015

Lose Your Mind is known for concepts like Penoze, Reckless, World of Hardcore and Tjidmachine. At CRAFT they combine their forces into one festival and guess what, CRAFT Festival 2015 is coming for you. Bigger, better and louder! You better buckle up your pants, this line up will blow you away!

Penoze – Mainstage
At the Penoze stage it’s all about phat beats, the best DJs and a stunning show. Get yourself ready to dance your ass off all day long. As a special, no one else then Gunz 4 Hire will take over the Penoze stage and we hope they have some fresh new tunes for us!

Line Up: Alpha2, Audiofreq, Audiomedics, B-Front, Chain Reaction, Digital Punk, Hard Driver, High Voltage, Jack Of Sound, Outbreak, Ran-D, Radical Redemption, Live: Frequencerz, Warface, Titanomachy, Gunz 4 Hire

Tjidmachine – Best of 2005-2011
Lose Your Mind already hosted a few successful editions of Tjidmachine as a stand-alone event. What makes this stage so special? Stunning beats from 2005-2011, either euphoric of raw by your favorite artists. It’s all about the old school and singing along with your best friends to all the past bangers. Since Retrospect had a huge impact in the scene, it’s not a secret that people love these old tunes.

Lift your hands up for: Wildstylez, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Noisecontrollers, Brennan Heart, Crypsis, Zany, Dana, Psyko Punkz, Luna, Josh & Wesz, Davide Sonar, Ryfle, Distractor, Lip DJ

Reckless – RAWWR!
Can’t get enough of brutal baselines, high screeches and sick of the “p*ssy” DJs at the Penoze stage? Then you better get your ass over to the Reckless stage! The name already implements what you can experience here. A dark atmosphere, live acts and no mercy against visitors.

Definitely worth to take a look at: Adaro, Dj Thera, Deetox, Delete, Tartaros, Degos & Re-Done, Jason Payne, Dark Pact, Act of Rage, Main Concern, Requiem, Artifact, Sub Sonik, Bouncing Ball, Live: E-Force, Moridin, The Machine

Access – Euphoric Overload
What was the Crystal stage last year, is now Access. After a stunning raw line up, it’s time for some uplifting melodies, which will take you away into another world. Be ready, feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins and access the space of euphoric and outstanding rhythms. Open your mind for new creations and combining styles by Phuture Noize and Geck-o!

Line Up: Atmozfears, Code Black, Max Enforcer, Phuture Noize, Wasted Penguinz, Audiotricz, Adrenalize, Waverider, Noisecult, Geck-o, Sound Rush, Devin Wild, F-Active

World of Hardcore – Raise the bpm
For those, who are more into hardcore and want to discover world beyond 165 bpm, the World of Hardcore stage is a must see at CRAFT! Only the best DJs try everything to make you stop standing still, but move your body to strong baselines, awesome melodies and all hardcore hymns you can imagine!

Line Up: Amnesys, DJ Promo, The Viper, Tieum, N-Vitral, Furyan, F. NøIzE, Dither, Amada , Synthax, Icha, Aggressive, Danny Scandal, Sequence & Ominous

Future – A new Movement
New artist are flouting over the scene. And it’s important to give them an opportunity to represent themselves and their music. Discover more unknown artists and be taken away by their stunning sounds. You should give them a chance, since we need new creative minds in the scene, either raw or euphoric.
Line Up: Crystal Lake, Crisis Era, Envine, Concept Art, Electronic Vibes, Galactic, Fanatics, Unchained, Mandy, Conqreet Approach, Feroxx, Raider, Hynix

Ouwe Jongens Krentenbrood – The beginning!
Shake, shake dat ass! Freestyle and old school sounds combined at one stage, with the best of hardstyle in the years 2000-2004! This will be a hell of ride and definitely a ground shaking stage at CRAFT!

These names will take you back in time, style and history of the harder styles: Zany, Alpha², Luna, Activator, Pavo, Balistic, Pila, Trilok & Chiren, Faistos & Mointec, The Vinyl Pimp, Jones, Silvio Aquila, Mani, Lanoz

In addition, all stages are supported by: MC Da Syndrome, MC Nolz, MC Jeff, MC Livid, MC Tellem, MC Shizzler, MC Renegade, MC DL, MC Dash

Prepare for a massive edition of CRAFT and get your tickets now for only 29.95€!

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