Jealousy is a motherf*cker

We caught up with one of the most energetic and highly appreciated names in the raw-scene. His album in 2014 was a massive success, you can check him out on nearly every huge stage and his live act is outstanding – This is Warface!

Warface at Megabase

Let’s lead over to the first question, why did you choose your alias Warface? What does it mean for you and your style?
I think almost everyone knows the scene in the movie “Full Metal Jacket”:

Drill Sergeant: “Show me your warface!”

Private: “Sir?”

Drill Sergeant: “You got a warface? AHHHHHHHH! That’s a warface, now let me see your warface!”

That’s how I came across the name Warface. I think it fits my style perfectly. Bold, aggressive, but always with a clear message behind it.

I also found this pretty accurate definition: “The face you make when engaged in a combat situation, or any situation you find serious enough”

In the last year you were one of the most rising artist in the raw scene, how did you experience this way to the top? Did you sometimes wish you were not that famous, since you recently had a lot of bookings, sometimes several per weekend?
At this moment it is still hard to comprehend for me how fast everything went. Sometime I have to pinch myself, to check if I’m not dreaming. I’m very grateful for being able to this as my job.

Of course there are negative aspects too, especially when I’m visiting a party myself. There are always people who recognize you, which can be kind of frustrating because all you want to do is partying with your friends.

You have definitely an unique style in your tracks and the crowd loves it. What is the secret of your tracks? Which elements do you like most or are important to you?
I think it’s the hard punch in my kicks. I even dare to say that Warface was one of the first acts who did this in hardstyle. Next to this I always try to surprise the crowd with the climax. Sometimes it’s an anti-climax, sometimes the melody goes on or I create a variation on the melody. It’s always different.

Warface - Total War

Furthermore, I guess most of the people know that Triax is playing a big role in story of Warface. He is an important part when producing. What is his role now? Did he taught you producing? How is the balance between your and his input?
Everyone knows we started Warface as a duo. At a certain point Remco-Jan (Triax) wasn’t able anymore to combine the bookings of Warface with his own.

At that point we decided that I would go on as the DJ for Warface, however Remco-Jan would still supporting me in the studio. You could say that Warface exists of two members, but only one member does the on-stage performance.

Who came up with the idea for the live act? And personally, I’m pretty interested in the feeling you have in your live outfit. Could you describe it? Is it hard to mix with it? Could you perform with it longer than 30 minutes?
To distinguish ourselves from all the other hardstyle live-acts, I knew we had to do something unique. We chose for a mask, together with an army uniform. I have to admit, it is quite a warm outfit. During the set I’m sweating my ass off.

Sometimes I even need an entire hour to cool down a little bit. That’s the reason I changed to a blouse in the summer months. It’s just not responsible to be wearing such an outfit while it’s so hot.

Your latest solo tracks / collaborations climbed the charts super fast, do you have a personally favorite ?
If I’m correct I’ve had two tracks which hit the number 1 position: H8M3 and The Baddest (ft. Delete). With Fuck the Drum Machine I scored a number 2 hit together with N-Vitral. For me that’s an incredible achievement, I didn’t expect it at all. I like the three tracks equally as much. But since H8M3 contains a clear message for all the haters, I’m going for H8M3

“Jealousy is a MF’er”

Warface - H8M3

Do you have a favorite track at the moment ?
Gunz For Hire – May God Be With You All!

You started / already finished a few new collabs, with E-Force, Crypsis, Darksiderz, The Geminizers or Luna. When can we hear the first previews?
Visit one of my sets in the upcoming months, you’ll definitely hear them passing by 😉

Your last track with Luna, Warzone is another floor banger and at Qapital you and Luna had a great closing set. When will it be released ?
Thanks, Richard and I are satisfied with the result. We’ve pointed out a release date a little while ago. Stay tuned on my social media pages for more info on the date.

Warface at Qapital

Your next live set will be at CRAFT. What can we expect? Some new tunes?
A lots of new stuff and a big announcement! So be there!

On Facebook you always use the hashtag #T9C. So a lot of people speculate if you bring out a new album or something similar. Are you going to reveal it at Craft?
I can’t tell you the meaning yet. Just come to CRAFT Festival and you’re the first one to know 😉

In the future, you have a lot of great bookings like Decibel, Monday Bar Cruise and Defqon.1 Australia. Is there still a party/stage left you want to play ?
The upcoming months have a lot of big events in store for me. It is almost certain that I’ll be playing in South-America in the near future, how awesome is that? One of my dreams is still to do a set in the states, something like EDC.

Last question, are you afraid of boats or are you seasick because you play at the Monday Bar Cruise? I heard it’s a legendary party.
No, I haven’t had any experience with sea sickness. But haven’t ever drunk a lot of alcohol on a boat either haha! We’ll see how it goes. Lately, I played in Sweden at Summerburst, it was really off the hook. I can’t wait to wreck that monday bar cruise with my new music!

Thank you so much for your answers! We recommend to check out his Facebook page to stay up to date about his bookings and music!

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