Da Tweekaz - Wodka
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Kalinka, kalinka, kalinka moja! W sadu jagoda malinka, malinka moja!

Well, yeah, this is a very popular, traditional and typical song from Russia .. at least the first verse. So, now that you’re in the mood, let’s talk about Da Tweekaz latest release, called Wodka – Na zdorov’ye!!

Personally, I’m pretty happy about this release because somehow I missed those crazy songs from Da Tweekaz in the last months. They had some solid releases, but nothing worth to mention, besides one or two exceptions.


Da Tweekaz - Wodka

But, finally they are back, not even with this release, but also with ‘No Ducks No Glory’ and their new track ‘Get Down’. The track perfectly delivers the, what we would call, traditional Russian flair. A nice, oldschool reverse bass intro will get you into mood. Followed by a very atmospheric main part, a deep voice with its slightly Russian accent, talking about Vodka – just hilarious.

Underlined by some traditional music, you won’t be able to resist and feel like you have to hook in with your mates next to you and sway to the music. And be careful, it’s a heavy earworm! Somehow I always have to think of some old Russian grandmothers, swaying to this track and I hope I’m not the only one. But yeah, they keep the climax part pretty simple, with the melody, a nice lead and their latest kick. The second climax part provides a slightly different melody, still keeping the atmosphere going.

So, I just love this new tune and I want to hear more of this! That’s why I love Da Tweekaz, their freaky, different and totally crazy sound is just unique and their biggest trademark .. besides the duck 😉

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