Norwegian duo Da Tweekaz, signed at Dirty Workz, are always full of surprises. One of the most energetic duos on stage, always enjoying the parties as its best. Covered in Wodka and geared up with their sunglasses their performances are always highly enjoyable. No wonder, that these two are playing across the globe on every imaginable stage. Further they are known for their crazy, euphoric sounds, awesome themes in their tracks and probably for #Tweekay15 & #Tweekay16.

This is kind of a tribute to them, but also a suggestion for you to check the tracks, discover new music and maybe discover other songs by Da Tweekaz! So, besides their normal releases, Da Tweekaz always break through barriers by taking well know themes and normal radio songs and turn them into real hardstyle bangers – we decided to show you the top 8 Da Tweekaz bootlegs!

8. Da Tweekaz – Final Examination of Time

Not really a real bootleg, but I felt like this track perfectly fits this list. Mashing up their classic Examination of Time and The final Countdown for their performance at Reverze, this one is a truly highlight. I think everyone knows the melody of The Final Countdown – prepare for some goosebumbs, as it fits perfectly with Exmination of Time.

Da Tweekaz - Final Examination of Time

7. Da Tweekaz ft. Oscar – Break The Spell (Eye of the Flashback Edit)

Another mashup Da Tweekaz once premiered at Reverze! Do you like Rocky the movie? Do you like The Eye of The Tiger? Do you like Da Tweekaz? This is perfect for you. The fresh intro will make you play the air guitar like never before. Keep yourself motivated while doing some exercise with this kick-ass mash up.

Da Tweekaz ft. Oscar - Break The Spell (Eye of the Flashback Edit)

6. Calvin harris & Ellie Gouding – I Need Your Love (Da Tweekaz bootleg)

Back in time this was one of my absolute favorite euphoric hardstyle track. The awesome vocals by Ellie Goulding and a melody with a crazy drive. Also, this track marked a new era of their sound design, apart from their style they had within the Time to Shine album. The track still ahs these awesome summer vibes in my opinion and still feels fresh after 2 years.

Calvin Harris - I Need Your Love ft. Ellie Goulding (Da Tweekaz Bootleg)

5. Pegboard Nerds – Hero ft. Elizaveta (Da Tweekaz ‘Guitar Hero’ Mix)

I really do not know the original track, but I know that this bootleg of Elizavetas Hero’s is absolutely amazing. The sick melodies, the kick, and even the breakbeat part is produced on a very high level. Da Tweekaz never disappoint. Too sad, that this remix is not played alot. I just heard it a few out of thousand Da Tweekaz sets.

Pegboard Nerds - Hero ft. Elizaveta (Da Tweekaz 'Guitar Hero' Mix)

4. Da tweekaz – Frozen Bootleg

We all know the movie and yes, even we guys watched it – you can admit it. And we all sang along the vocals, either when watched the movie again on DVD or Blu-Ray or just when Da Tweekaz drop their bootleg of the name giving song! The track is still played and an absolute masterpiece. I love how even the most die hard raw lovers turn into little princess while singing along the wonderful vocals.

Da Tweekaz - Frozen bootleg

3. Da Tweekaz – The Hanging Tree Bootleg

After four movies Katniss Everdeen finally won over the supressing government, killed Snow and president Coin, found the love of her life in Peeta. Seriously .. Peeta?? C’mon Catniss, gale was so much better! Anyway, she survived the Hunger games and probably the most deadliest creatures, soldiers and traps! The name giving song is as iconic as the movie’s. No wonder, that Da Tweekaz grabbed the original and turned it into a sick hardstyle song!

Da Tweekaz - The Hanging Tree Bootleg

2. Alan Walker – Faded (Da Tweekaz Bootleg)

Alan Walker hit the charts with Faded like a bomb. In several countries the track reached the number one spot within the charts immediately. The rack reach 3x gold and 23x platin in total. It was just a matter of time until the first bootlegs would appear. There is one by Zany for example, but also a hardore bootleg. But above all Da Tweekaz came around the corner with their amazing bootleg. By keeping the original vocals and flair, but with this catchy melody, they created a real floor banger.

Alan Walker - Faded (Da Tweekaz Bootleg)

1. Da Tweekaz – Game of Thrones Bootleg

Admit it, but this series is one of the best you ever watched. Violence, sex, intrigues, sex, violence, a little more sex, lovely characters, JOFFREY THE MOTHERFUCKER, dragons and high tension until it’s very end. Brace yourself season 7 is coming! But, since Thera released his album, Ode to the Throne was the only hardstyle booteg. Not long ago Da Tweekaz finally got hands on the iconic intro theme and turned it into some real hardstyle. I really like the bootleg – it perfetly refers to the original, but with the fresh touch of Da Tweekz.

Da Tweekaz - Game of Thrones Bootleg

Seriously, we can’t wait until the release of their Pokemon Theme Song Bootleg!! C’mon guys, we are all waiting for it. 

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