…once had a promising sideproject?As many of you still might remember – Noisecontrollers once consisted of two guys: Bas Oskam – who is still the mastermind behind – and Arjan Terpstra, who decided to quit the project in 2013 to focus on his own style. But what many seem to have forgotten is that Arjan once came up with a solo sideproject called “Killer Clown”.

Carsten Giese

It must have been on Q-Base 2008 or Qlimax 2008 (or even earlier?!) when the tracks “Tormented” and “Silentium” literally were spun for the first time. Using vinyls was still pretty common back then.

Release facts

The tracks were released in the beginning of 2009 – it must have been January – on the now defunct label Superplastik as a digital release AND(!) on vinyl. Superplastik itself was a sublabel of Freaky Records, the parent label of Fusion Records. It was also Fusion Records, who released the first Noisecontrollers Records some years earlier.

What to expect

While “Tormented” had a more techy and dark atmosphere with a more melancolic melody – the B Side “Silentium” provided the more uplifting signature sound of Noisecontrollers from back in those days. “Tormented” was a little more popular than “Silentium”.

Both Tracks are available on Youtube:

Did you know that Noisecontrollers: Full video of Tormented

Despite being a solid release as always both tracks quickly disappeared from tracklists. There was also no further release under this alias.

It is always nice when artists have sideprojects and try to use them to “produce more outside of the box” from time to time.

Did you know that Noisecontrollers: Full video of Silentium

So producers: Do not forget your side projects!

This was Did You Know that Noisecontrollers

We hope that this small info was new to you and made you smile. Isn’t music sometimes entertaining? See you next week again for another edition.

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